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Royal Uk – Prince Harry’s military academy rocked by string of sex offences

Royal Uk –  Prince Harry’s military academy rocked by string of sex offences

 The staff, at Sandhurst – the officer training college attended by Princes William and Harry – have faced disciplinary action for offences that include sexual assault and theft  The Daily Star Sunday can reveal that in the last three years, several staff at the Berkshire base have been summoned before courts martial or secret hearings held behind closed doors  Officer cadets at Sandhurst are expected to adhere to strict rules on behaviour. But some of those overseeing them have been accused of common assault, misconduct through drink or drugs and violent and threatening or disrespectful behaviour towards a superior    One staff sergeant was given 42 days’ detention after being found guilty of “disgraceful” conduct of “an indecent kind” The 2017 case at Sandhurst – whose motto is “Serve To Lead” – led to him being demoted to the rank of corporal  An Army insider said: “Sandhurst is supposed to produce the creme de la creme of the Army  “They have the highest standards. e cadets are put through extremely demanding training and the absolute best is expected of them  “The fact some of the instructors can’t even seem to adhere to the strict rules is a huge embarrassment ”    Last year another staff sergeant at the academy was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a male officer cadet in Guildford, Surrey  Police said enquiries into the claims are continuing and the man, who was on conditional bail, has been released under investigation  Documents show staff at Sandhurst have also been accused of negligently performing a duty, contravening orders and failing to attend a duty  Details were released by the Ministry of Defence after a Freedom of Information request    The response by the Army secretariat said: “From 2015 to 2018 there have been 10 service personnel working at Sandhurst formally disciplined at court martial and summary hearing  “The reasons for discipline action included: common assault, sexual assault, misconduct through alcohol or drugs, failing to attend a duty, theft, disobedience of a lawful command, using violence, threatening or disrespectful behaviour towards a superior office, making a false record, negligently performing a duty, contravention of standing orders, dis- graceful conduct of a cruel or indecent kind ” An Army spokesman said: “Unacceptable behaviour is not tolerated and we have robust procedures for dealing with those falling short of our high standards ” It is the latest embarrassment for the college.  In February two officer cadets at Sandhurst were charged with battery after they were accused of waterboarding a fellow recruit  The use of the torture technique, which mimics the feeling of drowning, is banned in the UK  Earlier this year Olivia Perks, 21, a cadet in her final term, was found hanged in her room  She had allegedly been told off for failing to return to barracks after a party.    The news brings more shame on the armed forces, after a soldier at Kendrew Barracks, near Cottesmore, Rutland, was last week held on suspicion of rape  It followed six squaddies being arrested over a sex attack on a sleeping 17-year-old girl  And in January, eight troops from Kendrew Barracks were investigated following an alleged cocaine party

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