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Roebuck Stalking in Cornwall

Roebuck Stalking in Cornwall

The Cornish countryside is truly a sight to behold, featuring picturesque rolling hills and valleys. It’s a hot summers evening and this provides a perfect opportunity to be out stalking Roebucks. this is not the first time I’ve come out
stalking with Chris Gayle and it doesn’t take long to find our first deer. A doe and a kid meander out in the field in front of us. It’s great to see deer out
feeding particularly the next generation coming through. It’s my first outing with
the Sauer 100 Pantera fitted with the latest generation Hawk frontier 2.5-15
x50 scope. The doe is not disturbed by our presence and continues to sit out in the long grass as we move on in our attempt to find a buck. Chris puts a huge amount of time and effort into scouting. He knows his ground intimately, where the deer are and their likely movements. it’s a testament to the work he puts in. There’s a stiff breeze but it’s constant and predictable. Chris has previously spotted a buck roaming around close to this area, we are keen to catch a glimpse of him. Today the hard work is taken care of by the Hawke Frontier EDX 10×42 binoculars, which offer the perfect balance between weight and optical performance when out stalking on foot. We decide to sit out behind a wall that provides the perfect vantage point to overlook the field below. overlook the field below that’s where
Chris believes the deer will be located. Patience is key here. I use the Endurance LRF 1500 rangefinder to give me the range data for key landmarks within my arc of fire. This will allow me to make a quick shot if the opportunity presents itself. Unfortunately we haven’t spotted any bucks and head back to scan the fields behind us for any deer that may be out
grazing it’s important to scan the fields and
margins for signs of movement as the deer are constantly moving around
particularly now the evening is drawing in. As the evening comes to a close you
spot a beautiful young six-point buck being followed by a young doe. He needs
more time to mature and so we wave him a fond farewell. Its been a fabulous evening, but its time to head back and we’ll try our luck again in the morning. The next morning we head out early. The conditions are very different this morning with little wind and a thick covering of fog. This makes things slightly trickier. Chris is confident we’ll see a buck here that’s made this valley is home for the past few weeks.
This is where putting the time in with your reconnaissance really pays off. We spot a chestnut colored patch in the valley below and we’re pretty confident it’s the buck we’ve been looking for. We make our way down the hedge line using
the wall to cover our approach. Using the Pulsar XQ 30 thermal imager we can see
the buck is accompanied by a doe. This gives us another pair of eyes to try and avoid. We can see that the doe is feeding on the edge of the patch of
thistles and we know that buck is not too far away.
Using the bushes as cover we make ourselves as small as possible to get
into an advantageous position. The dry stone wall is overgrown with turf and
offers the ideal platform from which to shoot The beautiful six point buck is making
its way up the valley in pursuit of the doe, but has lost sight of it as she’s
jumped the wall. The buck steps out and offers a perfect opportunity to take the shot. One perfectly placed shot and the buck
drops on the spot. Well, Chris, you’ve done us proud again,
thanks ever so much, what an amazing couple of stalks. Yes, that worked out perfectly really. It did in the end but its been a bit challenging. When I come stalking down here with Chris it’s never straightforward, there’s always
some form of either weather condition or environmental issue
or the traffic just getting down here to the Southwest Peninsula, it can be
pretty tough but it’s always worth the effort. Now we came out last night and
we’ve been seeing a lot of deer. Now there’s doe absolutely everywhere
and a lot of young bucks, you got to be pleased with the population here?
Yeah the population is doing well if anything they mainly need to
trim back a little bit on the doe’s but overall all healthy, good young bucks coming through. Yeah, and like this one, the bucks we are seeing a really good
quality. We came last year we knocked a couple of cull bucks down for you but
we weren’t seeing the the bigger typical six pointers. But here even the
youngsters are looking really really strong so so what is it about this area
that grows big Roebuck? I think it’s just that they’re not disturbed. If a deer is
allowed to eat then it will eat and it will become a healthy deer, if they’re
pushed around and disturbed all the time they’re not gonna want to eat when they
want to eat. They’ll feed it during the hours of darkness which is not enough
time for them. I think that’s a lot of it is just having settled deer helps
a lot with the heads. It’s been beautiful the last night it’s
all a lot of deer we moved around beautiful summer’s afternoon you know
good for my hay fever as well and then this morning once again still a lot of
deer and then just what we have a look here and the fog came out. But you just
know where you deer are how important is the reconnaissance and putting the time
into the ground to figure out where these deer are? You’ve got to do it, it’s no
good going out on a whim thinking oh there may be a deer though you know you’ve got
to put your time in or what you end up with very disappointed customers. Yeah,
but it is great when you see a decent buck it’s great when you get into
position and then he did the work for us. There was a doe down here with him that
kind of started taking him up the hill now we were a little bit worried because a
doe came across the hedge into our side of the field and you panic a little bit
thinking it’s going to screw it up. Got around the corner and there’s a doe 15
meters in front of us. But she was looking back he was looking up and actually she
brought us up to him and he stood there perfectly with for what seemed like an
absolute eternity. It did feel like two or three minutes but he stood there perfectly for us. It was probably 15 seconds but when your hearts beating and
everything’s really exciting, adrenaline’s up it feels like a lifetime but he stood proud for us. First shot straight down it’s my first time out
with a Sauer 100 Pantera, fitted with the Hawke Frontier scope. That worked
well, of course, Hornady 150 grain .308 ammunition always works really well for me. So I think the combination worked well, the stalk was fantastic and we just want to say thank you very much indeed again. Now it’s not for breakfast
I think.

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  1. Why the hell are you wearing ear defenders when you have a mod on and are only likely to take one shot😂 don’t tell me it’s to enhance hearing either because I have a set of pelter 300s😂

  2. Great example of a heathy roe. Sad I can’t hunt locally with a bow. About time we focus on getting bowhunting back on the approved weapons list. IBEP hunters are skilled trained and qualified.

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