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Rhodesian style webbing

Rhodesian style webbing

we do refer it's done for my better hair this is take number 12 okay so what we got here is my revision star wearing now what it's based on is a sort of British bloke who's gone to fight the bush war and what was common was they'd bring their own wedding they call up you know basically they take a set of their own webbing and then cobbler so it actually suits their needs as was quite common practice what done is I've used a base about fifty eight wearing base and sort of built it around it so we're going to go into detail on what I've actually done first look 58 webbing yoke firstly and painted up and I've removed the little dog clips of a large peg or the not so large pack to attach it to these 37 pattern brace attachment points to go onto the belt because as you can see here I've removed the 58 pen ammo pouches and popped on a couple of Dutch G free pouches which I find a lot more comfortable you don't fit as many magazine them but they are a lot more practical and inside there we got goodies up thank as you can see the camo camo job and this is rougher disgusting just like it was it wasn't artistic it wasn't pretty it was practical so and it was all painted by hand and not with a toothbrush so we've got a couple of those we've also got another one here which is only a temporary one because that's going to be sewn onto this and this is a later issue 75 Alice water bottle so this is an American one and it's only temporary thing until I get an actual Faraday in some water bottle pouch that's going to get sewn on it and again we got here and this one is common practice even in the British Army which was you've got your kidney pouches is it two in half and only use the one that meant you could carry mess tins and a fair bit of kit in those actually and then make room on your belt for either more ammo or more common leave more water more water I'm also gonna do is take another one of these and stitch it on to the top here like on the South African pet and 70 buddy purely so I got Nomad carriage as well and in that I'm gonna use if I can find them no I can't I've got a set of a German mess kit instead of the British ones because I quite like it it's cool here was our first attempt at it British 87 pattern mach 2 mo Dutch what I've done is I cut a slit in it put a bit of tape around it and then you can mount it on the belt so it's not poking you in the armpits because it's hair soft instead of putting extra mags and there that's going to have a speed loader and bb's in there will probably fit another bag in there as well so I've got a fair bit of mag carriage I'm probably going to wear it in conjunction with am i a Rhodesian style Faraday and Sons chest rig so yeah I'm pretty happy with that oh and secondly down here I'm not sure I'm in two minds were everyone going to wear it or not because it is a pain in the neck but I've got my poncho I'm quite fond of it it's got a poncho in it I use this what I was actually in service as well because it's just cool and beats putting your poncho in your Bergin's so that is my wedding I'm looking forward to it I'm going to be cracking this out on the 24th of this month that down at dragon's lair with James who's also he's got his 37 Patten living so we're going to be working it up so I'm looking forward to is gonna be a good laugh because I've got my g3 it's currently being painted so yeah this is done from that badger and that's my custom 58 webbing it's like a sort of dr. Frankenstein's monster really

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  1. Brilliant vid, and great webbing, I'd love to know more about the Rhodesian war though… Im a bit confused as to what happened 😛

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