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Russian military expert comparing F-35 and T-50 (PAK-FA) (English subtitles)

Russian military expert comparing F-35 and T-50 (PAK-FA) (English subtitles)

-And our guest today, like we promised Mikhail Khodaryonok,
our military expert. Mikhail Mikhailovich, greetings.
-Good day. -And like we promised, today’s subject is ‘5th gen. fighter’,
-Yes, we always keep our previously given promises. -And, all the more so, relatively recently, a threshold event
in 5th gen. fighters history. -Military Air Force of the United States announced, that the
first squadron of planes F-35 ‘Lightning-II’ is ready for
combat duties. -That is, not even 15 years have passed after the signing
of the contract with Lockheed-Martin company, -And they announced, that the first squadron has been formed,
ready, and ready for combat use. -By the way, at us, this plane… We will talk about
‘the American’ in the beginning, -And then, smoothly pass to our plane, and other planes,
which are contending to be planes of the 5th generation. -American squadron is deployed at Hill Air Force Base, in
Utah state, it is called 34th. -And generally, the Pentagon is planning to buy 1.763 of these
F-35 planes. -What should be said first of all about this fighter…? -We should directly say, that at us, in our press, it was
sometimes subjected to all kinds of attacks, kicks, criticism,
etcetera, etcetera. -They claimed, that something is going wrong, that it has
this and that, that it is very expensive, etcetera, etcetera. -For the most part, these kicks were unjustified. And
basically, they were formed by far from specialists in this
area. -And what should be said is that this is also a big event in
world aviation building. -And ones should also remember, that F-35 is already second
5th generation fighter in United States, and third, from the
point of view of low radio-location visibility. -Becausse the first was F-117, then F-22 ‘Raptor’, that is
only 179 units of them, and now – F-35. -We should directly say, that this fighter, according to its
tactical-technical records, has all the opportunities
to repeat the success of F-16 fighter, -Which set the standards for a light fighter military
machine in its class. -It must be said, that it is one of the best fighters in the
category, and there is a big chance, that F-35 will repeat
this tremendous success. -Well, again, while we are going to talk about either American
fighter, or ours, many claims we going to accompany with
words like ‘maybe’, ‘very likely’, ‘with some degree of
reliability we can assume’. -Because in there, this ‘item’, so to speak, appears to be
a accumulation of military secrets, and in almost the same
degree, it concerns our plane as well. -That’s why, here, we are going to have this kind of
fighter relativity theory. -Well, with minimum exposure of governmental secrets,
in expecially large amounts. -Yes, so we won’t have our hands cuffed behind our backs
right here in the studio, so to speak. -Yeah, this we can do.
-Like in one satirical show the said: ‘And from the ceiling
jumped down comrades in black…’ -Well then… What can we point out in this sense…? -Americans, in this plane, invested in the same degree in
hardware, as well as in software, programming, during creation
of this plane. -And it’s even unclear what was more. And most likely –
more in software. -Because, from hardware point of view, we can say, that some
things might be done optimally, or not optimally.
That is, ones can debate. -But software of this plane is close to perfect, and with
very promising capabilities. -And in general, this plane must be viewed as a link
in these very complicated operative systems. -And essentially, all of its combat capabilities, all of its
tactical-technical characteristics, are going to reveal
themselves, when it’s going to operate as a link of these
complicated systems, in particular – network-centric warfare. -And if one of the allies of the United States does not possess
such deployed system, then combat qualities of this plane
are going to be lower in there, of course. -Plus, in addition, what kind of ‘surprise’ for some allies
of the United States purchasing of this plane hides? -Since software is extremely complicated, and exclusively
developed in America, -Those comrades of Americans, who are going to misbehave,
1 turn of a key it is enough, so to speak, so this plane
would become not 5th gen. plane, but 3rd, for example. -Oh? So it’s like that?
-Well, Americans always work like this. Almost always. -That is, if you misbehave, one turn of a key, and you
already finding yourself in another niche of combat
capabilities. -How convenient. We should make note of this for sure.
-I think we noted this long ago. -We will talk about our plane later. -That is, to sum it up, ones should not totally baselessly
criticize this plane. -It has a chance to repeat the success of F-16. This kind
of opinion specialists have. -What must be said about some other competitors in 5th
gen. fighters area…? -Well, first, we must note, only us and Americans bother
with these names like ‘5th gen.’ -Europeans are not very inclined to divide their machines
by generations. -And it is quite difficult to distinct them.
Like ‘Eurofighter’.
-But why? -Well, in general, like any classification, it is very
contingent. -Because, let’s name the main characteristics of 5th gen.
fighter from the top of our heads, so to speak. -It is substantial reduction of plane’s visibility in
radio-location and infra-red diapasons. -It is multifunctionality. That is, its high effectiveness
for destroying air, ground, overwater targets. -Presence of 360 information system.
This is very characteristic for F-35. -That is, in there, the pilot for example, receives information
from everything he can receive information from. -From space systems, from E-3 planes, from E-8 planes,
which we basically don’t have. And from ground centers. -As a matter of fact, a pilot of this plane master the
situation in hundreds of kilometers radius. -That is – he is very informed.
-He is very informed. -In addition to all this, this most advanced software,
programming that is, provides huge help in this.
And in many cases – works for him. -And this is very important, because in the end, this rule,
that exists in air combat from the times of WW1: ‘Who
saw first – won’, -In this plane it is implemented at full capacity. -And further ahead. Flight at supersonic speeds without
using afterburners. -That is, the engine must have such capabilities, so it
will be able to reach supersonic speed outside
afterburners mode. -Super maneuverability. Capability of performing all directions
target attacks in an air combat. -On super speeds, and conducting close range dogfight.
-Stop. Sergei, you are going a bit ahead of yourself. -Ahead of the train.
-Yeah… We are still going to return to detail description of
these qualities. -Well then, aerodynamics, must provide help in piloting,
it must have automated control system, on the level of
solving tactical tasks. -To have emergency help for the pilot, and many many other.
It’s like this. -But, some of them, like you just said, some of distinctive
characteristic features of 5th gen. seems to be far-fetched. -Let’s put it this way – until certain degree far-fetched. -For example, let’s take low radar visibility. From one side,
it should be present it seems, -But from another side, when a pilot turns on on-board
aiming system, then what kind of low radar visibility can we
talk about? -If when it starts to work, it lights up like a Christmass
tree, so to speak, with all of its Watts and Megawatts. -With all fibers of its soul, like my mom used to say.
-Yes. That is, low radar visibility goes away here. -This doesn’t mean, that this problem should not be worked on.
but nonetheless, this is a bit far-fetched. -Or for example… Until certain degree far-fetched, let’s say. -Or, flight at supersonic speed in cruise mode.
Of course, this might not be that bad, but again… -Specialists can hardly imagine, like we just mentioned,
how to use weapons, for example. Perform a guided missile
launch. -All the more so, 5th gen. fighter must have all of its weapons
inside the hull, and closed with flaps. -So, you go ahead and try to open these hatches on these
speeds, to launch these missiles. -So, it is still needed to lower the speed?
-Well, generally, an air fight, as a general rule, is conducted
at subsonic speeds. -Much below the speed of sound.
-Yes. In addition, super maneuverability, until certain degree. -It is of course good, when it’s somersault at one spot,
performs the most difficult stunts. -It makes an unforgettable impression on viewers,
especially on viewers of school age. -But in an air combat, it is still debatable how much
applicability they have. -Since, again, whoever sees first – wins. -If you have information, like we said – 360 degrees,
and plus, you have low radar visibility, we will return to
this subject, -And you have all the capabilities to see the enemy first,
then super maneuverability is probably not as critical. -So it’s kinda like that. What else can be said here…?
Well, for Americans, this is the first series production plane. -First squadron is ready. We are also working intensively
on our 5th gen. fighter. -We will return to this subject, or rather we didn’t even
mentioned the development of our fighter yet. -The Chinese, they are starting to catch up. They are also
