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Russian Commandos Attempt to Intimidate Press: Russian Roulette

Russian Commandos Attempt to Intimidate Press: Russian Roulette

Hey difference leaders happy oh the flashcards destroyed so they took three from us destroy all of them and then the one with the throat on dude and it came in today okay three cars was taken from our gang called them destroyed like damaged with a knife probably and like there’s another one later the guy came with the car and show it to everybody like broken and they went into a room to do that way to say how did they get the cards of who we were when they’re to the fourth floor he came into room we know we went to the fourth floor to I was going on like a big group of people and this one is happening did they say anything oh yeah they said like we told you no but what they are looking for they’re looking for somebody with a gun probably because this is like what you know looks like you’re looking for somebody with a Gandhi it’s always a drill I mean they were the capital telling this but like which is not so usually us journalists have to chase after the news but tonight the news came to us a group of young men busted into this hotel the Musquin Simferopol and said that they were after something then they went up to the fourth floor raided some rooms busted some journalists memory cards and then said that they were acting on false information and disappeared apparently some of them might still actually be here we’re gonna go upstairs and have a look we’ve checked on every floor of the hotel and it doesn’t look like they’re here anymore so if I shared any formula that we met upon America Roland saw everything I missed everything what happened she’s a bunch of hacks here filing their stories by 8 o’clock and then about 30 men on the teeth with silenced assault rifles just walk through door and went upstairs and all the while these men were charging upstairs they clocked off every floor and appeared to be searching through different rooms I weren’t sure which rooms exactly they generally left journalists alone they confiscate a few memory cards from from about I think about four journalists who were photographing under the time I’ve got a bit irritated and eventually a guy shows up he was identified himself as a general Valeri Kuznetsov and me so he’s a defense minister living he said we got a call from the police to check some information so it’s checking it it’s false information and everything’s okay there any theories going around about what this might have been about yeah I mean it literally looked at first like they were definitely looking for someone but we all thought that they’re definitely looking for someone they’ve come here to either get some information or whatever on the other hand there is a sense of this hotel is absolutely full of international journalists so there’s also kind of suspicion of smuggling so I’m going to show a force maybe you

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  1. Anyone else not see the extreme irony in Russia calling the Ukrainian parliament 'neo-nazis', when Russia is a country with a law voted in by the Russian parliament that bans gay people from discussing homosexuality with teenagers as 'homosexual propaganda'….?

  2. you should put the subtitles on 35th sec where the armed guy says: ''I will shoot everyone, with time''

  3. It isn't legit based on article 135 of Crimean law which dictates the changing of Crimea's status cannot be overturned unless it is approved by Ukraine, the constitution Crimean lawmakers have not altered yet.

    Also Ukrainian law dictates any change of Ukraine's border must be decided by 80% of the states within' Ukraine's border so they have to consult every person in Ukraine.

  4. The journalists that were arrested are apparently swedish.


  5. So something happened, you're not sure what but you're happy to "report" it …
    It really feels like you needed to produce some footage and you had nothing better to show.

  6. Sure am glad the guys w/ automatic rifles and ski masks are there detaining journalists and smashing their equipment/photos so that the "facists" dont take control. 😉

  7. Crimea is Tatar Land ! fuck  vicetv, putin and obama

    Alaskans also prefer to be part of the russian federation and not the united States, would Obama let them vote? LOL

  8. I will just let it hang around here, have a look at this

  9. People call Ukrainian government fascists when all the fascism is being done by the Russians go ahead Crimea join the fascists. When u lose the right to protest you won't be able to become free from Russia. You won't like it but you won't be able to leave. You'll also find out about laws that are enforced more harshly than what it was in Ukraine. When all you pro Russians end up in jail for protesting you'll be forgotten in jail for many years because of poor maintained judiciary system in Russia. After all of this happens I will be the one visiting all you pro Russians in jail and with a big smile I will tell you "I told you so."

