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Royal Marines: How to Iron your PCS Uniform Shirt (2/5)

Royal Marines: How to Iron your PCS Uniform Shirt (2/5)

okay so the first thing that we do is okay we get out a nice pair of scissors okay be careful you don't cut yourself okay we look on the shirt give a small bits of thread okay like here okay called Irish parents we need to chop off okay and we do that the whole way through the shirt things we looking for okay is along the main seam of the shirt okay and anywhere where they're stitching just making sure all those little bits of thread I've being chopped off can we do this the whole way for the shirt you can just discard those okay help you there okay so the first thing we do keep the grab our collar can place the collar so it's back the back of the collar is flat on the ironing board okay we grab our iron and press hard with loads of steam okay to flatten the collar okay from there we take a side of the shirt place it over so it's nice and flat all the way up to the stitching so the stitch in it runs alongside the side of the ironing board we grab our iron again we press the whole shirt okay so there's no creases left in the shirt can make sure you manipulate the shirt around the ironing board case you can get all parts of the of the shirt okay once you've done one side we were to the next side [Applause] okay ones with other sides put onto its back can we pull it over again so the seam of the back along the side is running up alongside the owning board came a grab a ride and eyeing again again manipulating a shot okay to the other side okay then we push it put it into the middle okay so we can get run at the back of the neck area keep eyeing up back at the neck okay want to slide it down into the shoulder blades in the shoulder area so we do to grab the shoulder side okay and lay it over and sure in okay that the shoulder is flat on the ironing board grab our iron and press the shoulder blades okay happy okay that's a shirt that impressed so now to move on to the collar okay the collar is one of the most important parts get off the shirt okay to press it nice and flat okay so it looks good so we do we put the shirt on nice and flat about half way over the island board okay and there's an important part here which is this seam okay of this bit of velcro here in the back of the seam can what happens is you put your finger across the seam and you fold okay the collar over okay so the collar runs along that seam with that velcro there pull the shirt along it's good we're going to press nice and high up in the collar okay once you've got it nice and flat okay grab your iron I'm going to press up the collar and this is where you need to lose loads of steam okay a bit of water on the sides but the crease is going to be and press okay so that's one side done you need to grab the other side okay again again you're looking for now the the velcro patch along the top of the velcro patch kind of folding over the top keeping it in place moving the shirt down so it can be pressed to grab a ryan again and press the collar make sure you use those esteem a bit of water where the crease is going to be to get a nice sharp crease get that's the collar done can complete once you've done the collar they're going to move on to the sleeves okay so first thing we do is get the sleeve nice and flat on the ironing board and iron it flat okay once we've got it flat we pinched the bottom side and the top side okay and the crease is gonna run okay straight up the top okay through the center get from point to point of the patch all the way up so there's a crease at the top of the patch above the top of the patch down the bottom of the pot and on the bat lost eye in the pocket turn the sleeve over and again we press side again okay we then do the same on the other side okay and that's the shirt pressed gains sure now the velcro patch inside well your rank side is going to be is all the way to the top okay we have one final check okay that there's no creasing it's from where you've been moving the shirt around if there are okay you just bring the iron-on okay and get and go over them you want you're happy okay you're then ready to fold the sleeves

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  1. I’ve legit ironed by collar crease in so hard but it still won’t stay as right when I put it on, and tips?

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