showing, that they have something, remotely similar to
a 5th. gen fighter. -But generally, I wouldn’t never speak ironically about
Chinese. -We have people, who like to mock China’s aviation program,
to say terrible things about it. -But nevertheless, before talking about disadvantages of
Chinese 5th gen. fighter…
-Well, we are not mocking them at all, I must say. -Our China expert, or metallurgy expert… We don’t have any
room to mock them.
-We speak with respect. -China is a serious neighbor.
-Serious people.
-Yes, they are serious people. -Yes, in aviation they might have not overcame the gap,
that exists between developed countries. -But they are trying, making attempts.
-And their speed of overcoming is very impressive. -Like in steel making.
-Up to 100 million tons they were going for several decades,
and then added 100 every year.
-And now they producing half of world’s steel. -That’s why, there shouldn’t be any irony about Chinese
developments. -Yes, right now they might be a little bit behind American,
and our, but they are going ‘7 mile long steps’, so to say. -They have money, there is this good word ‘bottomless pit’.
-Good word.
-Educated people – a railcar, a car and a bunch. -That is, there is no lack of educated specialists, all
the more so, ones who received a good education abroad. -That’s why, when they launched this programm, sooner or later,
they are not just going to reach these heights, but maybe
even surpass them.
-Well, and we will help them. -To work with education and science like they do…
Because we have a very big stream of specialist who go
to China to work. To this day. -Um, that’s why, talk about flaws of the Chinese 5th gen.
fighter, that it has engines from MiG-29, for example,
with thrust only 8.300kg, while F-35 has almost 20.000. -With this thrust, it’s clear, that it won’t be able to lift
the required weaponary, fuel…
-They’ll work it out. -But again, I am saying – no need for irony. They are trying,
they are making attempts, they are creating. -And, it’s very possible, that soon, they will surpass all the
results they have today. -This is one thing. And if we speak generally about
‘unbreakable’ Russian – Chinese friendship…
-Good memories. -The Chinese, they are interested in us, until certain degree,
as a source of new technologies. -Well, on the level on which it is possible. -But, much bigger interest, in this sense, they have in
the west. -And well, when some of our hot heads started to hit drums,
blow horns, brought tuckets to the starting line,
celebrating enternal frindship with China… -China is very pragmatic…
-Nothing is enternal.
-China – is an extremely pragmatic superpower. -And to make enemies with the west, as a source of new
technologies, and, I apologize for this Bolshevik expression
‘sales market’ for Chinese products, -They will never go for it.
-Nobody is going to make enemies with anyone!
All the more so – for us. -That’s why, here, like they say – less illusions, gentlemen,
like classics of Marxism and Leninism were saying. -And, more about 5th gen. planes… Indians are doing something
in cooperation with us, Japanese ‘rolling something out’. -Well, I wouldn’t talk about these machines in every detail,
because, well, they are on early stages of their development,
of 5th gen. fighters. -And it will probably be premature to say, that there was
some serious results achieved there. -A bit early.
-A bit early, a bit early. -So then, what can we say…? Americans already have the second
series. And 5th gen. engines, not the first sample already. -And, basically, they already have experience of creating
5th gen. fighter, wich was F-22 ‘Raptor’.
Returning to it again. -The machine turned out to be extremely expensive.
We can also talk about its cons and pros. -But here, the most important thing is still the stage. -And if we’ll try to understand how expensive ‘Raptor’ turned
out to be, then if we take into account all the tests,
scientific-research experimental designers’ work,
etcetera, -Specialists estimated, that with these conditions, 1
production plane costs somewhere between 350-400 million
dollars. -It turned out to be a very expensive toy. Americans
believe, that it will work for its money. -But the basis of 5th gen. fighters in their Military Air
Force, is still going to be the F-35. -And, as the matter of fact, many countries and governments
have already stated about their willingness to purchase this
plane. -And it seems, that it is going to be the basis of Military
Air Forces of western countries, for 40 years, at least. -So, they made fighters for such long time? 1 generation
for 40 years approximately? -Well, right now it is hard to say, whether it will be
39 or 41.
-Well, this is understandable, of course. -But we will say it this way…
-It’s for decades.
-It’s for decades. -It’s not like IPhone, that you change every year.
-No, it’s not. It’s totally different. -We must mention, that it was only in development for
15 years. -15 years have passed, since the contract wa signed,
until first squadron is ready for duty. -Even for United States it is quite significant amount
of time. -And they spent, let’s say it again in this way – unlimited
-Bottomless pit.
-Bottomless pit, again. -Unlimited bottomless pit I would say. Combine these 2. -But, now, we should probably start talking about our plane
T-50. -Again, what I would like to say in the beginning of the
talk about our plane, is if in my words I will have some
approving evaluations, positive, even excellent evaluations, -Then, God forbids, this is not some kind of advertising.
Because you can advertise cakes, refreshments…
-I doubt that a plane needs advertisement. -The only 5th gen. plane in the country, to praise this
project, it’s not advertising, because it is country’s
interests. -Well, let’s say it this way.
-Well, what does this mean ‘to praise it’? -If we were advertising a certain insurance company
or burger maker, then I understand, but this… -Well, talking about T-50, what kind of words we are going to
use…? That this is a very serious project.
Very serious project. -And here at us, until very recently, until the beginning
of 2000’s, we have had many not serious projects. -Or we can even say like this: It seems we were starting
everything very seriously, very seriously, but ended
basically with nothing, a zilch. -Or, excuse me for this rough expression: Or it was
dull flops. -This occured several times, including from projects,
which were, dully or not dully, plundered. -Including some very serious technological things.
-Yes. And sometimes even things that you just regret about. -But from the other side, when a serious thing is planned,
ones must take into account the following moments. -So that this thing, in the end, would be oriented towards
sale. Right? For it to occupy a certain niche. -Worst case scenario – backed by certain resources.
-So, when these serious 5th gen. projects are being developed,
we must also think about who we are going to sell it to? -Meaning, not only for defense?
-Not only to sell. Our T-50 is at least 50 years project. -We were saying 39 or 41, but counting active
duty – at least 50. In other words – this is the price. -And again, here is very important to correctly build
everything conceptually. -Because, those same critics, when talking about T-50,
saying: ‘Oh, this is not a 5th gen. fighter. Because it doesn’t
have 5th. gen. engine on it yet.’ -Which we are going to have, best case scenario, in 2017. -Again, this is not principally, it’s not critical. -That same Su-27, a plane with simply tremendous success,
it performed its first flights not with its own engine,
but with L-21 engine. -Only later it received one of our most successful engines,
L-31. -And here, it is important not to make a mistake in certain
conceptual things. -Because conceptual things, as a general rule, they are
not enough, in the end. -Because if everything is worked out correctly, like the looks,
size… These, by the way, are not such simple things. -Because, in the development of the looks, comrades
military men must also take part. -But, for example, when the looks of 5th gen. plane was in
development, the military didn’t really had much time to
take part in fighters designing. -And they, in rakish 1990’s, early 2000’s, people didn’t put
too much thought into next 50 years perspective. -And they were only thinking how to survive, right?
-Oh, yeah. -And, generally, all these conceptual thoughts, were born in
the insights of Sukhoi Defense Design Bureau. -Well, military is also related to this of course, but not as
strong as one can assume. -And now about a few failed project, purely superficially,
so it would be understandable, that far from everything was
successful on the margin of 1990’s and 2000’s. -Well, for example, our co-project with India MTA,
a transportation plane. -Sometimes it was also called IL-214. And nothing came out of
it. While the first agreement between governments were signed
back in 1999. -It was planned for this plane to be in the same niche as the
famous American C-130 ‘Hercules’. -Because, in Soviet times, if we look at the line of
transportation planes, then we had, for example, AN-22,
but there were not many of them. -Mostly AN-12, this kind of ‘working horse’, An-26. -So, in other words: A large one, a little smaller,
and very small. Correct? -And today, we have lost this line, at certain degree. -And this kind of ‘working horse’, of military transport
