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  1. Thanks for posting.  Hate to break the news, but this truck is a Deuce 1/2, not a 5 ton.  The Deuce can carry up to 5,000 lbs of cargo (2 1/2 Tons).  Looks like you are having a great time…have fun!

  2. The diesel engine could use 100% unrestricted air flow and also a major uptune to squeeze out more mpg's and horsepower out of it. Turns out that all Military Diesel Engines were deliberately made to not ever achieve their full potential. Generals at Pentagon were afraid that our boys would be having way too much fun in them on the battlefield. That includes the semi trucks as well !

  3. I wouldn't touch anything on this! If you painted it over, it would take ALOT from value from a collector standpoint

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