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ROBERT KIYOSAKI – RICH DAD, POOR DAD: How To Avoid the Next Global Financial Crisis – Part 1/2 | LR

ROBERT KIYOSAKI – RICH DAD, POOR DAD: How To Avoid the Next Global Financial Crisis – Part 1/2 | LR

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  1. Watch the FULL EPISODE here:
    Robert Kiyosaki’s Weekly Cash Flow Summit – Learn more:

  2. People said if you have no money what can you buy ? How you lived ? People go to the bank and can not get loan ?

  3. This is the first ad i actually clicked and watched. I been up 2 days no sleep and fuckd up. Ut i will watch more Robert kiyosaki if irmemeber.

  4. Brian Rose you have followers from all over the world please man translate these legendary interviews 🙏🙏

  5. If u had a penny and understood how you earned it. Keep investing more and more pennies after a while u will have dollars.

    Is there someone, who also wants to improve their speaking abilities and also thinks the best way is to do by speaking to someone with common interests? WhatsApp +420732673502, FB Jan Kamlach, let's have a videocall! 🙂

  7. “Socialism, its wonderful if you know how to pay for it.”

    This guy knows economics but not much of politics.

  8. Your greatest assets are your mind your employees and your customers focus on theses and your wealth will grow

  9. Where do you go to study, or learn to study and understand the markets? There are so many books out there, as someone starting out, how do you determine which books should be read? And how do you determine the best places to spend your time studying, what resources to use?

  10. This is a cool office dude! It’s just been recently since I’ve tapped into Robert’s philosophies on money and wealth. Here in my mid-40s, I only regret I didn’t know his stuff sooner!
    However, I’m in daily pursuit of building wealth with passive income through publishing (my music, books, and workout eBooks), and taking massive action to get out of the ridiculous rat race I’ve put myself in.

  11. Its time to sort out the bank systems, and our governments, and brink in systems that are their for working class people. which is what i plan to do now i'ver at the end of this month or the starting of next month, just put out the information.

  12. Hahaha. Way behind the time. No one is even addressing the real problem: "fake" money. At the end of the day, America will never pay off their debt. No one is addressing that we need to go to war to keep this economy going.

  13. Teachers that teach you financial stuff : teaches you

    Robert Kiyosaki: imma end these ppls career EZ

  14. Different than what they teach in free public school. In the long run things are always worth what you for then. The free public education makes you a good little worker, that will never have money, never. Oh you may have a pension one little piece of your wealth at a time. Appreciation, inflation , debt are very terrific tools.
    In our world cash is king, a great credit score is right behind cash, the two biggest, powerful tools there are.

  15. Why do they keep printing money? Why are they creating all these bubbles? Robert doesn't tell you what the Bible does, they want the whole world on their knees so that when the anti christ shows up on the world stage the whole world will welcome him with a big kiss. And the anti christ will offer them free food and free shelter in exchange for your soul in the form of some electronic chip that will go in your right hand or forehead. Why you think they are creating universal basic income? And Robert is no hero he is part of them how do you think he learned all this he is one of them. Look at the red string around his wrist. All humans should Invest their faith in Jesus Christ He is the only truth. Jesus got more money than these clowns. Believe in Jesus and He will provide you food so you dont need their microchip.

  16. rich people don't pay taxes I have been telling my friends this for years and they don't believe it video link for all these idiots.

  17. The sad truth is they waited so long to inform people, they waited so long for people to keep rolling down hill..the sad truth is exposed but no one has done anything. So what is the solution?

  18. The big secret of financial success according to the rich money guys is that "debt is money". This idea is counter-intuitive to most Americans (and for good reason) who are still unaware that the US dollar is the world reserve currency and can be manipulated. This manipulation led to the creation of derivatives in the market to satisfy the Super Greedy–and here we are. We are in a financial meltdown and relying again on gold and silver to secure personal wealth. Fancy that! The teachers did not create derivatives trading, the Wall street banksters did. Kiyosaki will not gain a following by blaming working families and teachers for their financial behavior; he needs to place full blame on Wall St. and the Federal Reserve. He never mentioned them in this discussion. True teachers seem to emerge once they have made their billions. K's a "good" teacher now, a kind of redemption for him?