aviation… -Because, you don’t always need to transfer 200+ people,
and 40 tons of load. Not always. -That is, IL-76 is not always needed.
-Yes, a plane of such size is not always needed. -And everyday life, in Military Air Force, and in Armed Forces,
one can say – ‘boils’. -And sometimes, you need a plane, well, of a smaller size.
Kind of like An-12. -But on a new level, of course. Because An-12 was created
in some very rough Soviet times. -But this plane, theoretically, could be a replacement
of the An-12. -But everything dully floped.
-Mikhail Mikhailovich, we need to take a little break.
-So we won’t flop our news.
-Yes. Send us SMS. -So… Let’s return to our lameness. So…
-So, our 5th gen. fighter T-50 is a very serious project. -It is backed by resources. Niche of this plane is crystal
clear. And we clearly need this fighter. -So then, they approached seriously, made all the correct
prognosis, and this project is for at least 50 years. -But besides this, we must surely point out, that
specialists calculated totally correctly the size of this
plane. -Because, geometrically, it is a little smaller, than Su-27,
but a little bigger, than F-35. -Properly speaking, what does it caused by?
This is cause by intention of this plane to take
more actual load. -Meaning, all kinds of rockets and bombs.
-Yes. Yes. And so, properly speaking, this gives it a little
edge over F-35. -And here, unfortunately, what must be said…?
Staying on objective side, we must point out, -That our avionics are heavier, than American,
and our weapons are heavier, with the same effectiveness. -And for a chance to have some superiority over
American fighter, -We must make it a little bigger, a little more powerful. -And we need this superiority, we are taking this into account,
for the case of, if we will sell them to someone, and they will
sell it to someone, and then these planes will meet? -Well, how my very good acquaintance said: ‘Nothing
can be excluded’. Nothing can be excluded -And, by the way, all these countless prognosis about
battles of different gen. fighers, well this is not yet
realistic. -The final evaluation of a machine, the final
tactical-technical characteristics, are the ones that it
is going to show in certain situations. -But the main examiner – is of course the real combat. -And again, we can talk about certain things,
but again – with some credibility.
Only some. -About F-35, nobody knows it very well.
Its tactical-technical characteristics, and capabilities. -But same goes for our T-50, whatever is implemented there. -And at what degree of possibility and credibility we are
guessing them? -But what is the most important? What kind of things we are
going to say? Conceptual and important things. -The important thing is, that the plane T-50 doesn’t have
devastating gap from the American project. -For example – from F-35, F-22. Because, when you start
something, and you see such distance, that you know
you are not going to catch up. -It happens.
-But here, there is no such devastating ground loss. -And here, well, our specialists approached this with the
utmost responsiblity. -And what should we say here? From nothing usually comes
out nothing. On an empty spot – nothing can just appear. -That is, not any 5 gen. fighter, on an empty spot, only by
will of a superiors, by a decree of CC CPSU, it would not have
appeared. -There is a need for a basis. Some kind of reserve is
needed. And quite powerful reserve. -Like the saying goes: Oranges won’t grow on aspens. Right?
-No. No. -And so, SDDB is certain school, certain traditions,
and certain basis is worked out, and reserve. -Well, for example, during the works on famous planes
of Su-27 and Su-30 series, this reserve was made
decisively in all directions. -And so, until certain degree, it was implemented in the T-50. -Well, of course we can start talking about problems with
engines, with avionics. A little less about weapons for
5th gen. fighter. -Because according to some information, weapons keeping up
with development and testing of this plane.
-Knock the wood. -Yes. And in needed moment, so to say, and in needed time,
it is going to be delivered. -And again, well… There is of course always problems during
development and tests of this plane. -All the more so, with such level of innovations.
How could they not have any problems? -But, this plane, T-50, let’s use this expression once more,
the creators approached this project with utmost
responsibility. -The plane occupies all the possible niches of combat usefullness. -It has obvious striking functions, and it also can be
used as a fighter-interceptor. -That is, indeed a multi-functional plane. -Sometimes, some of our hotheads, based on completely
lobbying positions, saying: ‘Let us restart production
of the plane MiG-31’. -By the way, it is also a plane, which by its
tactical-technical characteristics very remarkable. Very. -But, from the other side, this machine has almost 50 tons
takeoff weight. -Its actual load is insignificant. We can talk about only a
few tons. 4 missiles, probably, and that’s it. -And what can come out of this plane, if we will urgently
start its ressurection? -Again, unlimited amount of money is going to be invested in
this project, but we still will not get a completely new plane. -We will say once more – not just unlimited, but unlimited
bottomless pit.
-Yeah… -And well, conceptual mistakes, or so to say, big mistakes,
cost too much sometimes. -It seems we did everything correctly, but when we got into
analysing the results, then goddamn… We made a mistake. -It happens.
-We can also give such example as MiG-29 fighter. -It seems, what bad can we say about it? Well, basically,
we are not even going to say anything bad, but about
the fact, that this plane turned out to be, to say it softly,
a little wrong. -It is an example of a wrong plane, and wrong approach.
Why is that so? -What was layed in it, when this whole idea was planned? -It’s that we are going to have a light fighter, which is going
be twice as cheap to make, and twice as cheap in maintenance
cost, than for example heavy fighter planes of Su-27 type. -And so, what did we ended up with? First of all, it didn’t
turned out significantly cheaper in production and
maintenance cost. -It didn’t turned out cheap at all. There. And demands, that
were declared and announced for this plane earlier,
like making it twice as small, twice as cheap, -Everything is going to be twice as efficient, nothing of this
was achieved. And what did we had on the outcome? -That the plane was not too far behind from a heavy fighter,
concerning takeoff weight. -It had a price almost as a heavy fighter, and significantly
lacks all of tactical-technical characteristics. -That is, price difference is not very big. -But for example when you are buying a Su-30 plane,
a plane with uncomparably bigger range, uncomparably
bigger actual load, combat capabilities. -And here, the price is almost the same, but much less
capabilities. -And well, only because of this, this project can collapse,
without any kinds of support. -What do you mean acvertising? If there is no difference, then
why would anyone pay more? -Yes. And here, the difference is obvious. -And well, they were counting on… Well, it doesn’t mean,
that MiG did not have successful fighters. -MiG had incredibly successful fighters.
It is, for example, MiG-15. MiG-21. -These are breakthrough planes, in world, ‘world’ I emphasize,
aviation building.
-Of that generation, right? -Yes. But, MiG-29, of course, significantly overpassed F-16. -Because, for example, there were made 4.600 units of F-16,
and it is very much. Very much. -And MiG-29 – 1.600. Significantly less.
Well, these are approximate numbers. -So then, the plane didn’t become mass produced,
nor the most successful. -And here, we spoke much about 5th gen. engines,
about that our T-50 is still flying with previous generation
engines. -But now it has 117S engines installed.
But again, I want to say, that it is not critical.
It’s not critical. -5th gen. engine right now is on the wrapping up stage. -And we already said in previous shows, that making an
engine is much more difficult, than make a plane. -Sometimes it seems totally unbelievable.
-Yeah, it seems like this is only an engine, and this is a
whole plane. -Yes. But it’s not by luck, that engine makers, we are going to
allow to ourselves to repeat this joke of engine makers. -Sometimes they say, that a plane – is a primitive device
for engine flight. -And well, there is no jokes about engines. No breakthroughs,
like 5 years in 4 years, etcetera. -Well, it’s possible to do 5 years in 4, but what kind of
result you are going to have? -Yes, well, with an engine this is certain.
It will take 10 years. 10. -Even 9 women can’t give birth to a child in 1 month.
-Then we should start, huh?
-No, don’t. -Evgeniy Yanovich knows better.
-Yes. A wise person. -I just imagine, that we are going to have weather report at
any moment… -Guys, when you say, that we should start producing something
within the time limits you want, which can not be produced
in these time limits, -Then this is called – to try to fit the unfittable.
It is impossible. And if you do manage, then you
going to have debris. -Like they say: You are coming late, but I’m praising you for
this also. Some wise man said it. -Better late than never. At least start now, so after 10 years
