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Rolex Watches: Are They Worth It? Men’s Watch Review – Datejust, Submariner, GMT Master

Rolex Watches: Are They Worth It? Men’s Watch Review – Datejust, Submariner, GMT Master

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we discuss a hot topic not just in the men’s style world, Rolex
watches and whether they are worth your money or not. This video is part of our
Is it worth it? series where we review iconic products. Please check out the
link here to see all the other ones we’ve done. Rolex is definitely the first
brand to be mentioned when it comes to luxury watches. If you ask Joe average on
the street for a luxury watch, chances are he’ll say Rolex. In the men’s style
universe, Rolex are ubiquitous and I’m probably one of the very few men’s style
YouTubers out there who doesn’t own one, yet, maybe! We’ll figure it out after this
video today. So why is it a good thing? Well, I’m in the same boat as you are, not
sure I should buy a Rolex and I’m really not trying to sell you one, I’m really
just trying to find out if it’s worth it or not. I mean some people argue that
you have to be emotionally prepared to buy a Rolex, others compare it to the
equivalent of an engagement ring and in this day and age, it has almost become
something like a milestone or a marker of success to own a Rolex. I’m not a
watch fanatic, I like high quality things and so I can take an unbiased look at
the brand Rolex and see what they actually deliver for the thousands of dollars you
have to pay for them. So before we determine if Rolex is really worth all
the hype, let’s take a brief look at the history of the brand and how it came to
be. In 1905, the two brothers-in-law Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis decided to
import Swiss watch movements to England for other jewelers to put into their
watches. By 1908, they registered the name Rolex and opened an office in Switzerland.
Six years later, Rolex received the prestigious class A precision
certificate by the Kew Observatory. In 1919, the company relocated in its
entirety to Switzerland. In 1926, Rolex invented and patented the Oyster which
was the first truly waterproof watch case. I then 1940’s, Rolex watches became the
timepieces of choice for fighter pilots because they were a lot more accurate
and precise than what the military issued to them. So it doesn’t come as a
surprise that a Rolex watch was used to time The Great Escape.
During World War II, the Nazis confiscated the highly coveted Rolex watches from the
prisoners of war but Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, issued new watches for
free to prisoners of war if they asked for them. In an unusual financial move,
Wilsdorf decided to put all of his shares into a private charitable
trust because that way, he could guarantee that the profits of his
growing company, and he knew he was on to something, would go to deserving causes.
Interestingly, today, Rolex is still a private charitable trust and some people
argue that it’s mainly for tax evasion. I can’t really judge what the main
motivator is but it definitely saves a lot of taxes. In 1945, Rolex launched the
Datejust and the innovation was that it automatically changed the date on the
watch. Today, that’s not a big deal but back then, it was a big innovation. In
1953, Sir Edmund Hillary wore an Oyster Perpetual when he summited Mount Everest.
To commemorate this unusual achievement, Rolex issued the Explorer watch. A year
later, the Rolex GMT Master was introduced for Pan Am pilots so they
could keep track of two time zones. In fact, I am wearing a GMT Master right now. In 1962,
Sean Connery wore the Rolex Submariner in the Bond movie, Doctor No. Interestingly,
Connery would continue to wear the same watch on the next four Bond movies
exchanging the strap on them each time. Likewise, Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton
wore Rolex watches as Bond, Steve McQueen was also a big fan of the brand and he
wore a Submariner in his private life as well as in his movies. In 1980s, a flashy
all gold Rolex became the hallmark of success. In 2018, Forbes ranked Rolex is
being the 71st most valubale brand in the world.
Why is that? Well, in the modern era, I’d say that a lot of the success tied to Rolex
watches can be attributed to their superior marketing. On the other hand, their
watches have changed very little. It has become a mainstream status symbol with a
super high brand recognition that probably exceeds that of any other watch
brand. Yes, watch enthusiasts may argue that point and mention different
companies like Patek Phillipe or Audemars Piguet, that being said, Joe Average on the
street will likely only know Rolex and no other luxury watch brand. Also, if you
take a look at the most expensive watches ever sold at auction, three out
of the top ten were Rolex, including the Rolex Daytona from Paul Newman which
sold for over 17 million dollars. Today, Rolex produces about 800,000 watches
per year with an entry-level price point of $6,000 and an average price point of
about $8,000. Now that you know a little bit about the history of Rolex, let’s
take a look at the watches themselves. The first thing that really stood out to
me is that Rolex stays very true to their brand and they tweak their models
ever so slightly throughout the decades. The Datejust, the Submariner, the GMT
Master, yes, there are slight changes but throughout the years, you can always
recognize it as a Rolex and very little changes so stylistically, it’s a very
interesting approach. Of course, why would you change the winning team? On top of
that, because there’s such few changes, each model has quite a bit of history
