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RK Gun and Knife Show Kansas City, Mo and CJL Enterprize 2nd Amendment Rights Sam Dawson

RK Gun and Knife Show Kansas City, Mo and CJL Enterprize 2nd Amendment Rights Sam Dawson

hi this is Sam with CJ all right CJ l ence or pric D comma C is Russia and we are here at the arcade governor history and Kansas City this is day two we shot a video yesterday we showed you at the crowds real-life phenomenal crowds people coming out in support of the Second Amendment rights and today as another day here in the snow of Sunday the last day sure once 93 and anywhere across the nation you must see these shows every wrinkle they have masses of my love people that are going out in support of the Second Amendment rice with that being said we have a lot of deals here I know a lot of you guys say you can see her lips up channels you see us online and we will let you know that this is this is us this is what we do any question guys let's call the games of the three bucks of the games with history dollars again like yesterday as we're shooting this is why we're doing this and so up just to kind of give you a feel for what we're doing here at this show today we've got some great deals we've got coat liners a dollar piece we have medium backpacks like all these packs these guys are packs we probably won't ship out they all got a damaged the neighbor Karen on them gonna sell these paths for 5 bucks today out the door and whoever buys him they can repair and we had the videos online to where somebody wants to and capatch liberties they go to our YouTube channel and there are this canteens today three bucks so we always have deals every day at the shops we saw about two quickly yesterday you didn't have a thing dropped the caveman here today so again I just want to touch base with you a little bit the crowds part is picked it today it's only about 11:30 show ends at 3 o'clock people want church to the after church they'll be in three weeks the nicest City all day long this show has about a thousand tables and in its facility and everybody here is talking about the crowds a lot of support this industry so as you hear different things in the media about legislation and different things on one you know this is this is firsthand on the ground right here this is a positive thing this isn't a bad thing for people who travel from all over the country to get to this show and again this is just one of many so it's supporting your second minute rights call you congressman writing letters watch the senators stand up for we need you guys out there and you needle out the talk telling your representatives luckily I you still because it all starts on a state-by-state city-by-city town by town Louisville it's a grassroots still if you're a lot of negative stuff in the media right found this industry and if you come in see for yourself make your own opinions okay this is Samuel cjo in a price it seems we're at so I'm going to thank all of you who've supported us two years and we're still rocking alone and so this this is what we do okay so that's it you can this is a quick video to say hello show you what we do you can see us here so here's our Flyers again we're low tech on everything we always keep the costs down CJ I'm gonna price comm you'll see this video here and Stan's garage sale on YouTube you can reach us at eight one six three five nine seven nine four five and we appreciate from you guys today it's Sam signing off it's auction later

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