you will have something to brag about. -In any case, we are going to have weather report break. -And we are returning to the studio, for the conclusive corner
of our hour. 5th gen. fighter. -In the beginning, we will finish with the engines.
What else must be said about the engines? -Generally, to create a modern engine, for a modern fighter,
well and in the same degree for a civil airliner,
it is the level of technological health of a country. -If you can make an engine, then you have everything OK,
if you can’t make an engine, well then, guys, you still have
a lot to learn, and learn, and learn. -Well, there are countries of the 1st row, like Ghana,
and they are making it without any engines, no worries. -And Olympic Games in Brazil, with bandits,
and they don’t need engines at all. -And engines, they are first of all – materials, it is stands,
it is most complicated calculating basis, it is very
complicated long suffering tweaking processes. -And this is a very complicated process. And every blade
of the engine, is a small wing. -And it has same demands, as they are towards a wing of
a large plane. -It has very high pressures by weight, and by all kinds of
overloads, and by resonance, etcetera. -By the way, when the Iranians learned how to make blades
for aviations turbines, the people said: ‘Yeah, you MIC,
guys, is going to be just fine’. -And, our T-50, generally, is going to be comparable,
by its tactical-technical characteristics, with the F-35. -And, ones can assume, is also going to be competitive. -That is, with this plane, we going to manage to defend our
traditional markets. -T-50, I am almost sure of it, is going to allow us to. -And what else should we say about SDDB, about which
we just talked, that from nothing – only nothing can appear. -It’s that in this DDB, calm and serious work is taking place.
It has very powerful personnel composition. -And I will allow to myself to repeat – very serious personnel. -Those people, who sometimes blink on the television,
and talking about the condition of things of our fighter
aviation, -They are not ‘stars’ of large scale in the creation of our
planes. -‘Stars’ of large scale, unfortunately, is impossible to see
on the television. -And thank God. They could be in danger.
-They are not appearing. First degree ‘stars’ aappear to be
totally different people. -And SDDB is starting to pick their personnel starting from
school Olympiads. -That is, in there, they are spotting there talented 9-10
graders, without any irony – lure them,
promising certain perspectives. -And what else can we say in this sense? It is that people,
in SDDB are looking very far ahead. -Because when you are searching for schoolschildren,
for studies in Moscow Aviation Institute, -With the perspective of hiring him for the job in the DDB…
Well, how many years ahead you must look…? And generally,
how well you must be engaged with these youths…? -And this is the only approach, which is possible, in this
sense. -That’s why, some things do become successful, when
they are starting to look for young people, starting from
9th grade, by conducting all sorts of Olympiads. -And then it is already obvious, that this person can be
an aviation designer. -And again, this is limited edition ‘items’. It is 1 of 100,
1 of 150, maybe even less of today schoolchildren can
work in the DDB, and work for the sake of the Motherland,
particularly in this sense. -That is why, personnel is picked so thoroughly in SDDB. -That is, I will allow to myself to repeat this expression,
that calm and serious work is being done on 5th gen. fighter
creation. -Of course, in some things, we fall behind from the United
States, and traditionally, so to speak. -Unfortunately, we were always catching up to them.
It just formed like this in history. -It’s not because I want to say something bad about our
industry, about our planes, but simply it formed this way, -That, for example, we were always falling behind in air
means of elimination nomenclature. -In nomenclature of their tactical-technical characteristics.
sometimes were were managing it, but more often than not,
we were catching up in this department. -And now, we still have this gap. It is insignificant,
but it’s there. -This concerns the so called ‘small diameter bombs’,
and new American rockets of WVRAAM type, which is
two times smaller, but its tactical-technical characteristics
are twice as much. -And, traditionally, we are falling behind in radio-electronic
machinery. -Here at us, sometimes, voices sound, calling us to make
all this produce here, make all radio-electronic machinery. -Yes, of course, from one side, the calling is encouraging,
like we should do all this, on national scale.
-But we should’t try to catch up, where catching up is
impossible? You mean this? -Well, this problem is much wider and more complicated.
If we are going to be engaged in this right now… -Again, we have 2 problems here. Niche, demand, profitability. -So that, yes, we can make samples of our own
electronic component basis. -But, if we want it to be justified, we must produce it with
relative seriality. -That is, it must be installed everywhere, starting with
watches, etcetera. -Like the Chinese, when they are making it in such scales. -And if we will have production of such electronics limited
with a few units, then it will simply worth its weight in
diamonds. -Of course some things, considering interests of our national
security, of course we must make it ‘at home’. -But nonetheless, the problem with electronic components
basis, it is much wider, that anyone can imagine. -It depends on many economic indexes.
First of all – profitability of its production. -Because, to justify its production, it must be produced in
completely unthinkable scale. -So, um, talking about this program T-50, what can we say
about some conclusions? -It is that it doesn’t have a ‘scent’ of a fraud.
We can also put it like this.
-And it is good, when such programs don’t smell ‘fraud’. -Yes, because again, when people are hitting drums, saying:
‘Oh, in a year or two, we are going to roll it out!
We are going to jump ahead, so it won’t seem little to them!’ -And unfortunately, and there is also quite modern…
-Debris are going to fly in all directions, like in that fairy
tale about a fox.
-Yes, yes. -And when they are starting to sort things out, they see,
that there is nothing but emptiness behind them. -And generally speaking, what can we say for sure in this
sense? We must make some kind of general conclusion.
Right? -And the general conclusion, about the plane T-50 is
going to sound as the following: -That this plane does not have another joice, but to
repeat the success of Su-27. -Generally speaking, we…
-What does this mean ‘it has no choice’? What it won’t make it? -Your flowers simply do not grow.
-No. For now there is a chance, there is confidence,
that this plane is going to reach heights of Su-27. -Of course, we might talking about this a little early,
while its undergoing tests. -But for now there is such confidence.
-What are the time limits? What is your evaluation? -Well, again, it is hard to tell anything, and again…
-Well? Is it going to go in the infinity? Or…?
-No, it’s going to take years. -The opcoming years, let’s put it like this.
-3 years? 5 years? 25 years?
-No. We are going to make it within 3. -Together with the engine, I assume, we are going to make it
within 3. And maybe even less. -Again, this is one of most important indexes, that this plane
is going to be our success in our national security. -Well, when it’s going to happen – it’s going to happen,
because people ask many questions. -About missiles, REW systems, time limits, problems with
survivability, what kind of engine it has today, and what kind
of problems it has… -Well, it seems these are more advanced listeners, maybe even
head designers, I can not know this. -But I will repeat once more, that the idea of us sitting right
now, answering all of the questions for everyone,
giving up all secrets of the Motherland, -And we are going to be recorded with ‘their tongues on
their shoulders’ the whole Central Intelligence Agency,
it is all wrong. -For my greatest regret, sometimes we must overstep your own
song, and expressing in Russian – to step on your own tongue. -Especially, when you talk about new machinery. -The wish, to say first something-something, only to fill the
void before you, it is a very cool wish. -It was layed as the basis of many occasions, which is called
economical spying, and here already not economical spying. -That’s why, I am humbly apologizing to the listeners,
but no secret of the Motherland is going to be revealed today. -Such karma we have. We must not do it. Repeating once more.
When we are talking about new machinery, whatever is not
announced – it’s not announced. -This is a question journalists often ask: ‘Oh, what can you
say about…?’ I’m saying: ‘Nothing.’ -‘Why? People need to know.’
-People don’t need to know anything. Excuse me please, if
this contradicts the rules of the 1st department. -So let the people go to museums. We have report coming in,
that museums attendance in modern Russia surpassed the
numbers of Soviet Union. There. Museums. -So we won’t reveal any secrets of the Motherland. -Well, what should we say in conclusion…? The people, who
are behind the tremendous success of the plane Su-27 are
engaged in this project T-50. -And those, who made the plane Su-30 one of the most seeling
plane in the world.
-Mikhail Khodaryonok was our guest. Thank you.

