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Rocky C4T – Military Inspired Duty Boot Style# – RY008

Rocky C4T – Military Inspired Duty Boot Style# – RY008

the rocky c4t military-inspired duty
boot is extremely lightweight but designed for rigorous work the
eight-inch boot is made of a dual performance material upper with a
polished toast section and it only weighs 15 ounces the boot is water
resistant and made a fast drying material the ventilation holes on the
outside promote breathability the speed eyelets and NATO hooks help with quick
time and the 550 grade nylon cord laces are sturdy the boot has a row eva a
rubber outsole resistant to slips oils heat abrasions and chemicals as well as
metal chips the rocky airport cushion footbed is molded from a durable
polyurethane that doesn’t break down or lose its shape and circulates air with
every step get the job done with this Rocky c4t
military-inspired Duty boot

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  1. Are the top NATO lace hooks made of metal or plastic. I work in corrections and need it to pass the metal detector.

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