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Roles in the Corps: Infantry

Roles in the Corps: Infantry

I am Sergeant Dues. I am an 0311 Infantry Rifleman. And I’m one of 2nd Platoon Squad Leaders. Short story, when the guy’s out there with
the rifles, you know, boots on the deck, we’re the ones going out there and doing the patrolling
day in day out. A lot of stuff we’re capable of doing. Anything from being on foot. Basic security patrols, we can do recon patrols,
we can go out there, hunt down the enemy or, and then you can throw us in the vehicles. We can patrol in vehicles, do some of the
same things with trucks that we can do on foot. We have to know down to the smallest level,
a large spectrum of things. I think what separates us the most is basically
our level of training, our level of dedication. My Marines, the Marines that I train, I want
to teach them the basics, the fundamentals, the things that are going to be there to save
us in case, say, that GPS goes out, the radio goes down. In the infantry, we have to depend on one
another. We form a brotherhood throughout training. I have to rely on my team leaders and make
the right decisions when I’m not there. Preparing not only myself and my Marines,
it’s a long task. It’s something that can never be said, hey,
you’re done. You’re finished preparing for this. To me and to my Marines, I think that training
is something that you’ll always continue and you can always learn something every day. The Marine Corps has got a warfighting doctrine
that talks about the preparation for war, that everything we do now is going to translate
into what we do when we actually operate. That holds so true. We’re capable of being sent anywhere on a
short notice. We have to be ready for, not only the kinetic
fights, the wars that are going on now in Iraq and Afghanistan, but we have to be ready
for any other types of stuff. Maybe it’s humanitarian operations. So we have to be, not only ready to do the
jobs that we came in the Marine Corps with, but we have to be able to learn. We have to be prepared for anything else that
can come down the pipe at us. My last deployment in Iraq, there was about
18 Marines and we were partnered with an Iraqi Army division of about 700 or 800 soldiers. Now, we were partnered with them, slept with
them, ate with them, patrolled with them, and that was definitely a great experience. When we were actually operating, that’s why
we do so well, because we’re out there fighting for the brother on your left and the brother
on your right. I love being a US Marine. I love being able to say that I’m infantry,
I’m the one with boots on the deck. It’s one of those pride things. I’m proud to do it. I truly am.

Reader Comments

  1. @TickleMebird yea you will be tought infantry skills tho be a mp its the same thing as infantry damn near & it might even be better because it translate to the civilian world …..

  2. @MrRucknroll Not true. Some marines who arent in the infantry see more combat than infantryman. All depends on the unit. The infantry is a lot of wasted time which pisses off a lot of infantryman, then they go talk shit to other MOS's. Its cool to just joke around but once you start believing that just because you are in the infantry you are better than the others, you are just insecure.
    Poolee -03XX infantry

  3. I want to join the corps when im 18 go to the reserves be in college through the ROTC and get out and be an officer

  4. Infantry doesn't see much action anymore, mostly it's just shooting at a general direction. No one will go toe to toe with the US military anymore, the days of conventional warfare are in the past, welcome to insurgency.

  5. @MadisonLibbyTrent No, the Department of Defense (DoD) prohibits women from entering combat arms mos. So, no. It could change however, but i havent seen any signs of progress.

  6. I am a grunt in the Marine Corps. 😀 Alpha Co Class 1-12!!
    Got any questions about Infantry training? ASK ME! 😀

  7. @TickleMebird May not be able to be infantry but you can do a hell of a lot more to serve and save your fellow Marines.I would be so greatfull to be a Marine but im Irish so I have to wait.

  8. i enlisted a few days ago and i want infantry really bad… but my recruiter says its full at the moment idk what to do -.-

  9. got 2years till i enlist:) been wanting to be a marine sinc ei was able to talk there my heroes proud brother and son of marine:)

  10. I'm 15 right now, I want to go in when I'm 18, but I'm in 10th grade. When should I start talking to a recruiter for Infantry in marines?

  11. Talk to the army recruiter too. Because it is hard getting a job that you want in the Marines, they give you what is available. Infantry isnt very available right now even less when you're old enough since the war is dieing down. In the army you can pick your job compared to the marines.

  12. Am enlisting in a week, got incredibly blessed to snag the rare Infantry contract. I knew it would be nearly impossible. Don't give up on your dreams ya'll. Shipping out on July 8th for San Diego.

  13. @stratassassin I totally agree.  I'm an 0311 and I will forever thank the Marine mechanics who made improvised armor on our trucks because we never got armored trucks, the female cobra pilot who covered our asses multiple times, the Air Force C-130 gunships providing air support all night long, the only four Abram Tanks we had giving us superior fire power for 3 days straight, and the HQ Marines dropping off ammo and water to us while under-fire — back and forth. 

  14. @FreshBoi_Dee that's not true. I can;t even get one because their just aren;t any contracts available. Most people seem to want infantry; it;s to the point that even scoring a 99 on the Asvab, I can't even get one.

  15. I enlisted in the delayed entry program and I am still a senior. I chose (AG) aircrew, but I am really thinking about changing to infantry. Any tips or advice?

  16. How often do 0300's perform formal or "graded" road marches (or humps)?? Also, what are the longest humps that 0300's have to do??


  18. Being in the army or the marines, and not being in infantry…

    Is like being in bed with the hottest girl you know, and all you do is cuddling with her!

  19. Just an observation. Why are the Marines shown on the video have Forest MARPAT clothing while at the same time they have a Desert MARPAT helmet?

  20. Wish I could join but I broke my ankle and now it always cracks and hurts when I walk. Life isn't fair

  21. It's good to be a grunt, but without logistical support personnel who know and do their jobs well, the grunts go nowhere. As Napoleon purportedy once said: "An army travels on its stomach."

  22. Shipping out for Paris island July 8 for infantry, gonna be the best time of my life, my family makes marines I'm ready to become the next

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