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Russia’s Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

Russia’s Little Green Men Enter Ukraine: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

So we’re outside a Ukrainian military base here in Crimea, but the soldiers over here are Russian They’re from the basin Sevastopol the Russian naval base And they showed up here early this morning tried to get into the base But the Ukrainian soldiers here told them that if they did they would fire back So there’s been quite a tense standoff here for the last few hours With the Ukrainians behind the gate here and the Russian seems to be Marines all along the perimeter of the base Russia’s Parliament has just authorized a military invasion of the Crimean, Peninsula here in Ukraine and what’s been happening so far is that Russian soldiers have been going up to various Ukrainian bases and Trying to take them over last night. They managed to capture a Ukrainian naval base in balaclava and this morning They’ve showed up to this army base So the Ukrainian commander of this base just had some negotiations with the Russian commander and Essentially long story short they’ve agreed to say if you don’t shoot we won’t shoot The Russian it’s hard to tell whether it’s genuine or whether these people just sense that the winds of change coming through I Really wouldn’t want to be the Ukrainian soldiers standing behind this gate right now. There are a lot worse equipped They’re cut off from the mainland, and they’re surrounded by Russian Special Forces So I think these guys got their training from the guards outside of Buckingham Palace because they’re not saying a word to anybody As we need even more to discuss Isis Cucuy Basel is Kokua strongly. You know it’s a treat. It’s not a coup which were pros Yeah, they don’t want to say anything they’re not wearing any insignia, but it’s pretty clear that they’re Russian So the big question everybody is asking themselves right now is what is the rest of the world going to do because Putin’s announced that he’s brought troops here in order to protect Russian speakers and Russian citizens inside Ukraine but What the United States? And what the UK and the other world powers are going to do next is going to have a lot to do with? Putin’s next step You

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  1. Don't need to be a military historian, to know Russian troops when we see them. Russia is the aggressor clearly. Russian minorities being oppressed by Ukrainian monsters. Sounds like 1938 all over. Ukraine the new Czechoslovakia. Of course Russia's EU trading partner's, mainly Germany/France don't care. Just keep the natural gas coming. Idiots!

  2. hmm invading Ukraine to "protect ethnic Russians" does this remind anyone of Hitler's excuse to invade Czechoslovakia?

  3. Respect to Russia for this very measured and restrained response to a coup instigated by their enemies in a neighboring country. I guess if Russia pulled a coup in Mexico, the only question the Americans would ask themselves is how many nukes they should send.

  4. let's not forget that modern Ukraine was formed by a coup that was promoted by the west. there was no general interest from the people to become independent and there are no numbers to back it up either. just 1 on 1 interviews.

  5. 25,000 Russian troops were already stationed there by treaty. One person died in this 'invasion', compare to Iraq invasion !!!

  6. Not so little now that Crimeans are back in Russia with doubled income huh? I think its a good time to help Ukraine because poor brotherly Slavs are turning into Africa. Liberate, stabilize, still everyone live in shitholes. Anarchy vs despotism.
    PS dear illiterate NATO "freedom" bots, saboteurs, Wahabi terrorists and neo-Nazis: before you slander Russia please learn where Russia is located and how to spell or your arguments will be trailer trash.

  7. Ехал бы в свой Израиль, там бы и спрашивал. Нахера ты сюда приперся?!

  8. что то на майдане вопросов не задавал ! теперь соси хуй

  9. Simon could get double the tips with two asses like that. He’d be a service industry legend

  10. La Crimée est Russe . En tout cas jamais les connards de Yankees y mettront les pieds . Mort aux cons !!!

  11. shame on stupid poor Russia has never done anything to achieve success except for invading neighbor countries like Georgia Chechna and other weak countries. It is same like to fight drunk man and say Look at me how I am powerful is…Russia is piece of crap

  12. это что ещё за сука в начале кадра?) Бедные срочники украины бандитам присягали, а не народу и стране.
    Янки можете убиться ап стену) Крым всегда был и есть Российский.

  13. Why don't the Ukranian government distribute fire arms to the Ukranian people ?? Some alcohol and fire at will might solve the problem.

  14. This is what happens when the west has a weak stance on foreign policy. The Syrian civil war and the rise of ISIS is another example. How many times does this need to happen to convince people?

