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Rothco pilot messenger bag

Rothco pilot messenger bag

hey guys Jeff here with the common sense camper straightening out my hat there a little bit hey I did a review on a Rothko bag I tell you what you know Rothko was new to me about well at least their gear three years ago I always bought my paracord through Rothko just seemed to feel they had the best prices and the best quality paracord on the market and I still believe that they do but I'm really starting to get into some of their gear and the reason for that is let's be honest you get into bushcrafting and outdoor style and you know just outdoor activities this this gear and stuff can really start to add up and cost a lot of money and the biggest thing for me is I want to be comfortable with the gear or the backpack that I'm that I'm using and Rothko has some really good deals out there on some products that you know are they Maxpedition or van quest quality absolutely not I mean you know you're buying a pack for twenty dollars versus something that's two hundred dollars but you got to think about how often you're really going to use that thing now I have a max of edition of Falcon two and I use that thing a lot and I take that for my longer trips but let's say I just want to go on a day hike with my kids Rothko really seems to be able to fit that need and be comfortable and reliable without breaking the bank so one of my other reviews I did on one of their smaller bags so this is their messenger bag and this is a larger bag and I'm kind of using this as a haversack these bags are very inexpensive you can get these online for as low as 17 bucks and let's be honest for 17 dollars if I put a hole in it or I tear it or something breaks on it I'll just buy another one I can meet I mean I can buy these until I'm a hundred years old and still only have half the amount of money that I would and a leather haversack that's a hundred to two hundred dollars now if you're bushcrafting and that's your lifestyle obviously you want a really well-made back but for most people like myself where I'm not out bushcrafting and teaching that lifestyle where I'm just going out every weekend maybe for a day hike or maybe an overnighter this fits the bill and it does really well so this is the pack I'm going to tilt this down a little bit walk around with it so you can see how it wears one of the nice things about this particular one is it has a really long strap now I will warn you Rothko makes a lot of bags where these straps are really short so you really have to watch that it's not a bad idea if you're gonna buy them online to call find out how long the strap is this strap here is about 50 inches long some of their stuff is only 32 to 36 so from from my my build it just it's too short and I like to wear this stuff lower but that's the bag on and then we'll show you a close-up here or the bag itself it has clip-on straps which I like because you can unclip this and put other items on these straps which is kind of nice some of Rothko's bags are sewn in and you can't you can't add anything to these it also has a shoulder pad I can swing that around here for you it's it's not much but it's enough I mean it's comfortable like I said nothing nothing real fancy but for what it is it works great has a little clip here for the main flap you just unclip that and open it up and then it has a snack pouch up front I'm assuming this is the pilots messenger bag I'm assuming that's for ammo but I plan on putting pencils pens flashlights stuff like that in these elastic bands you could also cut these stitching ways to make white white or bands as well but this thing has plenty of room in it and I I came out here today one thing I don't have in here which is I've already put up which is my 12 by 12 tarp but I have a now gene 32 ounce water bottle in there and then everything you could imagine I'd need my hankie my sharpening stone a small pocket knife in there some paracord small first aid kit a small cinch sack for collecting fire tender I have my Boy Scout cook kit in there my fire starting kit and utensils are in there I have my gloves my tent pegs my baka saw and down here at the bottom the bk7 and just so you know that bk7 sits on the bottom of that just perfectly it's almost like it was the bag was made for and it's kind of nice because if you put that at the bottom kind of keeps the bag a little rigid and like I said I already have the tarp up so it was raining out here earlier and I still guys I still have plenty of room in this thing I mean I can still put another sweatshirt in there a hat probably a sleeping pad with foot in here a second tarp I mean there's all kinds of room in this bag and so if you're looking for something inexpensive for like a haversack I would highly recommend this because again it's very inexpensive you know if you tear it put a hole in it or something happens to it it's under $20 I mean you just you can't go wrong with it so there you go this is Jeff with the common sense camper camping out

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  1. Is that the same as the Rothco Israeli Paratrooper Bag? If so, I'm thinking about getting one from

  2. Thank you for the video. I enjoyed your review. I just purchased this bag yesterday from my local Army Navy Store. I do not camp however I was looking for a roomy inexpensive messenger bag to carry books I may be currently reading, my travelers notebook , and sometimes lap top. There is more than enough room for any extras such as a water bottle or pens. I love the color. I am excited to see how it goes. Thanks again for your review.

  3. Bought one of these in 1991 at the Navy Exchange in Hawaii. Used it a lot for years! Finally fell apart after 8yrs.

  4. Hello, Sir!  I really like your channel and enjoy your very practical information.  I also enjoy Rothco gear very much.  I am thinking of picking up a very similar Rothco shoulder bag for the same purpose…an inexpensive haversack.  So far, my best Rothco purchases have been the wool watch caps and fingerless wool gloves.  Thanks again, my friend.  I am learning good things from your videos! -Dave

  5. nice, I thought it was going to be about the size of a military map case, but it's quite a bit bigger. you could sew a couple of loops or d rings to the bottom for attaching a tarp or jacket to the bottom outside. thanks for the video.

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