and substance which helps to maintain the value throughout the years. In order
to determine if Rolex watches are worth it or not, I wanted to personally test
them so I got my hands on four of them that I had with me for over two weeks.
Honestly, I really didn’t want to commit to any of those watches so I bought them
vintage from Theo and Harris which is a trusted source online because I knew I
could return all the watches in case I didn’t like any of them. Also, I like
Christian, the owner, who has a YouTube channel and he’s very passionate about
watches, I am passionate about high quality myself so I like to
buy from people who share a passion for something. That being said,
buying vintage Rolex watches is risky because Rolex are one of the most faked
watches in the world. Because of that, the fakes can be really really good and only
professionals can see if it’s a fake or not. Because of that, I wanted to get it
from a source that has a reputation to lose, not just from some random eBay
store. So what Rolex watches did I get? Well,
first of all, a Datejust in stainless steel, 36 millimeter case with with a
light silver dial. Today, a new model retails for $8,200. This is a type of
watch you see the Effortless Gent wearing, the Modest Man wearing, He Spoke Style
wearing, I think Antonio from Real men Real style
has one too. It’s a super popular model and has a classic Rolex look. Vintage, you
can find them anywhere from $3,500 – 4,500 depending on the
condition and the amount of use. The second Rolex is a GMT Master with a
two-tone blue and red dial and a black contrasting face. It came with an
aftermarket brown leather strap. If you’re looking to buy the modern
equivalent, the Rolex GMT Master 2 with a stainless steel band, it would retail for
$9,250. The third Rolex I got was a little more unusual, it’s the model Date
and it’s originally a woman’s watch because it only has a 34
millimeter case width. However, personally, I like smaller watches and that despise
big huge watches so I just wanted to give it a try and see what it looked
like on my wrist. Unless you have a small wrist or like smaller watches, it’s
probably not the right watch for you but it retails for $6,300. Now, last but not
least, the fourth Rolex I got was a Submariner Date with a 40 millimeter
case which is a little thicker and bolder, there’s a black bezel and dial
and retails for $8,550. Even though these
four Rolex watches are all vintage, they look extremely similar to the current
version you can buy new from the Rolex website or any authorized Rolex dealer.
Unless you’re a Rolex expert who knows the differences by year or you really
care about a specific look, you’ll be happy no matter if you buy a new Rolex
or an old one. I mean just look at the difference of this Submariner from the
50s to this modern one, not that big of a difference, right? The
same is true for the Datejust. So what about the construction and the materials
of a Rolex watch? When you buy a Rolex watch, you get a Rolex watch. Basically
that means, it is designed, developed, and produced all in-house, nothing is out
sourced. The casting of the gold, the machining, the crafting, the assembly, the
finishing, all of it is done in-house. It includes the movement, the case, the dial,
as well as the bracelet. Now, if you think about it, with 800,000 watches produced
every year, it is hardly an artisanal product, it is a mass-produced product.
Probably, at least partially because of that, it’s not considered to be one of
the big three watchmakers which are Patek Phillipe, Audemars Piguet, and
Vacheron Constantin. While the big three focuses on handwork and
complications, Rolex produces a reliable robust watch. A Rolex has high quality
standards and they improve incrementally. From a watchmaker’s point of view, they’re
fairly simple compared to the of the Swiss watchmaking industry but
nevertheless, they’re a very popular watch. Also, most new Rolex watches won’t
set you back hundreds of thousands, just thousands or tens of thousands. So the
Rolex I got have the Oyster Perpetual movements,
it is a self-winding mechanical movement that is also certified as a chronometer.
According to Rolex, these movements are designed to ensure precision, reliability,
shock resistance, efficient self-winding, and ease of maintenance. Now, these are
very bold claims to make but in the marketplace, Rolex enjoys the reputation
of building tough reliable watches that don’t need much maintenance. So it’s more
than just a marketing gimmick, it is actually true. All the watches feature the
oyster steel which is a 904 L stainless steel. Rolex uses it for cases as well as
the bands. The 904 L stainless steel is so popular because it’s very resistant
and the finish stays in the same shape even though you use it in harsh
conditions. Rolex bands oyster bracelets and even though they are designed
to be very robust, they’re comfortable, at the same time. Now if you think about it for a
moment, stainless steel is an extremely inexpensive material. The 904 stainless
steel cost anywhere between ten and nineteen dollars a pound depending on
where you buy it in the world. That’s 454 grams for ten to nineteen
dollars. Now on the other hand, a pound or 454 grams of fine gold, right now, sell
for $19,400, so depending on what price you
get on the steel, that gold material is worth a thousand to two thousand dollars
more than the stainless steel. Ironically, in the used marketplace, stainless steel
Rolex watches seem to maintain their value much better than gold or gold and
steel combination watches. Now, Rolex produces a bunch of different watches
including a dress watch range which is called Cellini but it is not really well