Reader Comments

  1. Как поставить "mute" на жирного долб@ёба Сатановского и послушать эксперта?

  2. Потрясающее интервью, потрясающий перевод, и видеоряд тоже потрясающий.

  3. Awesome discussion! The analysis of the "5th Gen" American and Russian planes was very interesting. The T-50 should be a great plane and I think it will have some advantages and disadvantages when compared to the F-22 and F-35… only time will tell…

    Hopefully we never have to see which planes are truly better, I prefer no war.

  4. It is hard to believe the F22 and F35 will still be around 25 or 30 years from now. By that time they will be antiques. Top scientists are working furiously on 6th generation planes in a huge competition while even more advanced thinkers are beginning to conceptualize 7th generation planes. It is unlikely they will.have human pilots on board. It's not even clear how much control humans will have over them.

  5. First of all the T-50 is not that stealthy not with the engine configurations like they are the F-35 is out the 3rd 5th generation plane while Russia is just developing their first and we are already designing our 6th generation planes, says volumes.

  6. It is said that stealth means radar signature of a bird, but I don't know of any bird that flies supersonic.

  7. Simply, a fully developed T-50 would give an F-22 a run for it's money. Updated F-22 would probably edge out T-50. As for F-35 who can say, it will be probably the most advanced fighter in the world when all of its kinks are finished. It would depend on, the advance technology of the F-35 vs the stealth capabilities of the T-50.

  8. По крайней мере лучшее о самолетах было сказано и более реальное сравнение сделано. Остальные видео и вправду пропаганда. Самое гланое, что Американцы так же с восхищением относятся к разработкам русских, судя по коментариям. Жалко одно, что лучшие из лучших самолетов в мире разрабатываются для военного применения и рано или поздно будут в ней задействованы…

  9. Excellent presentation. Very happy to hear details from someone who knows about aircraft development, but who leaves out the propaganda. I've spent weeks in Russia and have sense retired from the US Military. I learned the US and the Russian people really aren't that different at all. We want to raise our children in peace and have a good life. Much respect to you, Sir.

  10. He was very smart about what the electronics package of the F35 really allows it to do. Having as much automation and proper sensor fusion is VERY difficult to get right and requires lots and lots of trial an error. He indicated that he thought the software costs are exceptionally high, and are basically having the $ get hidden in other things. There's reason the F22 is flying ISR in the middle east right now as its avionics provide a "God's eye view" of the battlefield as it's part of the larger network that's sharing everything on every target. The Apache helicopter's avionics has been upgraded so that the apache can control the missiles on nearby drones as well as call in other larger weapon systems from ships. The advancement of the battle network can allow a single F22 pilot to wipe out an entire army by using the weapons of other vehicles in the area. Weapons can be retasked in flight and they're guided to the target for much longer by the data link, not having to go active until the very last few seconds. War can be waged video game style where the game is automatically telling you how to wipe out the enemy based on what weapon is available to use. Look at the results we were able to achieve on the march to Baghdad…..and by all accounts, that was a conventional war. Only when B2s with their radars were called on for targeting during a sandstorm did we really use tactics that are now standard with F22 and F35.

    Watch a video on NATO's missile defense operations in europe. You have all sorts of nations on the NATO battle net providing radar/targeting data across many nations weapons and allowing interceptors to be fired from multiple locations. This all happens in a matter of seconds — everyone knows everything that's going on as their all sharing instant data. The navy is working on the swarming drones so it won't be long before the "fog of war" is non existent as the battle field is covered with networked sensors that's looking at everything in real-time as well as the computing power to classify threats and the methods for destroying them. This type of information sharing and immediate engagement would end up seeing battle situations where all of a sudden the enemy is completely blind, aircraft missing, radar sites destroyed, major targets struck, and all is said and done in less than an hour.

