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RZ Mask: Practical SHTF Gear

RZ Mask: Practical SHTF Gear

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  1. As soon as the vid started, I paused it & played the Knight Rider Theme along side the intro here & it was perfect & awesome. lol

  2. I see that this video was made in 2016, have you tried Cambridge or Vogmask? I'm interested in your opinion on those. And have you considered a canine mask?

  3. I'll be running an ultramarathon January 6th in manitoba Canada. U think I could run in minus 35 Celsius??

  4. Thank you for your time in reviewing this mask, you were very thorough and unbiased about this review, much appreciated….

  5. Would these masks be good for defense in a bug-out situation or a riot type situation where there's been tear gas or pepper gas sprayed and also what do you think about the use of swim goggles in a bug out bag as protection against pepper spray or tear gas

  6. It is possible to make your own carbonfilter mask from cheap products you normally use for house holding like toilet rolls. I have seen video's on youtube how to do it but i yet haven't try it myself.

  7. hows the seal by the nose? if im wearing glasses/goggles with it would i be fogging them up when i exhale?

  8. They contacted me, and I said fuck you. They contacted me again, this time with the heading "Pay you money." To which I said, "I don't wantchor fuckin money!" Realizing I wasn't reading their sales pitches, they contacted me again, with the heading, "We'll give you free shit." Always willing to respond to fans, I let them know what I thought, "My shitter can barely keep up the the shit I got, why would I want MORE shit?!" I thought that was it, until there was a knock on the door, United Poindexter Shipping gave me a box of shit, from Shitworks'r'Us"

    This is shit! Interesting shit, but shit. A check came with this shit! They're paying me to take this shit off their hands, that's how shit it is! If you want this shit, you can buy it at bargain prices, cuzz it's shit! This shit comes in three categories; basement bargain runny shit, regular shit, and OMG specialty shit!!! So look here, this is shit! Now go buy this shit, cuzz you deserve it!!!

  9. I've done research on these, and similar. Definitely worth a lot less than most would guess. For $7, try shallow breathing! And, at higher altitude, what do you guess will happen?

  10. As a MCS patient ( ) I did start using a similar type of mask as soon as I go out in to traffic or the chance of encountering tobacco smoke, two stroke or Diesel fumes.
    It sure does look better than a white N99 mask (P3 for Europe) and it works really well for particular matter such as PM 2.5 air pollutant ( go to and enter your city).
    The problem whit these type of mask is they do get wet form condensation from the exhaust air, I did have two masks whit me one om my face the other drying on the dashboard of the car.
    I have to say I was a heavy user not only to commute for and to work but every time I was out in the city and working as a HVAC technician in shops I was a lot in the city.
    The carbon layer in the more hi end version of the mask does nearly nothing and does not justify the price difference on that filter.
    As my MCS did get worse I did have to start using a half face respirator whit multi gas and particular filters (for Europe that is ABEK-P3).
    Active carbon can only absorb organic components VOC's for me that is not enough I need the multi gas filter to prevent an allergic reaction.
    Now I am at the level of a full face mask als it's protection factor is way more hi than a half face mask.
    FFP (Filtering Face Piece) like the RZ mask protection factor (PF) 48 for particular matter 0 for gas and vapor.
    Half face respirator PF 48 for particular matter 20 for gas and vapor.
    Full face mask (for me the 3M 6000 series) PF 1000 for particular matter, 2000 for gas and vapor.
    And although my mask is gray I am not the gray man in the crowd I am like a pink elephant on Times square during rush hour that is why I have to ware a vest that say's ALLERGY PATIENT in front and back.

    A RZ of similar mask like the Respro mask fold up next to nothing in size and volume the protection they provide for their weight/size ratio is very hi and it looks not to bad as more and more commuters use these in the city traffic.
    I would surly recommend having and USING a mask in the city special in heavy traffic look at tis:
    At least put one in your GHB.

    For longer use consider a half face respirator or a smoke hood in your bug out bag if you have the space get an industrial full face mask as it looks less pepper as a military mask.

    I haven seen video's of people having more than a quart (1 liter) of water in their urban GHB.
    Sind I can't drink tap watter (whit my MCS) I have only 0,5 liter in my bag but also a set of spear filters for my mask.
    You can do 3 day's without water but only 3 minutes whit out BREATHABLE air!

    A mask like the RZ of Respro can make the air more breathable that is more important than water.

  11. 13 dollars doesnt seem bad. considering. if you work in the construction industry most masks last maybe a day or 2 at most and there garabage.

  12. When you said that you declined their money for the integrity of what you do, that speaks volumes. I'm subbing just because of that. Not to mention that the review was honest and to the point. Great Work!

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