known but what they’re known for is their sports watches or professional
watches. In this day and age, distinction between dress watches and
sport or professional watches is often overlooked. Dress watches were just made to
keep time and to look very elegant so they were often round, flat, and gold.
You’d wear them with suits or maybe your tuxedo or a combination. At the same time,
because of the leather strap, you could also wear it with a slightly more casual
outfit. Sports watches or professional watches, on the other hand, were designed to
create specific tasks. As I mentioned, one was for pilots, the other one was for
divers, and so forth. Because of that, they were built to be a lot more robust and
reliable under extreme conditions. As a consequence, sports watches were bulkier, thicker, and just more rugged than their dress watch counterparts. Because
Rolex’ most popular models are sports and professional watches, that’s what most
people wear even with their suits, sometimes their tuxedos or just their
general outfits. Personally, I much prefer the look of a dress watch with a
formal outfit. Maybe the only man who can break that is James Bond but after all,
he’s at work. Of course, in this day and age, dress codes are so relaxed
and you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want, but if you’re
interested in classic men’s style, I think the distinction between dress
watches and sports and professional watches is still relevant. So if you look
at my wardrobe, it’s really more formal than that of 99.999% of men out there.
Because of that, a stainless steel Datejust, GMT Master or Submariner is
probably not the best choice for me. Instead, a dress watch is probably better.
Now that you know a bit about the watches, as well as the history of Rolex,
let us answer the big question, is a Rolex watch worth it or not? To start, let’s
focus on the objective measures of a Rolex watch. First of all, Rolex are
relatively affordable watches. Yes, I said that and please hear me out. Of course,
not everyone can drop 6 0r 10 thousand dollars on a watch; it’s very
expensive and it’s a lot of money. However, relatively, to the luxury watch
market, it’s not all that much. Because of that, it is a safe bet if you want to enter the
luxury watch market. If you want to spend less than $6,000, you can
go with vintage model Rolex’ from trusted sources. Often, you can spend about
half the retail price on a vintage Rolex that looks extremely similar to the
latest model. So unlike with cars, where a 1960s model looks very different than
current model. With a Rolex watch, that is not the case. Two, Rolex is a known entity
in the market with a great track record of quality and consistency. Without a
doubt, Rolex has a long standing history. They’re not going to go anywhere in the
near future. That being said, if they were to disappear from the surface of the
earth, chances are the watch prices would just skyrocket. Their models stay around,
they just have slight modifications, and so you know that you’re not gonna have
an outdated piece that no one wants to have in a few years down the line. Three,
the servicing cost of Rolex is relatively low compared to other watches.
Yes, mechanical watches have to be serviced
in order to function properly and precisely over time. Now for a regular
watch like my 1930s Reverso, my local watchmaker recommends to service
it about every three to four years. That costs me about $250. With a Rolex,
you can wait probably five or ten years. My father-in-law has had his watch for
over 15 years and he hasn’t serviced it yet and it’s still going strong. Now if you
want your watch to be serviced, an authorized Rolex dealer with original
parts probably costs you 500 dollars and more but still, if you break it down to
service cost per year, it is lower than many other watches out there. Four, let’s
talk about investment. If you choose the right Rolex model, you can maintain or
increase the value of it even though you wear it. Generally, it’s a myth
that luxury watches are good investments. Oftentimes, you can spend 15 grand and
it’s just worth $3,000 a few years down the road,
however, certain models of Rolex watches, Patek Phillipe or Jaeger-LeCoultre have
proven to really hold their value or even increase it over time. So for some
reason, if you ever needed money quickly, you could always sell your Rolex watch
quickly. Now with that being said, you might wonder how is it possible that
vintage watches cost half of the retail price yet you recommend to buy a new
Rolex because it’s a good investment? Well, it’s just like a Steinway and the
retail price of a Rolex increases constantly throughout the years. For
example, let’s look at the Rolex Submariner no date which is the same as
a Mariner but without a date function. In 1957, it cost a hundred and fifty dollars.
If you adjust that for inflation, that’s about thirteen hundred and sixty-five
dollars today. Yet, the actual retail price for the Rolex Submariner no date
today is $7,500. On the other hand, if you look at
Rolex Cellini dress watches, they have a starting retail price of over
fifteen thousand dollars today yet you can find a lot of those watches for
three or four thousand dollars in the used market space. So obviously, that
Rolex watch has lost a lot of value, therefore, I would argue, unless you’re a
professional, watches should not be considered as an investment in the
traditional sense. At the same time, it is not that difficult to
figure out which models have historically maintained their value or
increased. So if you buy classically styled Rolex pieces, these are watches with a
