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Rob Riggle on No Jacket Required

Rob Riggle on No Jacket Required

CP: Hello! Welcome to No Jacket Required.
I’m your host, Chris Pagnozzi. With me tonight, I’ve got Rob Riggle. You know him from The
Daily Show, Saturday Night Live, Step Brothers, 21 Jump Street… Rob, nice to meet you. Thank
you for coming. RR: Nice to meet you. Thanks for having me.
CP: Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for wearing the jacket, too. RR: Yeah! It’s about right. CP: Yeah, it looks good.
RR: This is how I usually have them tailored, so it’s spot on, actually.
CP: Yeah, and people can see your watch…
RR: Yeah, absolutely. CP: Great. Here’s a question: Have you ever met Bruce Willis?
RR: Yes, actually, I have. CP: That’s amazing.
RR: Yeah! It was kind of a drive-by. But someone… uh, I share the same agent with Bruce. So
at a party one time, he walked by, and my agent goes, “Hey, Bruce! I want you to meet
Rob.” “Oh, hey, nice to meet you.” And that was it. Shook hands, told him I was a fan.
CP: I had a similar story like that but I was on Rodeo and I walked past Jean Claude
Van Damme. And all he did was lower his sunglasses, and… He looked pretty angry.
RR: Did you try to punch him? CP: I didn’t.
RR: I don’t know, I think you might have missed an opportunity. I’ll be honest.
CP: I know, I do regret it. RR: If you run into Jean Claude Van Damme
on the street, you gotta , you know, you don’t just sucker punch, but you gotta go, you gotta
get into position, like, “This is gonna happen.” CP: Right. Like a stance.
RR: Yeah, like a stance. CP: What other celebrities do people say you
look like? RR: I get… You know, it’s weird. I get a
lot of Brad Pitt, um, I get a lot of Tom Cruise, Bradley Cooper, um… Basically everyone in
the top 25 of the Sexiest Men Alive in People Magazine. I get a lot of that, yeah.
CP: Do you believe in ghosts? RR: Hmmm… Yes.
CP: Yeah. Me too. Yeah, that was right. RR: Oh, God. Thank you! [Sighs] I haven’t
taken that test in a while, so. CP: You are still a Marine?
RR: Yes. I’m still in the Reserves. CP: Great. And, uh, did you see the movie
“The Marine”? RR: With the wrestler?
CP: Yeah. John Cena. RR: John Cena, Yeah. He’s a bad mofo. I didn’t
see the movie. CP: Okay. Well…
RR: I think I would’ve gotten too upset with… Because I think when they do those types of
movies, and I’m sure it was great, but I don’t know if anybody, like… They always salute
wrong, and they don’t wear their uniforms right, and just, it’s very frustrating.
CP: I heard on Homeland they didn’t have the right ribbons.
RR: Oh, I mean, I saw a poster for Homeland, which apparently is like an amazing show.
CP: Yeah, it’s great. RR: But he has sideburns. What? What is this,
a hippie Army? CP: A Marine blooper…
RR: A hippie Marine Corps? No! You gotta shave that off.
CP: Feaux pas. RR: Feaux pas, indeed.
CP: Here’s a good question: Why am I single? RR: Your voice.
CP: Yeah? RR: Yeah. It’s so annoying. Um, but that’s
my initial… I’m sure if I spent more time with you I could find other things.
CP: Sure. That would be… I’d wear on you. RR: No, I’m kidding. I don’t know why you’re
not… Is it getting laid or have a girlfriend? CP: Girlfriend. But I suppose the other part
would… RR: Why don’t you just focus on getting laid.
Don’t sweat the girlfriend thing so much. CP: That’s a good point. When you write comedy,
do you find that you still do pen to paper? Or is it technology-based now? You got an
idea, you type it down? RR: Actually, I have Siri do all my…
CP: That’s amazing! RR: …all my comedy for me. I’ll be driving
down the street and just go, “Siri! Give me a joke about pooping in your pants.” The good
stuff. And then she’ll come back with something killer.
CP: That’s good! Here’s a serious one: If you were going on spring break and you got
to pick whether it was Alf or Howard the Duck, who would you go with?
RR: Alf. Yeah… Yeah, Alf. He likes to drink, he likes ladies… That’s who you take on
spring break. CP: He’s a party animal.
RR: Exactly. The duck? The duck’s a nerd. CP: Yeah. He’s kind of a pervert.
RR: The duck? CP: Yeah.
RR: I didn’t know that. CP: He’s a perv. Yeah.
RR: Do you have a personal story about that? CP: Well no. It was just the movie. I remember
in the beginning, he broke through a wall while Caroline in the City was in the bathtub,
and he did not leave. RR: Lea Thompson, I believe.
CP: Yes, thank you! RR: That was her name.
CP: Lea Thompson from Caroline in the City. RR: But I think she actually does prefer to
be called Caroline in the City. CP: Well, she’s in the city a lot. Well. This
has been No Jacket Required. Rob, thank you so much for doing this.
RR: Well, short jackets required. CP: Short jackets. If you got ’em, flaunt
it. Thank you so much. It was really nice meeting you.
RR: Nice to meet you, too! CP: Thank you.

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  1. is it just me or is this No Jacket super awkward? maybe its the camera positions or the bad audio but i had to shake the creepy feeling off after this one.

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