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RimWorld – Rimmu-Nation: Gloves N’ Boots Mod Trailer 1.0

RimWorld – Rimmu-Nation: Gloves N’ Boots Mod Trailer 1.0

Private Johnson! Get your ass over here right now! I said get your ass over here right now! I’ve run out of jalapeño sauce! How do you expect me, to do my job- Under fire, without jalapeño? Don’t even answer that damn question! You failed the IQ test for a reason, that’s why you’re infantry! So don’t even answer my frickin’ question! I want YOU, to get over there and grab more jalapeño sauce! But Serge- I DON’T CARE- If you get shot in the ass- Just do it! Just do it right now. I can’t- there’s nothing I can do about it! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T PRIVATE?! WHAT THE HELL, DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T? That’s a direct order! That’s a direct order! Sergeant, I- I can’t run and get you more sauce! THAT’S A DIRECT ORDER PRIVATE! What do you mean- You do what I ask you to say- because if you don’t! I’m gonna make you do 5 push ups! I’m sure you can’t do that- cause you’re fat as hell! you’re built like a damn deep freezer! I don’t have any gloves or boots! D- you do what I ask, or you’re in deep trouble! How am I supposed to grab things or run towards- That’s a direct order! That’s a direct order from me! I’m your Seargeant! I’m senior s- *gibberish* *The Marines’ Hymn plays* Hello everybody This is the president of RimWorld speaking- and I’m back baby. Let me tell you about Rimmu-Nation’s new line of tactical gloves and boots. I use gloves all the time to grab people by their- well, you know. And when you’re doing the grabbing You’ve gotta make sure you have the best grip available. Incredible grip, okay? And- If you’re doing in a swamp you need boots, okay? So that’s why Rimmu-Nation has the best gloves- and the best boots possible, okay? Rimmu-Nation will provide you the shoes to walk towards Making RimWorld Great Again. Rimmu-Nation, defending your rights!

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  1. comes back to Rimworld after half a year of not playing it
    – This appears on my inbox one day after.
    It must be a signal.

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