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Riot Helmet Gas Mask compatibility

Riot Helmet Gas Mask compatibility

I got asked if I could do a video about riot helmets and gas masks as in will a riot helmet like this fit over a gas mask and an important thing to know is when a lot of police and soldiers have riot helmets on they don't actually have right helmets like this like the proper police ones are if they're using a Vegas mask that is often they have an actual infantry helmet with a riot sort of visor and stored on it there this is a British mark 6 helmet but a lot of military helmets do have mount for riot sort of visors so what I'm going to do is for each of the masks in this video I am going to test it with the riot helmet to see if it fits and to test it with the soldiers helmet obviously the soldiers helmet would work more masks and the right helmet would because right helmets tend to sit very sort of tight your head like protection reasons and because they sit tight your head that means it might not fit with a gas mask so I have a couple of miles right first I know charlie Israeli civilian mask obviously if it works the right helmet we know it work with the military helmet but if it doesn't work with the right hand but then we'll test it with a military one I'm not going to bother with filters but obviously if we notice that filters are getting away then it would be a fail for helmets I think this is gonna be no because he has the straps get in the way yeah so that's a fail with the right because the strap mount was getting the way sit well with the mask because of this brim here but it sits well enough so yeah this would kind of work you probably couldn't do it up very well but you would at least be able to partially cover your head of the right visor on one of these so it's kind of a pass but it's not really good enough I think we're gonna probably find in this video there any other masks I have big straps aren't going to work because masks so any of gp5 success saying with SH M s that would work fine as well any of the bottom loading Russian filter masks except maybe I like things like if he beat PMG might not work the filter might get in the way but alright one more to test for this video but obviously I can't go through loads of masks in one video unless 10 world's straps get in the way I don't know so let's try everything sorry regnal yeah just about goes on if you had the visor up to here you could have the filter coming out so you have to experiment the visor length but this is kind of a success with the military helmet mask it obviously work better mrs. obviously a mask that was designed to work with this have met them is that both British Army helmets a mask but I might need a bigger helmet to be honest felissa you think that's as best it's gonna do but if you had a visor on it then I'm gonna shove it under the helmet there you could see use out of the visor the mask needs to have no buckles that really stick out like the Israeli ones do that's a floor I think you need something that's a bit wider than standard riot helmet but for the most part yes you know as long as it fits over the buckles on the mouth you will be able to get a seal but also as I said it's not the easiest thing in the world to actually get on properly you have a gas mask so next time you see footage and riot police somewhere along with gas masks on them right helmets have a look and see what the mask is and see what the helmet is because they might be specialists right helmets if they were using them with gas masks you

Reader Comments

  1. Your not the only one who has s10 gas mask theres a famous guy who has it…gamers always meet him…


  2. I know you've heard a lot about the ncr ranger but all the comments made me a little curious. What combination of helmet n' gas mask would look the closest too the ncr ranger?

  3. Would a polish mc-1 be compatible with the Mk6 helmet.

    I have an mc-1 and am doing some helmet shopping 😊

  4. I can't give a name, but I've got this bulgarian gas mask, I think it's pretty modern, I'd be surprised if it's older than maybe the late 70s, probably newer, with what looks like it's original filter. Do you know if it's likely to have had asbestos in it? Or is that more of a case by case thing?

  5. I also helps if you a gave a helmet that's larger and designed to take gas mask. Like my PASSGAT, ACH and MK.8 Spartan. Great video and get in site, not many people realize the difference in standard roit gear and advanced gear.

  6. You look like a NCR veterans ranger from fallout new vega with the soldiers helmet and the gas mask with the red lenses

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