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Rick Owens Boots | Review

Rick Owens Boots | Review

Hey! So today we’re doing another video and this time it’s with rick owens black shearling ankle boots it’s something I got at my local boutique and it’s pretty amazing boots at 1.5 k so yeah let’s jump into our review of the week so first off let me present you the classic Rick Owens box this is a pretty standard box it’s a pretty rigid in that that traditional signature gray color with rick owens signature as well there’s here the the tag of the sku with the size of the shoe in this case it’s a size 42 as you might know what usually wearing size 43 and a half 44 so this is pretty small for me but i really like the shoe so I just went ahead and bought it alright so here we have the traditional Rick Owens dust bag so it usually comes with that pair of shoes sometimes a pair of jeans or shorts in this case it’s a Rick Owens mainline dust bag and you see it with the signature here it’s a very nice i have big ones bigger ones i want this size and it’s a very convenient all right now for the shoes so this is really an amazing shoe it’s made in italy and it’s the upper is in calf leather it’s very soft because i think it was washed actually so it can see that it’s a little bit cracked a very soft and then the inside is actually true lamb shearling so it’s very very warm it’s perfect for the Canadian winter because i am i am in Montreal so it’s really a great boot that is super convenient when it’s cold outside here we have the classic rubber-soled from rick owens with the classic stitching on the side here and it has what we call the shark-tooth sole and it’s pretty much invisible but there’s a Rick Owens signature here so definitely an amazing shoe you know it’s a steep price at 1.5 k but I think it’s worth worth it it’s from one of my favorite brand as you know rick owens and so I would definitely recommend this shoe ok so if you like the video please like it follow me on youtube and instagram i think that we have a really good selection of images and content on instagram it’s a more editorial i would say you can also check out my grailed page and check out my other videos as well so soon and until next time have a good day

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