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Rosie the Deserter

Rosie the Deserter

you Rosie get down here someone is here to see [you]. Okay. I am coming Wait, who [is] that this is General Dwight Freeman? Pleasure to meet you well um what is he here for I’ve tried to make you behave But now I realize I can’t do that. So general Freeman is here to take you to military school Wait, what come along Rosie? I am on a very tight schedule. [I] hope you die dad Yay Freedom freedom freedom [Jung-ae] up two three four hup two three four [okay]? [Rosie] here is your bed you will go to bed at 9:00 and wake up at 5:00 After waking up you have one minute to make [your] bed then get to breakfast Yes, general freeman and turn that frown upside down in a few weeks. There will be a new rosie You know this place isn’t that bad? My name is Madeline Hi, Madeline. I’m Rosie. Now. We need to get some sleep. It’s best to get in bed before 9:00 What the hell is your [problem]? What are you waiting for make your bed and get ready? Yes, sir hug 40 minutes later Okay maggots. This is your first day of training Today we will be testing legs. Why aren’t you in uniform? [I] was never given one sir Go to the dressing room and get yourself a uniform sir. Yes, [sir] Anyone else missing anything No good, okay. Here is what we’re going to do We are going to start off with 10 laps around the camp 10 laps What is this gym class? What was that rosy um nothing sir just for that you get to run [at] an extra five laps? Any questions. No, okay start your running sir. Yes, sir I I can’t take this it’s too much. [I] gotta get out of here. Which is exactly what I’m Gonna do Yaaaaa [I’m] free Gerald Friedman we have a problem Really busy sergeant duper. What is it Rosie [escaped] camp? What should we do? Rosie escaped camp send three soldiers with you to look for her one for each direction. She may have ventured off – Yes, general Freeman Okay, you three as you may know Rosie escaped from military school and we are going [to] have to look for her I chose you three to help because you are the best military officers, I know Now I got orders from Jeffrey minh Sergeant Johnson you will be heading north Amanda Wesley, you will be heading south Corporal clay you will be heading the east and [I] will head West Everybody understood that sir. Yes, sir Now get moving go go go here. We come rosie This is horrible. [I] have no food no water and the military after me Lord Please help me find something What’s that a town? I’m saved yaya Oh boy. I am thirsty [wow], this Saloon doesn’t look very quaint at all One glass of water, please coming right up can I get everyone’s attention? Good. I am being hunted by some criminals, and I was wondering if any of you could help me hide Lol, like I will ever help a stupid kid let me check if I give [her] fuck Know how tinder can you help me no? I can’t but here is your water. I’ll help you Get over here little girl I am very black, but the people around here. Call me Blackberry. Why my name is Rosie. I? Will hide you from these criminals that are after you that is [hippier]. Will it’ll pay oh Well, I don’t have any money nan. I’m kidding you’re a little girl. I’ll protect you for free Thank you so much, Mr.. Blackberry. I don’t mention it. Hey bartender check, please Okay, Rosie. This is my warehouse you will be safe here Don’t answer the door for anyone. Do you understand okay? I will stay here I am going to the market [to] get you something to eat. You must be hungry. I’ll be right back This is working out just fine Sergeant Cooper will never find me Excuse me, but have you [seen] a little ginger girl around here. I’m so sorry I have not [oh], well. [that’s] okay. Can you hurry it up? [you] [are] holding up the line? Well, well, if it isn’t, blackberry Sergeant Dunn [Danke] long time no [see] No kidding. Why are you doing here? I am just [picking] up a burger for this little girl I’m protecting from someone’s out to get height Is something wrong doug come nothing can we walk through your house together. We need to catch [up] on some things Of course, but [I] need to take the birth in my hand to the girl on hiding. You can come along with me all right Let’s go huck. Where is Blackberry with my food? I am gonna starve to death Yeah, I am rosie Yeah, I got you a hamburger. [thank] you so much, Blackberry oh Rosie you will never believe I bumped [into] at the market my old friend Dunk oh shit Sergeant Duper Rosie you are under arrest for going awol [come] with me. Now now wait a minute. You [told] me a criminal was after you well, I am Enough of this you are coming with me Don’t come anywhere near me, or I will shoot you where did you get that gun? [I] found it in your drawer in Black Berry why the [hajin] you tell sergeant cooper. I was here I didn’t I swear I didn’t [know] he was the one looking for you You expect me to believe that you served me on castle No, barry my old friend Johnson Wesley, and Clay come in. Yes, Sir. Are you ver [I]? Need you three to go to xavier bill there you will find a bluer house I am being held hostage by the Escapee, please hurry up Understood Sergeant [Cooper] Sergeant Cooper come in I need to get to xavier [Ville] fast sorry Sergeant Cooper but you aren’t calling your soldiers and Now time to eat this burger Here we are xavier [Ville] Sergeant duper say something about a blue warehouse in this town. There’s a blue house over there We should look there first. [I] see it. Let’s take a look yum. That was a really good burger Especially since a dead guy brought it to me Stay down [you] are under arrest for going awol and killing two people Screw the military screw you three. Oh, shut up. You ungrateful girl Yeah, we serve our country and sacrifice [everyday] we have for you Rosie come with us. We have a big surprise for you Honestly, I am appalled With two counts of First-degree murder in going awol [I] sentence you Rosie Doris Boris to two life sentences in the New Mexico state penitentiary It wasn’t worth it. Follow me to your cell Guess what boys justice has been served Sergeant Duper was a great man He was like a son to me and let’s not forget private black a former soldier and a great friend as well May the two of you rest in Paradise getting hey [ha] I you there is

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