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Rich talks leadership at Denbigh Army Surplus

Rich talks leadership at Denbigh Army Surplus

denby I'm resurfaced which is you can you can see when that setting now it's been going for 25 years when dad started it in the late 80s and we've just recently started another company called recruit packs my leadership style is kind of leading by example I don't think you can ask other people to do stuff that you you know kind of not prepared or you haven't done yourself but guess that stems from being part of an SME where it doesn't really matter what job role you've got written on your business card and you have to bleed into other areas if you want your business to succeed the Welsh leader that most inspires me Kevin gaskell is very much an advocate of creating leaders in every level of your business and I having those leaders inspire the people that work around them to to improve the business and to grow and to secure a better future with a particular video that stands out was won by cognitive media they did their coca-cola 2020 video dude focused on coca-cola's and strategy in social media moving forward and but there's a lot of information on there that you can pull out and apply to any aspect of your business my top tip for other leaders and managers would be to to listen listen to your colleagues listen to your suppliers but most of all listen to your customers and it's from from doing that and pulling the information gathered that's led to our success you

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