  10. Thieves don't think about the consequences when they steal. The Russian theft of Crimea will isolate Russia from the rest of Europe and trade sanctions will send Russia into a financial collapse. You better celebrate the land you just stole while you still have enough money to buy alcohol. Waking up from this hangover will be hell

  11. Hi guys, listen closely. What the bankers want is this, you ready?  They want both the western and eastern economies to be hurt by sanctions imposed against Russia. Then they want angry citizens of both countries to be bitter about the economic trouble to come. Then they want these same citizens to pump their fist in a fit of rage toward going to war against the opposite country. We've seen this play out in WW1 and WW2 and it will keep happening if we humans don't learn to stop being ruled and manipulated by material gain. We also should plant private gardens and store food NOW so if and when sanctions do affect us all, we will not kill each other or call for war against another nation

  12. 2:40 I didn't see any "silenced" assault rifles. Talking about shit you know nothing about makes you look like an idiot.

  13. что за бред? 3 бойца в униформе а один из них в куртке! Я уже молчу про ношение оружия ! читая провокация со стороны новой власти в киеве

  14. These men look big cuz they have a lot of cold weather gear on.  Media does not belong on the battlefield.  Well, at least Russia has an enemy who is brave enough to wear a military uniform.  In Iraq, on convoys, you see your enemy after the IED goes off.  Rules of engagement, make sure you are getting fired at before returning fire.  If you miss and hit a civilian, prison time.  That's when the media gets excited and points their cameras at the evil soldier.   People are on here talking about the Russian military being a bunch of criminals.  Every military has their bad apples. 

  15. i guess im asking the editors – could you feel that this was a provocation? because the events at the hotel seem so to me (after also watching the vids in my post below)…

  16. This has nothing to do with the Russian people, this invasion and land grab has everything to do with the expansion of the Putin Empire. There is no such thing as borders to him and he will not stop unless the West is willing to go to war and he is to betting the West will not with its current weak leaders. As long as Muscovites stand behind Emperor Putin, he will sacrifice Russian childrens' lives in the future and the death of they're parents today. There is no Russian Constitution, there is only Putin Constitution, even if there is a fair election and he lost he will claim fraud and not give it up. The only way Putin will step down is if he is put down in the ground or dumped in the ocean with Osama. Putin will continue to poison influential Russian and European individuals to death that are not on board with his sadistic ideas. It is not a coincidence that there is poisoning or killings of influential people that are nonmilitary in Europe. Putin knows he can get away with it, knowing that Americans wouldn't even go to war over the assassination death of John F Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy that was ordered by gaylord Nikita Khrushchev. There will never be a road to true peace for humankind as long as zoophile Putin is above ground. The rest of the Putinians will all have to be eliminated unless they pledge back to being Russians again and move the capital back to St. Petersburg.

  17. That guy here 0:34 said: "Блять! Всех расстреляю со временем.."
    "Fuck! Someday I will kill you all.."

  18. Это силы самообороны Крыма, причём тут российский спецназ?

    Врёте, товарищи.

  19. If you understand russian then listen carefylly in the 0:36th, where russian special force combatant says: better to kill them down…

  20. Journalists goes everywhere, anywhere, where normal people can't go, even where they aren't supposed to be and if they get caught they just say "I'm with the media, you can't shoot me" perfect disguise for a spy if you ask me. I'm not surprised if journalists are treated like that.

  21. you know what the prolly got a tip that there was some ukrainians secretly arming up in there to fight russians.. like rebells or something

  22. nothing new in the last 2 weeks?  nothing on the troop build up?  the authenticity of the election?  the Russian desire to make a trade block to rival the EU and with force if necessary to get new members?  so I take it that things are bad.