  11. This was probably a good video if you can understand Russian, however for an Englisher like me I can't even read the subtitles… so for that reason this video is piss poor – sorry!

  12. Итог разговора. Американский самолёт крут, русский самолёт говно. Это говорят мне на одном из ведущих радиоканале. Что за ересь вообще? Гнать этих говнюков в три шеи.

  13. I am not a Russian, but I do have greatest respect for Russian aviation engineers.
    I have watched how Sukhoi has been building SU-27 and then re-building it again to make even better plane that it could be at a last development step – I am glad to see that they are not trying to compete against US and they are taking their time to make best possible machine once more. Seeing T-50 prototype in the air gives me a smile for a day!
    Respect guys, keep it up!

  14. The first impression one has visually is F-35 looks like a whale and T-50 looks and flies like an eagle. T-50 also has a higher Speed at 1500 MPH.

  15. Mikhail Khodaryonok displays much respect in this video, and I can appreciate a man who does not approach these things from a nationalistic or political point of view.  He's a true professional who seems to have admiration for the work of other experts all around the world.

  16. nice translation. я бы долго думал, как перевести "впихнуть невпихуемое" например =))

  17. I actually do like the approach of Mikhail Khodaryonok. It is not that he is free of pre-conceptions – but he at least try to be unbiased. Obviously it shows that the Russians (vs. the Americans) have different perspectives on “military spends”. 
    There are only two things, which came to my attention: 1st: He fell into the pit (like so many others) to misinterpret the costs of the F-35. It is important to understand, that no other airplane has been evaluated with this “formula” – that means, the “program cost” includes the whole development, the whole aquisition (USAF, USN, Marines) – that should be about 2000 planes…; but also upgrade costs; flight costs, maintenance costs, fuel costs over the lifetime of <all> airframes. Yes – the F-35 is expensive, but it is far cheaper than the F-22 (per plane), and the muster prices could fall even under the Eurofighter Typhoon – close to the Dassault Rafale. 

    Second – development: the F-22, B-2 and F-35 developments each had unique systems, which will help the US to develop and design future airframes. Which price tag can you put on experience and completely revolutionary new technologies? 

    The issue with the T-50 (or nowadays we know, that it is called Su-57): it has good airframe for agility etc. and yes – it will receive within 5 years or so (+/- 2 years) its new engines. But the avionics are still on the level of e.g. Su-30/Su-35. 
    That means, even if it is possible to include a similar sensor suite, computers, an revolutionary helmet etc. like the F-35 – it will cost the Russians also a fortune. Not to speak of new RAM coatings (material research) etc.

  18. ntz,,,USA planes are better…they have Khebab propulsion and coca cola ink spreading in air…and it just fucking disapear like an octopus meanwhile the pilot has its meal of natural and fresh McDonald goodies made of junk plastic

  19. A very beautiful and objective video.I see the t50 as an air superiority fighter all their have to to now is produce a f35 variant Russia needs it

  20. I like the Russian's attitude! They seem to be quite realistic and fair in their annalisis of the different aircraft and even offer to help the Chinese to develop their 5th Gen Fighter. I LOVE the temprament of the Russians…especialy President Putin! 🙂

  21. WOW! The T-50 defies gravity. I want to see the F-35 dance in the air like the T-50. The T-50 can do some of the most AMAZING dances and turns which I DOUBT the F-35 can do. I personally think that, eventually, the T-50 is going to outperform the F-35!

  22. i think the SU-35 will be a far better aircraft for most missions than the SU-57 but in order to keepup with the standards they need a gen 5 jet

  23. The F35 did very well at red flag scoring a 17:1 kill ratio against the F15 Eagle. It has not even started its evolution of avionic upgrades yet. A new engine is already coming to give it a nice bump in performance. Along with a continuing evolution of tactics using the F35 , it is going to be an excellent machine. The T50 is going to be quite the beast as well.

  24. US should install kill switches in all planes sold to the Brits. Wouldn't trust the snaggle toothed limeys to walk my dog!

  25. F35 may look fat but can carry a lot of Weapon, Fuel and electronic war equipment, Pak Fa look nice and slim, But slim mean you cannot carry big weapon and less fuel, F35 do not require dog fight anymore as it use high tech missile and vision Helmet

  26. The F22 requires an average of 30 hours of servicing for every hour flown. A serious fault occurs every 1.7 hours on average. It cannot digitally communicate with any other US aircraft (so the spotter/shoot-down model is a lie) Why do you think they have never been used? They are so lightly armoured, small-arms fire would bring them down!
    Compared to the Russian aircraft, it's like comparing apples an oranges. A trillion dollar disaster vs an aircraft that is being bought by other nations for air superiority.
    Blind pride in a US aircraft that doesn't even have external hardpoints (so no drop-tanks and 1/3 the weapons load) is telling. The politicians have managed to lie their way out of a project 'too big to fail'. No single contractor made it. Companies in 44 states made the parts which were then assembled. Without retooling no more COULD be made. Replacement parts are made to order and already the idea of grounding 2 to use as parts is being mooted.
    If you take a look at the politics and the huge costs for something even the pilots don't want to fly (Raptor lung) says a lot.

    Now the F-35 has turned out to be an even worse debacle. Feedback from British and Australian flight-crews has been very, very to the point. They need something else to ensure 100% air superiority because the thing has only a single advantage over the OLD Harrier – simpler VTOL. Europe has the Eurofighter and boy, are we finding LOTS of customers who suddenly need something that CAN do the job.

  27. The day 🇷🇺 and 🇺🇸 join forces in combat, there will be no one left on Earth who can compete with such a dominating alliance. I hope to see this in my lifetime.

  28. As an American, I worry more about people like Mr. Khodaryonok than I do about self deprecating Americans, it shows a high level of respect for a potential adversary. The baseless trashing of the F-35 in a lot of American media seems to be more for feeding the conspiracy nuts on social media. In the meantime, adversaries seem to be taking the threat quite seriously and preparing for it. In my opinion, I think a plane like the F-35 shows a level of respect to Russian counterparts, it says we'd rather not fly against Russian agility and speed, so we had better see the threat first.

  29. как странно слышать тупые шуточки и поддакивания сродни кудахтанью в курятнике… спасибо эксперту за информацию

  30. I think you overvalue the F-35. Especially in regards to its software, because it's hideously expensive and huge in codesize does not mean it's well done. And as far as it appears, the software of the F-35 is mostly not well done.

    Also, especially in groundcrew size and their required expertise level as well as hours on the ground vs hours in the air, the F-35 is outright terrible.
    What does it matter if you have a hundred great aircraft, if you have great difficulty keeping more than 4-5 of them in the air on average? The F-16 has a proven record of 6 times better or more. The Swedish Gripen during the ad-hoc conditions when flying recon over Libya managed over 10 times what the F-35 seems limited to, sure it's specifically made to have a maximum ratio of air to ground time with minimalist groundcrews and support, but the difference is just so extreme.

