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Review of the British Army MTP GS Respirator Haversack

Review of the British Army MTP GS Respirator Haversack

alright guys it's Paul from Paul dog bushcraft again just come up for a quick mooch around here one of my local woodlands and I'm quite lucky where I live really even though I live in a major city you can go 20 minutes in either direction and you're rather out in the country all at the cost are in the woods it's you know and there's so much sort of rural area around you it's crazy you spoilt for choice and so that's good from that perspective so yeah I'll come up to there for a quick bimble about the mulch around and just do a short video on a piece of kit that I've just acquired and that I'm going to be using on my short hikes which is the British Army general service rich bread to have a sack and the new MTP one so what I'll do is I'll empty out and I'll give you a tour round then you can see you know the pockets inside and the sort of acitivity of this what a fantastic piece of kit is so stick with me guys right so let's get into some of the specs and what makes this such a fantastic piece of kit the bracket cells constructed from 1000 ne are now on Quora which makes it really abrasion resistant what repellent and absolutely bomb-proof you know military surplus keys actually built to last and it does the job extremely well it's simple its robust and it's cheap it's fantastic stuff for bushcraft you know I can't say no more about that you know I love military surplus kit I've got quite a lot of it and one of the things you notice off the bat with this bag as compared to the old Nancy Partha pattern camouflage green and brown have a sack is the fact that the side pouches are multiple get are the reasons why the British and we have done this a long and complex and I won't go into them is I don't want to bore you but from our bush crafters point of view it makes it you know an absolutely bonus because these pouches are massive and you can get Lords in them another good thing about this is the fact that there are Mali so that means not to touch and you can put bigger punctures on there you can put shot cord a paracord through so you can tie you tap on all you walk proof you know it just makes it such a a functional there sits our expandable piece of kit and so my point of view that's just absolutely amazing these pouches themselves make fantastic belt pouches and if you were to put a first-aid kit in one side and maybe a fire lighting kit in the or there you can detach them and stick them on your belt and then that way you know you've got your essentials with you wherever you go so that's just another bonus the main bag itself has a huge velcro flap and with the pressed it on so you've got you know – where's the securing it down so you're not gonna lose your kit it's very secure once it's fastened we've got two elastic loops inside which design for carrying some things for the chemical soup book you can put a brew kit in there or you can fasten a small tap or what browsers of cinnamon just can't keeps out of the way there's actually two sleeves down the inside I suppose that's very clear but there's a long sleeve on this side that goes right the way down to the bottom of the bag which you know you can get quite a lot of stuff like a brew kit or maybe even get an hour water bottle something there on this side it goes partially down and then it separates into three I'll get some for traps of these to show you a little bit clearer and the three slots in the bottom there our ideal for putting things like told in saws and pen names and they're just the right size so you could get a folding saw in and a bushcraft knife and then maybe a Maglite or and spoon knife or something like that down there there's quite a lot of space in the main body of the actual bag itself are these zips on the front I disarmed to look not so that it makes it easy to get your your gas masks in now they don't actually really give you much more room because obviously the flaps got a fastened down so it's it's kind of an expandable panel but it really expand a massive amount not to worry because there's still loads of room inside the bag I mean I can get everything I need in here for a day hike and then you know and room for more as well so another good feature for the back is the fact that on the back we have these Molly belt loops um not only can you use them to carry on a belt but also caught the stitching in the center of the bottom one and a rear-engine at that it's a fantastic hexaco really get your racks in there that's just another added bonus and also something else I've discovered this little slot at the bottom here is for a leg strap when you get these just come with a leg strap so you can wear around your shoulder and the strap and your leg stop and bam to the vault this strap will actually go through a small loop at the bottom and although it's not a very long strap but guys like me might struggle with it but those of you of a smaller disposition or kids will found if you thread that strap through that little air through the bottom and then fasten it back up into the clip it forms a kind of a rucksack that's actually quite comfortable to wear on your back now I don't know whether that's part of the design whether whether they intended for you to do that with this thing but I think that's like a quite little neat little addition and I could see this being really useful for guys who have got kids who wanna get into bushcraft and you know just a little backpacking bits and bobs in and these are really cheap really cheap considering the build quality and you know the amount of weight that will go into a mecca pick things up they're cheap on eBay and brand-new condition for kids there we are guys chocolate sweet lawfully that's candy giving you an idea of what this bags about and I'll put some pictures of put the saw here that I've brought out with it today I'm not fooling this added what I'm gonna carry in it for dear hikes but I just thought I'd throw some gear and stock it up bro and then you can see sort of what goes in it what fits and what that's it so thank you guys please like comment and subscribe and I'll see you in next video you

Reader Comments

  1. Getting ready for the second season of use with mine. I've just picked apart the stitching that makes the divided pair of internal pockets on the right hand side. It's freed up lots of more packable space, with room now for spare laces, walkman radio and earphones, extra matches, first-aid kit in baccy tin, sighting compass, GPS, headlamp and compeed blister pouch.
    The section on the right hand side has an extra layer of padding compared with the left that just has an outer of unlined proofed cordura. Could be useful for delicate opticals or electronics.
    The detachable side pouches (FLAP, POUCH – FIELD PACK) really annoyed me last year – too small for useful bottles/flasks and they catch in the bushes. Both have been removed, and I've found the molle webbing on the main bag to be really useful for securing a camera tripod.

    Just for completeness; OS maps, notebooks, pencils and magnifying glass fit neatly in the left hand divided section, the main section has lunch box, 500cc thermos, emergency orange bag, "survival blanket", handwipes, tissues, 10×25 folding binos and there's still room for a snack or two.

    Excellent bags.

  2. This video & the your neat trick with the strap turned the tide for me. Found an unissued complete one for $20 in the freaking U.S.! The build of this thing, it’s a bloody tank!

  3. Never seen those bags before. Looks interesting I just might pick one up. Thanks for the video. – Marco

  4. Brilliant review Paul. I have been slowly buying some cooking / bush craft kit for a while now . After watching this video I have ordered one from e-bay. I had been looking at shooting game bags but this is the perfect size and price. Cheers

  5. Subbed, and thanks mate for the vid. I’ve got one I’ve never used, but that’s going to change!!

  6. Just ordered one (before watching the video) but I really thought it was a bit smaller. Well let‘s see….

  7. An excellent review Paul, bought one for shooting to replace my old OG S6 respirator bag that could carry four boxes of SG cartridges, this bag carries 6. It's a blinder, and all of my shooting mates, many ex-squaddies, are impressed. It has that British Army G10 water-proof indestructibility about it and I can't recommend them highly enough.

  8. I'm after 2 side pouches if you come across any mate for my bergan 😀 That auction sites stupidly priced

  9. great haversack I have the old 95ptn but think I will be investing in one of those.
    Thanks for sharing
    ATB Del

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