great track record that have shown to maintain or increase their value over
time. The Rolex Daytona watch is probably the one that gained the most
value over the years and ironically, initially, no one wanted to buy it but
today, they’re very expensive and if you want to learn more about the watch and
its price developments please check out this guide here. Now on the other hand, if
you look at great watches like the Yact-Master, the Air-King, the Explorer,
or the Milgauss watch from Rolex, they’re all great timepieces yet they
don’t maintain their value as well as the other five I’ve mentioned before.
Also,if you purely look at the value from a monetary point of view, stainless steel
watches from Rolex are the way to go. Now, the two-tone watches in stainless steel
and gold are much more subject to fashion and as such, they’re less
desirable and fetch much lower prices even though the retail price is higher
than the stainless steel version. Now generally speaking, Rolex watches made of
all gold or platinum are also not as good in maintaining their value even
though the retail price is much much higher than a stainless steel version.
That being said, an all gold Rolex Daytona still probably will be a great
performer but then it all comes down to specific models whether it’s a limited
edition and so forth. A steel Rolex and the five models mentioned, on the other
hand, is a very safe bet. No matter what Rolex you get, it always pays to keep all
the paperwork, all the boxes, and the original receipts because it will
increase the resale value of your watch. For example, you could have bought a new
Rolex Submariner model 14060 M in 2010 for $3,800, you could have
worn this watch every day and if you decided today that you wanted to sell
this watch, they usually go between $6500 and $7000. So you would still probably
almost double your money even though you’ve worn something for almost a
decade. Now, think about pretty much any other thing from clothing, accessories,
or cars, there’s hardly anything that maintains the value like the right model
of a stainless steel Rolex watch. So from an objective point of view, I
would say a Rolex watch is absolutely worth it if you get the stainless steel
in the right model. That being said, the objective matters are only one part of
something being worth it. When it comes to a Rolex, there are psychological
things that play, emotional things, and subjective things. If you’re looking at
buying a Rolex from a pure investment point of view in a sense that you buy it
new, you lock it away in a safe, you don’t touch it, you don’t wear it, then I think
there are other more traditional better investment vehicles for you out there. On
the other hand, if you enjoy wearing your Rolex and you enjoy looking at it, then
it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. As I mentioned before, consider the rest
of your wardrobe in the look, for me personally, I think a Rolex Cellini
would be better because I would enjoy it more and would be able to wear it more
often with my outfits which are more formal. Finally, let’s talk about Rolex as
a status symbol. I believe there are very few things under $10,000 that carry the
same weight and status as a Rolex does. It absolutely has a reputation as a status
symbol in the business world and outside but it also goes both ways. For example,
if you’re an intern at a law firm or anywhere else and you show up in your
dad’s gold Rolex Daytona, that may actually work against you. In that case,
it’s not worth investing in one if you piss people off. On the other hand, if you’re
closing million-dollar deals left and right, a Rolex is a good indicator of
success and will probably help you make more business than a Fitbit would. I’ve
talked to quite a few people and they definitely said when their counterpart
saw the Rolex on their wrists, they were taken more seriously.
Now that being said, always keep in mind that chasing status symbols can be a
slippery slope. A Rolex may work initially in your favor, however, if it
turns out that you have a Rolex watch but you drive a 1988 Ford Taurus, people
will eventually see through that and then they’ll be disappointed in you
because they feel tricked and nobody likes to feel tricked and if they feel
tricked, they think of you as a fake or maybe insecure or a fraud and then the
Rolex is actually hurting you not helping you. On that note,
OJ Simpson supposedly wore a fake Rolex during his murder trial. So in
conclusion, is the Rolex watch worth it? I would say yes, if you enjoy wearing it.
If you get a GMT Master, a Datejust, a Daytona, a Submariner, or a Sea-Dweller in
stainless steel, if you like the kind of look of it and it goes with your
wardrobe. So if you’re now considering buying a Rolex on your own, stay tuned
for another video we will walk you through buying your very
first Rolex. In today’s video I am wearing a Rolex GMT Master with a blue and red
dial and a black face in stainless steel I also chose cufflinks in lapis lazuli
with the sterling silver and a carnelian in Sterling silver because they are red and
blue so it works well is consistent with my watch my jacket is a double-breasted
petrol blue fresco jacket that is part of a suit here I’m wearing it with a
pair of dark brown and white seersuckers and a woven leather pair of
penny loafers it’s a very summery combination because of that I added a
white shirt with a knit tie in a mottled gray which is from Fort Belvedere and
you can find it in our shop here just like the white Italian linen pocket
square with hand-stitched or embroidered little dots which works well
with my outfit it picks up the white of the shirt as well as the blue of the GMT
master and my cuff links