    I have no clue how the T-50 will end up in those regards, but i very much doubt it will be anywhere near as bad as F-35.

  31. When the F-117 went into service it was touted as an invincible game changer until it was shot down by the Serb using low-tech radar system. Now the US claim the F-35 and F-22 along the same line…even the oxygen supply breaks down every so often… For every 1 hr of flight they need some 30 hrs of maintenance…that's no good during war time…Latest report it got corrosion problems:
    More interesting videos:
    USD125mil apiece and it was detected by an obsolete S-200 AAM? So much for the stealth myth. Syria should have use the S-400. Its US125mil F-35 vs US1.5mil S-200 “War is Boring,” cite the F-35C cost per plane as more than $337 million.

    IDF's new US125mil F-35 got hit by a hummingbird and retreated? Seriously guys. If IDF denies it that means it is true…

  32. Ha ha even a Russian expert says the f35 is close to perfect and not to pass hasty judgements until it's performance is fully understood so as not underate it as was done with the f16 before it proved it's capabilities. He also stated the US has the most experience and has already fielded a true 5th generation fighter and it's going to take 50 years to complete the t50 project. Bwahaha. Go Murcia!

  33. Comparing F35 with higher capacities Su57 Incorrect comparizing. F35 by class could be compared with Як38. Verticall take off. Vertical take off not working at F35? It was destined for. We see project downgraded compared with two engined Su57.

  34. Mig 31 would win flies twice the speed of raptor. Raptor 1.8 mach Mig 31 3.2 mach. Raptors missiles dont even reach 2.5 mach . New mig 31 variant that is suppose to be build will reach speed of 6 mach lol.

  35. Informative video, thank you. I'm tired of nationalistic chest beating so often (if not always) that accompanies military videos in the comments. This is a well informed & balanced presentation which is refreshing.👍

  36. Thank you Russia (Putin)… you back and again standing against Nazi army… U.S. military and NATO is Axis of evil US terrorist criminal corp. govt. (Angloxans/Satanic Congress, Cabals/minions) NAZI army… Zionist owned western countries (1/3 Of US Govt. Satanic Pedophiles) created and supporting terrorist NAZI regime in Ukraine… no wonder only U.S. and Ukraine votes against anti-Nazi resolution at U.N.

  37. You Russians better get smart—and you better do it fast. If you keep walking hand in hand with China, China will steal every bit of your technology. You would be naive to trust China. Just look at all the tech they've stolen or tried to steal from us. They don't have the gray matter fortitude to build their own innovative weapons systems so they try to steal advanced technology from every other nation. Beware the Chinese. You have been warned.

  38. I was hoping for a few gems amongst the waffle. But it just turned out to be endless waffle. The only thing worth watching was the T50 aerobatics.

  39. Russia should not worry. This all comes down to Socialism versus Democracy, not Amreica versus Russia. US citizens want friendship with Russia and China, both amazing cultures amd history.

  40. All the f35 software was create in the USA! The software is so complex to study, I don't understand why so many country buying this plane! How can they know the USA not hiding a kill or spyswitch in the plane software? Remember the nsa backdoor inside all firmware of Cisco network hardware !

  41. I can't speak to the combat capabilities of the F-35, but as a F-15 mechanic I can see how much attention the engineers paid to the ease of maintenance.

    They've not only made maintenance easier, but higher quality in the long run. I will miss the F-15 when it eventually gets phased out, but I'm really excited to work on these.

  42. We have ah64a apaches and Boeing says,we can't give you spares for your A type for you to have them in a fly condition,give us 6 billions to upgrade them in to D type…….same as the French,give us 3 billions to upgrade the mirage 2000 type course we can't give you spares for them for you to have them in a fly condition…… them all, we need to take Russians weapons from now on, NATO and the allies

  43. I'm no specialist in planes and thank God. I can see that f-35 is a failed project in search of a purpose. So why are other countries trying to compete with a "better failiure"? Lockheed probably has genius engineers but even they canot defeat simple logic. They were tasked to create a dream plane that will have maximum parameters on ALL possible counts. That's expertise taken from Superman comics. From the beggining of time, people learned that technology means differentiation. A good fork is a bad screwdriver. A good shield is a bad sword and a good sword is a bad shield.The best bomber is a terrible fighter and vice versa. Vertical take-off is a big plus, but it means a smaller payload and range. Etc etc. So the project to reach all round Perfection inevitably evolved into three shades of Mediocrity. A second fallacy is that you can't even define "superiority" without specifying – over what? Brand X? At the time of conception of that program in the beggining of the 90s, the US military already had full dominance, a bloated dominance. How can you achieve something you already have? Engineers are men of means, not ends. They involuntarily, unconciosly discovered the solution – Well, you have to lose that dominance. Then you might try and wring it back. The Joint Fighter is part of the first step in this curious tango. Now the Pentagon has redefined f-35 as a bolt in the machine of a fully integrated battlefield. That reminds of how in it's death throes, the Space Shuttle was re-pitched as a workshop to repair sattelites. Specialized planes could be better components than f-35, but LM already is in full control. And it won't allow to be consigned to the fate of NASA.
    I'm not advising an aggressor, but defending countries with smaller economies should focus on "assymetrical" shields rather than a sword, doomed to be smaller. Defence as a rule, is cheaper. They need tech that frustrates the enemy's blow on their mainlands. E.g. to stop a salvo of a 1000 cruise missles they could develop and install 10 000 cheap anti-rocket drones, plus EMP battaries, sattelite destroying rockets to disrupt guidance signals etc. I don't see how "a better f-35" does any of that. Is it going to cross 10 000 miles to reach the US mainland and destroy it's nuclear silos or stockpiles of various bombs and rockets? Absurd.

  44. The F-35 is an export plane. It can be exported and sold right away to other nations, since it does NOT CONTAIN STATE OF THE ART SECRET TECHNOLOGY, and is not an example of the best America can build… The F-22 on the other hand would have never been allowed for export even to close allies.

  45. Почему нужно обсирать полное копия Як-141…хороший самолет. Локхид купили план и скопировали! Все! Why russians should shit on F-35 when it is a full copy of Yak-141? Nice russian airplane copied from Lockheed Martin-they bought plans from Russia in the beginning of 1990…

  46. can anyone link to just as frank and detailed analysis made by a US expert on the US 4th and 5th gen fighter jets? No politics please – just as what we see here.

  47. I like the PAK 50. However more than a year later, they cannot keep more than 12 of them flying. So even if it were the superior fighter, I think the U.S.A. would come out on top, just due to sheer numbers. Oh and I too wish we "The U.S.A." had a better relationship Russia. Sure we maybe competitors, that does not mean we need to be enemies.

  48. This actually represents a Russian way of thinking, not some YouTube post dedicated to push buttons on collective stupidity and get hateful reaction from patriots! This is a norm,a grown-up talking about aviation in respectful manner! Not some troll looking for attention!
    If politician's could be as reasonable, world would get along much better!

