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Rocky C4T – Style #1070

Rocky C4T – Style #1070

this is the Rocky c40 trainer built for garrison
and light-duty use comes in tan, coyote Brown, sage green and black this
particular boot weighs in at 15 ounces which is one of the crowning features
another feature that the user will find very helpful to the comfort of this boot
is a enhanced insole it’s the airport footbed which is utilized in our most
popular s2v combat version it’s four millimeters thicker than the traditional
DoD footbed it’s got a sewn on front toe piece so that you’re not going to
experience sole separation it’s got a large kick portion in the back of the
outsole when you kick your boots off you’re not going to peel off the sole
it’s got a great ventilation system as you can see by the port on the out
portion and the inside portion it dries extremely quickly it’s got a 550 cord
lacing system which is will last you for extended periods now it’s a two pole
system it also has a padded collar so that you can experience comfort within
the back of the shin area and the front portion as well and it’s got a
ventilated tongue for enhanced drying during wet operations this particular
boot can be found on Rocky boots comm once again it’s a c40 trainer

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  1. I just got a pair, but they make an annoying popping noise with every step I take because of the material folding/bending on the sides. lol

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