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Russia: Security forces gun down suspected ISIS recruiters

Russia: Security forces gun down suspected ISIS recruiters

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  1. This is how you deal with those evil sons of bitches not like they do in germany going as far as letting them rape your women and rob your seniors

  2. Russia showing her true colors to IS. No words, no talks, no negotiations with IS scum bugs but provide only END RESULT. Just suddenly appear in their doorsteps and annihilate them. Pure and simple. Putin is the real man. We love you Orthodox Russia. Greetings from USA.

  3. go on Russia kick some ass…. us paddy's are too lazy to do anything but we'll definitely buy ye a beer when yer finish.. sound lad's…

  4. Putin is highly intelligent, he knows what he is doing exactly! I have great admiration and respect for his person.

  5. I must have missed something, as I didn't hear a shot fired or see a body fall, just a bunch of Russian speaking soldiers directing trucks. Misleading title on this one.

  6. Im lost in those whole thing. Can anyone tell me which middle eastern countries Russia is conductinf ground operations in?

  7. Russia don't play. They're not worried about media blow back like USA is. Russian's are real hard knockers. They are for real. All hell is going to break loose.

  8. Obama's probably pissed off at Russia for killing his brother and friends I jump at rejoice for Russia hands off to them boys take no prisoners admirably use a flamethrower on some of them if you can shoot a couple of them in the ass god bless Russia land of warriors

  9. Do you understand now why putin is at 89% of satisfied peoples ? Hey barack. You are wasting your money. Your recruits are not going to jail, but directly to their 72 virgins…

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