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  1. husar uniforms were venetian slovak. just ugrofinic turkotatarian nomadic barbarian magyars took it later like they stolen everything venetian slovak including slovakian pannonia

  2. Not hussar but huzzar. Hussars (especially winged-hussars) was Polish military formation until XVII century, it looked like that I found 1 with Eng subtitles): The huzzars looks nice, times of Napoleon?

  3. Once again a good battle scene spoiled by cannonballs exploding on impact with the ground….. it didn't happen …… solid shot the most common would cut a swath through grouped infantry and fused shot would be primed to explode as an air burst scattering small shot over a large area.

  4. È la battaglia di Schöngraben del 16 novembre 1805. Siamo all'inizio di Guerra e pace e mancano due settimane alla battaglia di Austerlitz, nonché sette anni alla battaglia di Borodino

  5. Still think the best depiction of this battle was in the 1966 War and Peace by Bondarchuk.

    Russian line infantry of that era was plagued by lower quality powder so their volley fire was not as effective compared to that of French line infantry. It was common for them to avoid exchanging volleys in preference of a bayonet charge.

  6. Popioły Szarża w wąwozie Somosierra Charge in the Somosierra gorge

  7. Exploding cannonballs were used for sure in the 1600's. You want solid(no pun intended)proof? Stare at this find by archeologists…..

  8. What in the actual fuck? I'm ashamed of the fact that most of you haven't read this masterpiece. Jesus, that's unforgivable. Educational systems are truly failing. TROSKY YOU DAMN GOOSEBUMP READING PLEBS

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