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Rothco Shoulder Bags from

Rothco Shoulder Bags from

you a while back I did site and company camping survival calm in the main point about the video was to talk about all the great stuff included in their monthly giveaway package where they give you over $300 worth of product from the company but at the same time I also wanted to introduce the company to anybody who hadn't heard of them before it's a great company and a great source for all kinds of things related to both camping and survival but while I did mention that they have a wide variety of products available I do have to admit that my research didn't really go far enough for me to see just how much stuff they actually have and obviously the MRE type foods freeze-dried foods and cans survival foods were a primary interest to me because that's kind of the focus of my channel but it really is worth checking the site out just to see how much they have to offer near the top of the homepage of the website they do have a number of broad categories listed in each of these categories is broken down into more specific areas in the interest of trying to keep this video as short as possible I can't get into everything that they have but I will mention that the categories include paracord and accessories food water and MREs outdoors survival gear knives clothing and footwear fire starters first-aid and nuclear and survival kits and emergency so all of that brings us to today's video I recently realized that I needed some sort of a bag that I could use to carry all kinds of small stuff to and from work nothing major just a nice simple bag for every day carry kind of things actually what really happened was my wife told me that I needed to get a man bag and the idea of man bags has really evolved into something a lot more acceptable than what happened to Jerry Seinfeld when he was accused of being a fancy boy for carrying his purse or European carry all so I went to camping survival calm and I found two shoulder bags that seemed like they'd fit the bill for my needs I found them in the bags and backpacks tag under the outdoor survival gear and here are the two bags that I picked out they are the rothko concealed carry messenger bag in the rothko vintage black paratrooper bag I went ahead and ordered the bags but I figured it might be worth making a video just take a quick look at the bags and see what I got and see if they fit my needs so this isn't really gonna be a full review or anything but stuff kind of a quick look at a couple products available from a great company I'm gonna start with the I believe this is the vintage paratrooper bag and Rothko seems to be chemic survival coms main company they have tons of products made by Rothko they have all kinds of clothing obviously they have bags backpacks and camping equipment like canteens canteen cups a lot of the stuff that they have seems to be from Rothko and what I've gotten from Rothko so far has been good quality so we'll take a look at this one and of course I say good quality and I'm saying that in terms of something that's not gonna cost you a hundred dollars for something like this and uh let's see so it does have the the vintage feel it does feel like something you would find it get a UH an army-navy store as far as like surplus kind of stuff but of course it is obviously a commercial product it's not an actual paratrooper bag let's have a little bit of okay it's just a little piece of a sticker stuck on there let's see this is good size this looks like um kind of what I'm looking for we have the as a paratrooper values it has the front flap that's pretty large it's like a messenger bag basically and we have a fastener here so you can fasten that instead of like a military kind of a fastener it has a smaller little pouch on the front Mewsette foot like pencils and pens and whatnot if you're using it for work and has all these little loops for putting whatever you want to put in there get the front pouch buttons and then we have the main compartment and that is broken into actually we have the strap here there's a little low I'm just a below shoulder area and the straps of course are adjustable and inside looks like we have entry we have three compartments so we have two dividers and the main compartment we'll get rid of this let's select a pack here there's just a couple of them in years that's a bunch of mini so yeah it says roomy bag I mean the bag itself isn't huge that's kind of I was looking for something on the small side in this two dividers in the main compartment so that is the vintage paratrooper bag and that brings us to the concealed carry messenger bag you can see this one is uh right off the bat it's a larger bag and I don't want to give their prices it because I know they can fluctuate I don't want to give a price unless somebody say that's not at a cost but this one is basically between 25 and 35 dollars at the website depending on what kind of sales are going on as we can see right away that this is it has a look of a brand-new bag this one has a look of a used bag that's because it's a vintage style pre-wash for that soft vintage just look and feel and it definitely has that so has this one actually has the product on the card in front concealed carry messenger bag there's some information in there if you want take a look at that the dimensions an so this is another obviously messenger bag that's what's called a similar kind of thing as shoulder bag like the paratrooper bag this one seems to have a lot more features though we have a couple of closures for the for the main flap and we have a carrying handle a little top it's a little bit the other one didn't have so does have a carrying handle you can carry it around the go like a briefcase kind of a rectangular appearance anyway so it kind of is similar to a briefcase and inside we have two pouches in the front here which have such kind of neat has these um looks like buttons but they're actually magnetic buttons so they don't really so much snap into place as they do and have a magnetically go into place this also has little loops here these era Alaska size kind of other equipment you want to have on the up and inside when we have the strap take a look at that second and a main compartment there's another handful of silica packs and let's see I think this must be the doesn't get so this is the concealed-carry part so yeah the main compartment and then you do have one divider and it actually has velcro yep and this would be the concealed carry section which has has a velcro backing so I'm guessing that you know velcro a holster or something in there and has a loop over here I'm gonna be over here I'm sorry I know this is hard to really see any kind of detail since it's a black bag but and we have a couple more more features here I have a zipper at the top of the top flap and that's interesting that actually gives you access to the inside without having to open it up so if you don't want to undo your under your Clips here you can just go in through the zipper it's just two zippers to get inside so you have that and then the strap has some really strong looking plastic buckles here and it's a little bit more substantial looking than the going on the paratrooper bag I'm gonna guess that this is also it is adjustable on this side grommet holes here and these zippers on the back would be your access to the concealed carry compartment you can go in on either side and so that way you have access to that without having to go inside either through the front flap or the top there's multiple ways of getting in here and let's see the last thing it has this is also gonna be useful it has some side pockets again with the magnetic buttons I make it for a water bottle something that I'm gonna be needing to bring to work overall it seems to be pretty heavy-duty a lot a lot more heavy-duty than the paratrooper bag it has a little Rothko insignia down here and a couple more loops on the front and it also has this petted shoulder pad on the shoulder strap I think that's really about all there is of this one but uh looks like it's gonna gonna work fine I guess I'll try them both and it's gonna come down to UM to a size preference and I guess the last thing to do is to take a quick look at the concealed carry section do have this airsoft beretta that can just slide right in there yeah it's not bad then go into the front and if you have this strap down I mean it's not exactly hidden but you can have access to all your everyday stuff and live in the main compartment without having to worry about what's hidden in the concealed carry pouch so it was a quick look and a quick overview of a Rothko concealed-carry messenger bag and a Rothko vintage paratrooper bag and of course I forgot a couple things as I said it wasn't really a full review anyway but noticed on the vintage paratrooper bag that it does have these loops on the back to I guess you could put your shoulder strap on here and carry it that way I don't think I'd need to do that but it is worth noting and then the only other thing too was that the shoulder strap I was about to try it out and I noticed it really isn't a lot of room for expanding it it's kind of nice it has these elastic loops here or it's just not elastic but it has these loops here to put the the extra strapping in so it's not just hanging loose but as you can see there really isn't a lot of adjustment that you can make on this I don't think is a problem I mean it's already pretty close to what I need I just wanted to make a little bit longer so I think that's the only thing I missed on this bag in this one I'm hoping that covered it all pretty well so thanks again for watching and check out camping survival com

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  1. I’d guess you’re not looking for another bag, but if you do I’d strongly suggest the Hidden Woodsmen haversack. It’s a great bag and handmade by the owner using US parts and materials.

  2. Been subscribed to camping survival for a long time now. they’re very good company, nice review though.

  3. As the "man purses", seems like the main thing is size, 10yrs ago I carried a "suitcase with a strap" MUCH more acceptable😊

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