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hey guys military Dave and today I'm gonna be telling you five brand-new promo codes that will make your avatar look really cool also try and get this video to 5,000 likes and are hosting an event where I'll give the winner 1,000 robots so if you guys want to see that subscribe to our channel post applications on so you don't miss when I upload it and when I tell you guys to join whatever game is and smash it like farm right now if you want to get 5,000 lights before I tell you guys the promo codes I want to tell you about this site called road rock GG the links are so it'll be in the pin comment so click on it if you want to get free robux and i'll tell you how to use it right now so once you click on it you'll be Broncs this page right here and right here logged in as a guest EULA press the earn button and it should totem to your username there's no password required you just want to enter so military dave online then press Continue now once it's loaded in this should come up and this is how you earn robach so you can complete you can download apps and play them for roebucks and this tells you how much robot should get from it so if you play on if you get sent to level 12 on this game you'll get 450 robots which you can withdraw to your roblox account and you can also do it for referrals which you just click here and everyone has their own referral links so once you've copied this send it to your friends and tell them to sign up and you'll get 10% of everything they earn also join their discord because you'll be notified when there's a giveaway going on and you'll know how to enter the giveaway so I'm gonna earn some points I can cash out some robots a few minutes later so it's been about half an hour love mush and 1000 robots already and once you want to cash out you just want to join the group right here so I'm gonna join it now so once you've joined the group is I just have you want to go back as a row drop and enter your mount your withdraws so if I enter a thousand and press cash ouch it should give me the row box into my account okay so I've got back onto my roblox account and as you can see I have this much row box and when i refresh I should have enough of one thousand row box added to my account so refresh and there you have it another one files from row box has been added to my account so I now have nearly 3,000 row box just from using the website and that website will be in the pin comment so to click on it if you want free robot so I've made a brand new account so I can redeem all of the working promo codes in 2019 right now which all of you guys should redeem right now and I'll tell you what the codes are so you should have gone to the promo codes website which you can do just by doing that as I just did and you should be brung to this page so the first code that you want to enter feeding time so once you've got feeding time and all capitals entered into this bar here you wanna hit redeem and promo code successfully redeem should pop up on your screen and if you go into your avatar you should get some rats I believe yeah as you can see rats and these are pretty cool because in the game they follow you about and they're just a nice addition to have on to roblox avatar the second code of today's video is star court mower style and I believe this code should give you free items which are close and so you get a piece of so you get some shorts you get a top and you also get outfit which just puts it all on at once which elven jumper and if I just make myself white or something you can see this bar and it's just nice like pajamas or something that you can wear so the 3rd promo code of today's video is retro Cruiser this isn't a long promo code and if you hit redeem and go onto your avatar again you should get a gear again which is called Mike's bike and if you click on it you just hold this big bike which is pretty cool I'm not too short happens in game you might be able to ride it you never know so the fourth promo code of today's video is called happy camper and that is it and you should hit redeem and if you want to your avatar you get some nice hat which has some hair on it as well so it's kind of an all-in-one answers the best looking hat it's still a hat and I guess you could wear if you're trying to joke around maybe but yes still looks pretty cool so the final working promo code of July at 2019 is going to be Spyder Cola and once he redeem and then God your avatar again you should get some shoulder thing which is like a spider cold thing as it says and you can just put on your shoulder and it looks pretty cool so yeah that's all the promo that's all the working promo codes of 2019 and if you enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe of post certifications on and like this video for future content and if you do want to see the event where one you guys will win one thousand robots don't forget to get this video to five thousand likes and subscribe with closed applications on so you don't miss when I upload it so goodbye

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  1. I had roblox for a year and I still have 0$robux my acc:BKinyaarea I u guys are kind enough feel free to donate robux u don't have to but I'll appreciate it.

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