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Rick Ross, Chance The Rapper, Young Dolph & More On How They Embody Hip Hop! | Hip Hop Award ’19

Rick Ross, Chance The Rapper, Young Dolph & More On How They Embody Hip Hop! | Hip Hop Award ’19

(upbeat trumpet music) – Hey, y’all, it’s Dream Doll, this is Hip Hop Defined. (laughs) – What up, what up, it’s your
boy Hitmaka in the building, we live and direct, BET Hip Hop Awards, and how I embody hip hop, man, I done did it all. My first deal was with DMX. Then I transitioned, I became Yung Berg, now I’m Hitmaka, one of the hottest producers
in the game right now, 10 records on the radio
in a row right now. Turn your radio station on. – What up, what up? This is the man, Petey Pablo, and how I embody hip hop is I breathe it. I marinade in it, like, it’s bigger than life. – You already know it’s
your boy Casanova, man, hip hop means everything. It changed my life, man. – Hey y’all, it’s Dream Doll, and I embody hip hop by
respecting the legends and the people that paved
the way for us, you know? – What’s happening man,
this is Scottie Gee. – What’s up this HB. – And we the Funk B’s man, we embody hip hop the
way y’all embody hip hop. It’s a culture, it’s a movement. Keep it real. – Hey, what’s poppin’, it’s
your boy Blac Youngsta, live and in fit behind the
scenes at the BET Hip Hop Awards, and I embody hip hop ’cause I be myself. I stay true to myself, I
don’t try to be nobody else, you should do the same. – Hey yo’ what’s up, it’s me, your boy, J. White Did It. How I embody hip hop is I
create the vibe, the movement, and I just bring smiles to
people’s houses and lives. – Yo, this Chance the Rapper,
and I embody hip hop by being a creative. Hip hop is about being a creator, making new stuff, setting a trend, and being so fan, I try and do that everyday. – I’m hip hop ’cause I’m
me, I do what wanna do. You know what I’m sayin’?
I’m poppin’ this drip. Nobody’s drip harder
than me, younger than me, no cap, slack. – Yeah, my name is Laolu, NYC, visual artist, musician,
and I’m part of the culture, part of my movement
from Nigeria and Africa. Hip hop, man, this is like, my life from childhood, you know, always been a dream of mine to be here, to be a rapper, like everybody else. – Y’already know what’s up, man, it’s DNA, at the BET Hip Hop Awards 2019. I embody hip hop because
I’m able to do every element of hip hop, freestyling,
songs, battle-rapping, being creative, substance,
you name it I got it. – What’s up, man, this Young Dolph. I embody hip hop in a major way. I’m the first major
independent artist to do it all the way and set the trend
for the next generation, y’all mean? Like no rules to it. – It’s the biggest boss
in the game, Ricky Rozay, Port of Miami 2 in stores. How do I embody hip hop? To me, hip hop is all
about being a dreamer, being ambitious, go after what you want. – What up, what up, I go by
the name S-A-R-K-O-D-I-E, Sarkodie, (mumbles), you
know I embody hip hop, everything about me, I’m from Africa, man, we know how to express ourself and I think hip hop just relate with the young people, we have a lot to say, and it’s a form, it’s a tool that we, you know, communicate what we feel. Shouts to hip hop. Save lives. You know what time it is. (upbeat trumpet music)

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  1. Who else over 21 but still be watching Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas on the Freeform channel πŸ˜…

  2. Ain't nothing worse than a man hairline evaporating faster than a puddle of water on a hot summer day lol πŸ˜…

  3. I rep my African rappers. Modenine or M.I both from Nigeria should have been here too. Shout out to Sarkodie and Laolu. Love you guys loads.

  4. Rick Ross you are simply amazing and your creativity never ceases to amaze me as an artist myself i feel inspired hopefully i reach this level of talent one day

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