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Royal Hungarian Army officers' & generals' greatcoats

Royal Hungarian Army officers' & generals' greatcoats

hello again in this video I would like to introduce you to great coat of the Royal Hungarian Army's officers and Generals in the early Regency age army great coats were almost the same as the monarchy ones the most significant difference was the new greenish brown color the so called filled Brown of the fabric they were made from the base for all great coats in the Javiera was the enlisted coat this one was discussed thoroughly in the description in regulations then where they're mentioned any differences of other army great coats however enlisted coats are no subject to this presentation let's see what we have here an officer's great coat was made from fine coat fabric and had a length it ended at the middle of the shin of the officer the quartz collar was made as a fold-down one its tips rounded until 1940 the collars upper layer was made from dark coffee brown well that when a related regulation changed it to dark green fabric the leather version can be seen in this image on the collar we can find a five-pointed collar patch with a small that means 15 millimeters in diameter Bucky depicting the Hungarian sacred crown each side has shown the wearer's branch color it was made from the appropriate colored cloth or velvet the front side has six pairs of 26 millimeters gilded figured buttons and button holes for the buttons on the right side in wartime all buttons on the greatcoat had to be replaced by Matt Brown buttons used on enlisted coats the officers great coat has one covered pocket on each sides below the waistline for officers equipped with a saber the left pocket has an extra hole or the hang sabers handle and tassel to be left out and visible the backside of the great coat has a double wrinkle just from below the collar and the back is split into four the last 50 centimeters to make walking or marching free and unobstructed to closed it slid five covered small buttons and buttonholes are available above the slit a waistband with two large figured buttons can be seen all the edges on the front side the sleeve roll-ups the pocket covers and the waist bands have a piping in the same color as the color patches that is the wearer's branch color officers had no rank signs on their greatcoats until 1940 an observer could only decide whether the person in the court is enlisted an NCO and officer or a general in 1940 a decree to shoulder boats for great courts in order to let soldiers ranks be more easily recognizable when wearing a great coat as suddenly as they were ordered to be worn in 1941 they were revoked from order as another regulation came into effect with a cheaper method for signing ranks the new regulation ordered soldiers of any ranks to wear stripes on both sleeves of their greatcoats collars numbers and width of these stripes had shown ranks easily and unmistakably officer's stripes were made from gilded soutache NCOs wore silver stripes as I also have a general Scott in my collection I would like to show its differences from officers one as well with a comparison and some historical additives this code is a little bit special as it belonged to a military judge general not a simple infantry or artillery general and that's why it has alizarin velvet collar patches instead of scarlet red cloth ones as we can see generals great coats are made from even finer fabric they are usually private purchase made with great care by famous civilian or uniformed tailors they have a large scarlet lining instead of the cloth one and from 1928 generals had permission to leave the two upper buttons on their greatcoats unbuttoned to make declining visible it had to be something like this the color patches on the generals great coat were obviously larger than the officers ones with an embroidered laurel branch on the right side and an oak branch on the left side the size of the color patches has been reduced in 1941 though in 1943 larger patches came in use again the rank signs of generous greatcoats were also different from officers once they wore the stripes as lower rank person who did as well but also had a crown in an oaken laurel wreath above the stripes this granilith was usually embroidered on a piece of code fabric and soon on the sleeve but this coat has the embroidering in the sleeves fabric itself and that is another reason we can call it special for the infantry officers one has a nametag in the inner pocket the general's one has no such identification but rank and the size of the coal Apaches narrow the circle to two or three persons who could have worn it sorry folks that's all for today I hope you liked this short presentation don't forget you can subscribe for this channel and you're free to comment the video and you're welcome to share them too you may also like my previous videos you can find them easily in this channel anyway thanks for watching bye

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  1. I was wondering what the two thin gold bullion and 1 large gold bullion on sleeve of 1970;s great Coat means?

  2. I lived in Budapest for over a decade and collected and sold militaria, excellent presentation with both color imaging and information from Hungarian Army Gazette. Hungarian generals uniforms are rare, thank you!

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