  49. That is something that We as Americans could learn to do. Tremendous show of respect for our aircraft and evaluation. We should really learn to do this more and not dismiss everything not American as junk.

  50. One striking thing about this interview is how sensitive and careful the military analyst is to criticize Russia, whereas in the US, people make careers out of criticizing America, especially American defense systems. The analyst tried to tip-toe the best he could about Russian aviation and weapons being behind the US, and especially Russian electronics being behind the US and China, citing market forces of scalability and profitability in his position.

    How that relates to PAK-FA/Su-57, is that the Su-57 is way behind on development of the side-looking radar arrays, L-Band antennae in the leading edges, true 5th Gen engine development , systems integration of the CPU with sensors, FCS, FCC, EW suite, cockpit, BIT, etc. There are things that have been developed in the US for true 5th Gen engines that escape most observers, because engine technology is kept very close to the vest even among Western partners. The rear aspect LO in the F119 and F135 are important things to consider, which was already a reality 2 decades ago.

    Systems that will be present in the US 6th Generation fighter engines were already present on the General Electric YF120 motors for the YF-22 and YF-23 prototypes, with Variable Cycle configuration for internal engine geometry variation across a wide range of flight regimes, from low speed take off/landing, and low level performance, to higher altitude wide speed bands, and super cruise performance.

    The new US 6th Gen engines are already highly developed, and have reached core temperatures 150˚F higher than any jet engine in history, and have 3 airflow paths. We're looking at engines that will be capable of over 51,000lb of thrust, which is insane. The F135-PW-100 first production model engine in the F-35A is already capable of 28,000lb thrust in mil power, and 43,000lb thrust in AB, and that's not even with the new turbine stages PW developed on their own to increase thrust by 6-10%. Reliability has been astonishingly good, with over 100,000 flight hours reached last year across the F-35 fleet without any crashes or fatalities. That is unprecedented in any modern fighter program. All previous fighters including the F-22 have experienced many crashes and fatality mishaps, especially the F-16.

  51. I think it is a mistake to compare the F-35 with the T-50. Rather the better comparison is the twin engine F-22, which is somewhat smaller and lighter but lacks the 360 degree rotational thrust vectoring of the T-50. I always wondered why, Lockheed/Pratt & Whitney didn't utilize 360 degree thrust vectoring, and my only conclusion is that it was to retain stealth characteristics and lower heat signature.

  52. This aircraft is for deterrence only. It's to show our adversaries the costs we will go to maintain what we believe is superiority. This thing is so costly that to maintain it will take a huge bite the economy. Remember the Carter years when they tried to steer America in a different direction. Then Reagan steered us back into militarism. This pile of garbage when everything is just right works fine, but one little scratch and it’s grounded. In full-scale war it will be the first to go to the wayside because of it’s enormous cost. They’ll look like there is nothing wrong with them but can’t fly because they can’t afford parts. I’ve read posts that say they wish this aircraft was built better as a dog fighter, well if this thing is as good as they say it is then it shouldn’t have to dog fight. It should only be fast. It darts in fires a missile and then runs away and just does this until it’s time to reload. If an enemy plane has actual eyes on this thing then somebody is lost. This crap plane would not stand a chance against Russian dog fighters in close air battle. When the butte-heads in DC finally start WW lII, I think we’re going to the see worth of Russian fighters the hard way when all our overly complex crap is grounded and theirs is still flying. Yep, a lot of wasted money, no bang for the buck.

  53. Are those the same Russian "experts" that told us Ukrainian planes that allegedly downed MH17 were spotted on Russian radars?

  54. The most criticism I have about the US defense industry is that they make large numbers of aircrafts that's just wasteful spending. Manufacture a dozen and continue improving on successive models. We do not need large numbers of aircrafts or even Carrier task forces. We are in the Nuclear age — even Pakistan can blow Israel into nonexistence. We need a more peaceful existence in a contentious environment with an out of control Israel riding on US tax payers. Not once realizing Israel is within easy reach from Pakistan's nuclear arsenal – funded by Saudi Arabia. Pakistan also provided the Nuclear know how to North Korea and Iran.

    Bottom line – we all need to behave better to make it to the next ice age in 150,000 years. After that the world will be destroyed anyway.

  55. Correct me if I'm wrong, this is a personal observation. Basically, it comes down to Americas is the best because they spend stupid amounts of money. Russia is the best because they are more efficient with their money? So it's German cars (being American) and American cars (being Russia). I'll be honest the russian planes are freaking beautiful, but I'll always prefer the F-22


  57. Too bad our DOD does not have the humble and great insight and over all intuitiveness of these Russians. Who clearly if had as they said our bottomless $ pit, their T-50 would have been in mass production yrs ago, and is clearly a superior fighter in most aspects. Their entire build, design philosophy is way advanced over ours that is controlled by the extremely corrupt MIC. and one day that will be our downfall. i

  58. Thetequilashoopter1, I feel the same way , and find their AC's from the 29 and 27 and upgrades over the years beautiful performance wise and great looking too , totally different approach to building fighters than say us yanks, but nonetheless impressive . This interview was excellent as well and it seems only those who are actually doing the fighting and flying seem to give the proper creedence to their opposites in this game while all the politicians bad mouth those of their counterparts and nationality . (iam pointing my thoughts on a recent backlash over one leaders approach compared to the useless ,unrewarding ,antagonistic approaches of the past. You do more with truth and tactfulness than distrust and demands , another subject another time .Ive always felt that we as people , not the suits and politicians but us down here in the streets have more in common with the Russian people than maybe any other nation exceptions of the other western Euro nations but Id like to see a better arrangement ,you never know someday we may all need bto come together to save ourselves ……our very existence as human beings .
    Its the damn politicians mostly politicians especially those of a certain party but there's plenty of ignorance on both sides to be dealt with for sure Great video thank you much to the poster , Peace to all

  59. New video about SU57 (T-50) from popular channel Звезда Zvezda (Star), part1 can use automatic subtitle translator

  60. Most people don't understand that the aircraft, however mighty it might be, is but one component of many systems in 5-th generation reality. It's many components and systems all *linked together simultaneously in real time. Across a theater, across the world. It's Huge!
    F-22 which has absolutely no peer except the F-35 was discontinued because even it did not have all of the advanced 5-th generation capabilities built into it. F-35 does and more, so it made sense to drop F-22 and go to F-35 which will be built in the Thousands! Meantime 180 F-22 are no small thing.

  61. Blimey
    An intelligent honest appraisal.
    Last thing I expected when I saw f35 ,5th gen, russian in title.
    With more of this type of Russian reporting released rather than the usual bullshit propaganda we get, and the troll onslaught that's unleashed on this type of report maybe we can get some honest dialogue and a better understanding of each other.
    I'd rather have russian voice and subtitles than that horrible robot voice anyday.

  62. I wish we could all be friends , USA , Russia and China are very prideful of there counties and that's understandable . As I am American I have several Russian born friends that live and work here and we discuss this all the time, as we love our countries but it's pure political that stands in way of our counties being good friends , niether is wrong or right , as my Russian friends we get along great and laugh and have fun and same goals, World peace

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