  19. This class should be mandatory in Middle and High School. The Dept of Education has failed our inner cities.

  20. Ive been stuck for 56 years! Single mother,,,did it all on my own, but never had the opportunity to take risks. So, could you just pay off my mortgage?? Thats all I ask!

  21. The three wise men were wise , because they were buddha, krishna, and hermies. The wise that know esoteric history, know this.

  22. You talk about the difference about having fear between rich and poor, but you didn’t explain how to react to fear the way rich people handle financial fear

  23. I watched this because I’m all about spirituality about life. I am always asking god what is my purpose in life! I think I will start my journey soon! I feel it I was just talking to my coworker about my life purpose and I’m seeing thing clearer!

  24. I've always been the black sheep and have worked so many different careers. I always felt like the next thing was going to pan out and things were going to be great just around the corner. Now I'm older and am realizing that it never will happen and i just get by. old friends that didn't go to school and just plugged away for years are doing well. My mom and sister who both followed all the rules of the system are dking very well. I think all this kind of shit just misleads us on the hope that it will work and if you just follow the rules and work hard you will be better off. Of course, here i am hoping i can find the spark to get me going. I hope it works out for some of you.

  25. AOC, Sanders and the far left are NOT the Democrat party. That's moronic. That's like saying the Alt Right is the GOP. The majority of GOP did not support Trump in either the primary nor did a majority of all voters support him in the general election. As a matter of fact a Republican has not won a 51% majority for president since 1988. Obama did it twice and in the 2018 midterm the Democrats beat Trump and the GOP by 8% of the national vote– the LARGEST margin of the national vote in U.S. midterm election history.
    The reality is that a majority of voters in the GOP and Democrat party are moderates and those who decide elections are people with no strong loyalty to either party.

    I am self made capitalist. I don't believe you can pay off the national debt or fund programs by taxing the rich. But I'm also a student of history. During Republican Dwight Eisenhower's term the wealthy paid 50% more tax than they do today and controlled only a fraction of the wealth. Yet GDP and wages were growing at three times the current rate.. and the War debt was repaid without blowing up the deficit. The middle class had it's best decades in our country's history… all while the wealthy paid much higher federal income taxes. This idea that the wealthy paying significantly more in taxes will hurt the economy is silly. But it's also not a good idea simply because there are so few rich that you will not accomplish anything but one thing: the wealthy own a lopsided share the stocks that boards answer to. If the wealthy shareholders know that painful taxes are coming their way because the worker bees believe income inequality is accelerating then magically America's biggest employers start to feel pressure to raise wages to head off higher taxes or things like the Buffet Rule (minimum tax requirements on the wealthy). This aspect of higher taxes on the top 1-3% would be far more effective than what any corrupt union or minimum wage increases could ever produce.

  26. Yes, you can use the law to not pay taxes! The question does that make it the honorable position to take?? Rich people need to do act honorably and pay their fair share!! Just pay your share!!

  27. i actually saw some balloon's in a party store place once that had Dollar$$ signs already printed on them, i should of bought them and sold them to Robert for a million as Its an asset for him as he can use them in his business talk shows. 😉

  28. CNN would never let you back because they are apart of the fake economic bubble and they are afraid you would set the record straight.

  29. I've listened to all his books. This guy is a hack. Plain and simple. He may know how to make money (his books mostly) but his books literally dont tell you anything he just talks in circles constantly.

  30. You get to do what you do because of treason of 41st US Congress committed against the American people. District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871.