  23. )) what Russian spetsnaz ??? )) you on the form will look at us the ordinary soldiers of akobirova at times better )) lol . this is what clowns

  24. There is no other country in the world besides the russian government that caused so much destruction , genocide, terror and just poisoning my Ukraine thoughout centuries. Russia is the earths cancer.
    When terrorists captured the Nord-Ost theater , we were worried the same as the russians, when the school blew up in Beslan, we also cried for the kids as the russians and so on..
    And now, when we finally got rid of the corrupt government, with over 100 killed, they were cheering "kill those facists!" Yeah, haha, kill kill kill!! , when we are finally getting up from our knee's, they, like real marauders, seeing that we are weak, take our land.. and to all those idiots saying its america, illuminati, EU or whatever, get a fucking life .

  25. Thanks Simon, and greetings from Bangladesh.

    For the first time I'm watching all the clips part by part and getting the true picture.
    Hats off to you.

    The world needs more brave people like you.

  26. amazing style od reporting keep it up vice, please compile all these dispatches into one like your ambushed in sudan video

  27. It's amazing what actual journalism discovers. To everyone here, go check out RT and see how many dipshits are supporting or believing the bullshit that's been coming out of that channel recently about the Ukraine conflict. Vice, you guy's are the best at what you do, never stop. I and thousands of others are continually impressed daily from what you guys produce. Much love!

  28. Gen. Kuznetsov, commander of the Crimean 51st Independent Army.

    In 1941.

    Not only was that man using a false name, he basically went and called himself "General Patton" to a bunch of journalists' faces.

  29. Was that an AN-94 i saw there? Man these guys are getting the expensive stuff. Also silenced assault rifles? What use would those do? 

  30. im curious why you never did anything on the neo Nazis militias in the Ukraine.. its really strange for you as a Jew.. to be totally silent.. as is most of Jewish media in the US..

  31. Stupid fucking Vice,they are NOT commandos,russias commandos are smart enough to not act and do like these "commandos"

  32. "We are looking for somebody with the gun", another excuse to illegally search and confiscate flash cards and evidence of the shit that is going on with Russia's illegal take over of Ukraine

  33. Yup, those dudes were totally Russian.. you could tell by their ID that said "I am an official Russian commando".. the 1st guy walked Russian, and if you look close, the 4th guy had "Russian commandos make better lovers" on his shirt.

  34. Well, maybe if you were not in their nose, your equipment would not have been damaged. Lesson learned? Hope so. Easy.

  35. Where is the Ukraine army?Does with skimask are Ukraine armymen? Ukrainian women scared of rebels with skimasks, can you blame here?

    this war is weird…. only in small places in Ukraine are there war, but most of Ukraine is in peace… That what some Ukraine tells me..

  36. Hahaha good to bad they didn't beat your ass Ostrowski may its becouse they've seen your work and the way you like twisting the truth to suit your fucking story you're covering. Isn't it the American wait to add excitement where there is none. Fucking clown you're the worst journalist of ever seen in my life you clown.

  37. any ne criticize ng Russia/ Russian actions in Ukrain  need to check his mental health. They want to be out of puppet/ illegitimate gvt and everyone need to respect their desire instead of producing these cooked stories.


  39. I love vice don’t get me wrong but you do know these ppl can kill you and make up some shit right? Simon you push to much sometimes, be careful. Just being American is frowned upon w/ them.

  40. Как жаль, что украинцы были такие добрые и терпеливые. Надо было с первых часов появления пророссийской мрази стрелять и резать ее на месте.

  41. russian ukraineians are terrorists nurderers rapist thieves and corrupt ukrainian russians are terrorists murderers rapists and corrupt me i dont give a shit im just watching the war unfold im to busy playing minecraft to give a shit about what's going on in ukraine im just watching videos to watch videos you all look did the same atrocities anyway russians raped and looted there way across ukraine and ukraine soldies also raped and looted like do i give a shit

  42. i like how it says the commandos were there for a person or something and then one guy says it could be a show of force and then vice used it as click bait

  43. Well, it’s not just the American military that do what the hell they want, the russians do the same shit…idiots!

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