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Russia: Battle of Rostov re-enacted for Victory Day

Russia: Battle of Rostov re-enacted for Victory Day

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  1. The WW2 German army was the best and most professional army in the world. What was the KILL ratio between German and Russian soldiers? Even when the Germans where outnumbered 10 to 1 they still killed more and in many cases even won. Sending wave after wave of people (some even unarmed) straight on against enemy positions until you just overwhelm them is not superiority, it's the well known stupidity of Russian military command of that time. (edited because of patriotards below)

  2. War is nothing to be glorified. We should remember those that fought bravely with sadness and respect. All you learned, all you have been perishes in one second, because one guy on the other end of the front pulled his trigger. War is bullshit.

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