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Rocky S2V – Style #101

Rocky S2V – Style #101

this is the S2v model 101 the most
popular combat boot on the market today there’s three main features that I like
to point out on this boot the first is the cup sole which eliminates ankle
injuries it’s an ankle roll stop feature your foot sits in the sole instead of on
top of it the second main feature is the ventilation system this ventilation
system allows a 360 degree airflow within the boot itself you can totally
submerge this boot and within 45 to 60 minutes of walking thoroughly dry your
foot the last feature I’d like to point out is the triple stitching and the
antimicrobial features within the boot triple stiff stitching so that you don’t
have any stitch wear or popping once again and deployed scenario we all
understand that boots do fall apart but this triple stitching will allow you to
have an enhanced wear on this particular boot it’s antimicrobial treated so once
again in times where you’re out of garrison for extended periods this will
help you maintain any type of foot fungus that you may come in contact with
once again this is the rocky s v 101 it comes in tan sage green coyote brown and
black steel toe and insulated

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  1. Will you guys ever make a non-insulated version of the Gore-Tex waterproof boot, as opposed to the walk em dry system? I wanted to pick up a pair, but it would be a pain to wear them in hot weather. Would be cool if you looked into a non-insulated gore-tex version of this boot.

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