  15. This is terrible these old Ukrainian people are waiting for hope

    I can't understand why Russia is doing that to get more lands to go inside Europe what?

    THESE soldiers are brave they didn't let the Russians take the base while they knew that they could Been killed

    Why UN didn't do something?

    UN must do something more like to build bases on Ukrainian borders or something like that

    I think that in future Russia will take Ukraine without a fight

    What NATO and UN will do?
    In next time?

  16. Plus the Crimean peninsula was greek or russian historically. It only became ukrainian which means outpost territory or edge which in the US would be California Washington Florida Texas ….. anyway who cares it is what it is. Just dont start a nuclear war over this BS.

  17. Do you know? – what would the Ukrainians differ from the Russians? They put pots on their heads, jump and shout: "who doesn't jump that Russian"))))

  18. What United States and uk gonna do?
    Mind your own fucking buisness you western devils is not your conflict!

  19. The majority of people in that region want to be part of Russia, end of, its part of Russia, If Putin could become President of my country Ireland i would be delighted and we can get rid of the EU Empire stooge VaRATkar.

  20. Возрождение нацизма, источник бед в Украине. Об этом автор фильма не хочет знать.

    The revival of Nazism, the source of trouble in Ukraine. About this the author of the film does not want to know.

  21. Where was VICE when US invaded Iraq,Yemen,Korea,Vietnam,Afghanistan and many hot spots? Following US Governments lines?

  22. Without shots, blood, and dead! Here the history is so made! you study Americans, your democracy bothered the whole world. Where you would not come death and destructions everywhere. Russia came to the Crimea and it blossomed.

  23. задалбало смотреть вашу америкосовскую чушь . хотите пиздюлей получите.

  24. That's because they know Barack Obama is a gutless turd And he won't do anything But stop Shipping anything from that region Good going


  26. Dear Russians and Ukrainians don’t be stupid like was Yugoslavia was stupid, that war and conflict will not bring any good things for both sides, you are brother nation, you are Slavs, brothers,love each other’s, don’t fight, it’s ugly, it’s hurting to see that fight, for every Slavic nation and country, love from Serbia to Ukraine and Russia.

  27. Россия, любимая и великая!!! Вежливые люди, это сыны России!

  28. These brave hearts faced the full might of the Germans in WW2… If not the Russians, I'm sure Germany would have crush the Allied forces…. Russians are badass

  29. Hmmmm, strange if this was an invasion and occupation, why is everyone on Crimea Pro-Russian and why arent there any revolts on Crimea ? Because everyone on fu**ing Crimea wanted that russia took crimea! They brought us Food, Money, they changed the whole infastructur they build streets and repaired the old ones, gave us new jobs and a better salary, by the way the ukrainian goverment denied us our pension salary they but we worked for that so what we all hate here the ukr. government.

  30. И это братский народ?надо было их коктейлем мо……ва закидывать.не зря их на данбассе отпевают

  31. For all hypocrites who are against secession of Crimea but support secession of Kosovo:
    eat shit and die, you arrogant assholes.

  32. he feels real comfortable around these guys. almost as if he knows for a fact that they are all very professional and wouldnt hurt anyone there. some reason i havent seen this guy in syria with the guys his country supports.


  34. "Unmarked Ukrainian rebles" should paradrop into Crimea in "unmarked planes" with "unmarked tanks" that they got from the "black market"

  35. I have watched these Russia/Ukraine war vice videos and I am not happy with the journalism. In a lot of these he is very disrespectful and subjective, which agitates both sides, he should take notes from Ross Kemp, who listens to all kinds of horrible crimes committed by the gangs, and isn't cynical and rude, but calm and objective. I am against wars, and am a slav, brothers should not fight brothers.

  36. I think that Ukrainian solders should have stared shooting. So that russian mass media would not be saying anything about peaceful voting… Ukrainian solders gave their land without a fight.

  37. How does Russia 'invade' Russian-speaking Crimea, that was Russian territory for centuries until the Ukrainian Soviet KHrushchev gave it as a 'gift' to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic? While 97% of the population of Crimea had already voted in a referendum to rejoin Russia.

  38. God Bless Russia and the great Russian Army .. if this was America they will bomb and destroy Ukraine like what they did in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, etc.etc.

  39. When America invade middle east and killed people all were silent
    But when Russia invade without killing this

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