  31. its all will back to bankster ziopig grand design, they are not idiots also known if their bubble will burst, they also prepare for it, almost 100 years this design going on. thats why we should prepares dinar (gold) and dirham (silver). deustche bank collapsed start to global crisis? FYI Indonesia want creates money with back up by gold based on Sharia Islam dinar and dirham but world bank and imf doesnt like it. then my greatest first presidents Soekarno also has ties with Kennedy got coup 1965, then UK US robbed my country. its also has same case with Irak Saddam who dont want sale oil with dollar again, and Libya Gaddafi also dont want sale oil with dollar and Gaddafi also want creates money dinar and dirham for all Africa country. the petrodollar rise because US agreements with Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia can use US army as a return of sale oil wiith dollar, thats why now Russia and China try to fight dollar hegemoni. US UK its like Kiyosaki said Pirates Company. America and Europe doesnt have gold store? we are in Asia has many gold store.

  32. The only thing that matters these days is our walk with Jesus. Do you know him? Have you accepted him as Lord and savior into your hearts? Jesus said "I am the way the truth & the life, No man comes to the Father but by me" jesus was born of a virgin died on the cross was buried and rose again. He is God in flesh. The king is returning for his people some day please let it be today you become saved.

  33. All the $ he’s making as an author makes the books an asset. Now Im getting it. (Not being a smart ass)

  34. this is all BS. "How to avoid paying taxes". Oh really. How will the infrastructure of our world be built. Maybe Kiyosaki will finance it and everything else that make our lives bearable. Good luck with that.

  35. Not sure how teaching people to further exploit a broken system is "God's will"… Sounds more like the will of the Devil.

  36. If no one pays taxes then who pays for roads, security, defence, schools, airports, national debt, scientific and medical research, infrastructure, government. So tired of the rich bragging about not paying taxes and selling books to make the poor and middle class think they can do the same. Time to close the tax loopholes and tax the rich at the highest %.

  37. We just need to tax dividends and capital gains at the same level as Income tax.

    In fact I would go for a flat tax on ALL types of income. Set at about 20%. Robert would have to pay a lot more tax

  38. It doesn't matter it takes money to make money or to make money work for you but where were you start you got to have money and you got to have good credit I have none of these there is no hope for me other than to live paycheck-to-paycheck just to pay other people's pocket. I kept waiting for him to tell me what to do but he just went on and on and on about his past. it would take me at least two years to completely get out of debt if I made a serious effort but the economy will crash by then and I would be so broke by paying off debt that I couldn't invest anything anyways. I'm sure that he knows what he is talking about but for the poor the poor who have maybe fifty bucks leftover are their paycheck if they're lucky and thousands of dollars of debt there is no hope.

  39. Love the balloon analogy – a great visual explanation of how we got to the financial state that we're in now.

  40. This guy says "I don't think god wants people to be poor."
    Umm… Then how come your god is making hundreds of thousands of dollars every Sunday, but doesn't pay any taxes? 🤔

  41. What's the definition of poor and rich? Is it only money? No it's not. You can be rich without money or any material stuff!

  42. What Robert Kiyosaki talks about is a liberating knowledge and experience. Where does it lead us? Creepy scenario going over the horizon. Chaos looming over it. Is there hope for all of humanity not only for the rich but for the poor that makes up the majority?

  43. The last ten minutes of this interview is the way to explain economics. Cheers Robert! Thanks to London Real and Brian Rose.

  44. Robert Kiyosaki is one of the most well rounded and caring people I have ever read. I stumbled on a book He and Donald J Trump wrote back before the 2008 crash. "Why we want you to be rich". They warned about the great transfer of wealth that was about befall the public. Pay attention to him, he seems to enjoy helping people succeed.

  45. The thing with Robert Kiyosaki is he admits that himself and the banks participate to the continuity of the housing bubble of 2008, quote at 40:35. We are still in it today. Injecting money into the system is only a temporary healing to the recession and it falsifies the natural deflation that should have occured a long time ago.

  46. Kiyosaki is giving Hitchcock a good run in this video lol! Not only did he give you a lesson in economics. He gave you a lesson in suspense!

  47. Wonderful speech and training on how form education is different with inform education, school always teach theories and not practically, so if rich Dad could have enough education or PhD, nothing could be done, I like how rich Dad was so bright to teach Robert kiyosaki about paycheck.

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