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Roles in the Corps: Military Police Officer

Roles in the Corps: Military Police Officer

As a Military Police Officer, I do garrison
law enforcement and typically I enforce the rules, regulations and laws, both federal
and state, and the Marine Corps orders regarding behavior and conduct here on this military
installation at Camp Pendleton. My day-to-day duties involve really two sides. One is being a platoon commander for approximately
60 Marines and the other is using those 60 Marines to accomplish a mission of providing
safety and security to the installation here at Camp Pendleton. If I’m gonna dedicate my life to something,
I wanted something significant and important. And I found the Marine Corps to be the most
important thing I could find. If I had to talk to someone who wanted to
join the Marine Corps and specifically focus on military police operations, I would say
that they would want to be very sure that they would like to do both the field side
of the house and deploy, go to countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, and to do the missions
that are needed there, as well as stay on base and to provide safety and security in
the garrison environment.

Reader Comments

  1. I want to be military police in the marine corps and the recruter said i wouldnt be deployed overseas because of being an mp. Is this true?

  2. i hope to be either a marine military police or embassy guard(: also, does anyone know what kind of holster the military police uses?

  3. I just want people to know. No job in the marines is "safe from combat" the likelyhood is alot lower from some mos but if deployed you need to know if shit goes off that gun is comming out. Every marine a rifleman

  4. Every marine has infatry training. unless the base you are one gets attacked or a shit done get killed. your name is going to be called.

  5. if the requirement is 50 in the asvab for mp then I hope I get higher than a 50. I just took my asvab on thursday.

  6. I spent eight years of my Marine Corps career as a 5811. I worked both Garrison law enforcement operations, and deployed in support of the 1st Marine Division operations in the middle east. I truely enjoyed my time as an MP.

  7. You better give up on that opium dream of becoming an MP under Zoobamanation law we do not have a government or country or a law and MP badge boy does not have a job he can not enforce law take a look at UTB REPTILIAN Hillary Clinton eyes, Bush, Zoobama its obvious zoobamanation of office no matter what you had done they can't trial you. Only way soldier badge boy could possibly be a world hero is to march into White House do a armed force medical examination apprehend the zoospects and destroy them. But I know the military they are. cowards design to drop their guns and run at thought of betraying their tyrant latrodictators it always comes down to me to be the gallant valor hero!

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