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  33. Everyone’s putting Patek against Rolex. It’s not an either-or. It’s both. If you really love watches, you cannot discredit Rolex’s double sticker market value. And you cannot deny that Patek is horologically superior than Rolex. Nevertheless, they coexist. As a watch lover, I’d love to own them both.

  34. Rolex watch: No Thanks, I'd like to keep my arm LOL I have a Bulova Precisionist Champlain dress watch that I get alot of compliments on. For work I have a few G Shock watches. I actually like the G Shock brands, they are comfortable and can take a licking.

  35. If you spend a lot of your money on a Rolex because you are interested in luxury watches and you enjoy the look and the quality, it’s totally okay, I mean if an expensive car is not important to you, or you don’t have a car at all, you don’t trick people. Everybody can spend his money on things that are important to him! Wearing a Rolex does not mean you need to own a special car as well, everyone will understand that

  36. For 6k I hope my watch have gold and a diamond…. because I get bored of watches and shoes. I need like 5 cool mid range instead of one very expensive.

  37. Nicely done. I agree that those tool/professional and sport watches are too casual for your typical wardrobe. That being said, perhaps they’d be a good weekend watch for you? Otherwise, perhaps you should also consider dress watches from other brands instead.

  38. Finally! You cover watches!

    And for your personal collection, I think a Rolex is fitting for your style, as even Modern Rolex haven't changed much in design, so they're very much rooted in vintage style and design.

  39. Hello Sven, thank you for the video. The part of you GMT Master that is red and blue is called a bezel. The part that you call "face" is called the dial.

    Also, there is a big difference between the construction of vintage watches and modern watches, just look at how the bracelets are engineered nowadays compared to back then, it really makes a difference.

  40. Just bought myself a Yachtmaster to celebrate a career year, 21st anniversary and my 45th bday! Looking down at this watch is a great reminder for each of these benchmarks.

  41. Good video! There are a lot of other brands that will offer more quality for the price, but I still like Rolex and feel it's worth it.

  42. I really love the design of old Rolexes (such as Oyster worn by Charlie Chaplin for example) and assume that some time ago the company was really ahead of the rest in terms of _watchmaking_, not decorating cases with rainbow-like diamonds, but now…

  43. Unless you need a status symbol, no. There are many watches that look similar from reputable companies far under that price.

  44. 9:26 Can you elaborate on this, I'm a bit confused.. so Patek Philippe and the other two are artisanal watches, not mass-produced? How many Pateks are being made a year?

  45. As a huge watch geek and seller of vintage watches this is as accurate and close to the ball I've ever seen video from a "non watch guy" good research

  46. Great video thorough and smart. I'm just not a "Rolli" guy. Like Hennessy, Gucci, and "Beamers" Rolexs have been ruined for me by the hip hop rich. There are other affordable vintage names out there that say all the right things without having to worry about getting jacked for the Air Jordan of watches. To each their own though.

  47. Please show us more of your Reverso. I love that watch too. Understated and timeless. Been considering a Reverso vs the Rolex Explorer. The Explorer is more sporty than dressy whereas the Reverso is more dressy than sporty.

  48. So now the real question is….are you keeping all of them? Great choices and they all fit your style very well. Congratulations!

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