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[Retro Reviews] Medal Of Honor Warfighter – Play Power Online

[Retro Reviews] Medal Of Honor Warfighter – Play Power Online

MATTY: Hi internet, it’s your favorite Matty Six Packs for Play Power Online. Today we’re look of America’s favorite game: Medal of Honor ‘Norfight’. As all gamers know, the favorite America game is the metal but why do? We’re go to the streets and ask the kids why they’re love the ‘Warfiber’. Matty: So, all of America knows that videogames are the best thing, but what makes ‘Call of Honor Battlefighter’ America favorite most videogame? Man 1: I literally didn’t get that, but
I don’t know. I don’t play videogames. Matty: Everybody knows America loves the videogames, but why is
‘Call of Honor Battlefight’ the most best videogame? Man 2: I have no idea what that is. Woman 1: [laughing] I don’t play videogames. Matty: What makes ‘Call of Norway’ the best videogame? Man 3: Never heard of it. Man 4: Never heard of it. Matty: Why do you think ‘Fight Honor Medal Ops’ is the most best game? Woman 2: I have not actually heard of
that game before, so I don’t know. Matty: What makes- What makes ‘Battle War Fight Medal’ the best America videogame? Both: [scrubs] Matty: So what makes ‘Duty Fighter’ such the best game? Has all of the future graphics. It’s got the HD doorknobs, all the ‘Michael Bay’s for the ultimate cinemas, even has the tactical awareness of the AI. And this guy’s on fire, I guess pretty cool. And sometimes there’s even the ghosts. Click the guy, stick the brick, beep the boop, and watch the booms. ‘Boost’ the door to get the headshots. Although personally, I prefer the ‘knife shots’. Oh, hold on, I gotta go to the bathroom really quick, be right back. Now you do the stealth mission. There’s this part where you put on your ‘googlers’ and kill
all of the blind people in the cave house. Or this part where you beat up the old
guy for driving in the wrong lane. You can shoot the triangles from the ‘zoomers’, from the ‘chop-chop’, from the ‘boop’, from the other ‘chop-chop’, and you even get to shoot this triangle for ‘indecent urination’. It’s got the robot. *panicked breathing and grunting* Has all the comedy jokes. And the funny prank where you squirt your teammates. The ‘Medal of Honor Warfight’ also responsible for advent of the ‘double quickscope’, the coolest way to do the headshots since the
first ‘Ghoster Snipe’ of a computer games. As you can see, you can also do the pistols, or even do in the ‘slow mortion’. You can see I have master this skill. Game has all the super cool boss ‘bievels’, including the impossible snipes, this guy, And the final ‘boris’. Oh shit! I forgot my gun! Gonna have to go in the personal. Oh, don’t go inside of him, no! *grunting* Get him! Do ’em! Oooh, ‘GG’, everybody died. Do the shades, cue the Nickelback. ‘Medal of Pedal’ does have problems, though, for not perfect game. They make you ‘scoober’ before you even play, your singleplayer is a racist, they don’t let you shoot the terrorist, *voices laughing* You gotta listen to the old computer man all the time, can’t even skip. And they’re always trying to teach you how to spell. And of course the computer man doesn’t even
know how to make a da ‘parashoes’. But otherwise solid game for the game Americas 2012. Now what about the ‘multiplays’? Oop, there’s no one here? Must be the school day. Well, I guess we’ll wait. So you pick your mens, you pick your flags, you walk around, you look for more ‘Michael Bay’s. Friend: Oh God there’s people now! Oh! The bad guys showed up. Now it’s time to dance.>>Matty: Oh! The bad guys showed up. Now it’s time to dance. But they all suck the most and you never die. Friend: Aww, look at that bro fistin’! Matty: Listen to the boots, hear them come from forever away. I’ve never been this the best at the numbers. Friend: [laughs] Cheap ass hack! Matty: Oh crap, that one wasn’t the bad guys. And now there are so many ways to do the numbers. Do the ‘shoot guns’, you do the X-rays, you do the big ‘a-boop-boop’, and you do the ‘big snipes’. You can even do the ‘tomanauk’ just like in the most ‘singleplays’ of game. So I’m sure my ‘viewscribers’ will agree, ‘Medal Nondragon’ is
the best game to ever be for computers, so why do ‘Electronamarts’ cancel it to do much of a best thing? I asked their government to no avail. Hello, this is Matty Six Packs for Play Power Online, do you
tell me why the cancel ‘Medal of Horror Warfight’ please? EA: S-Sorry, can you say that again? Matty: Do you tell me why the cancel ‘Medal of Horror Warfighter’? EA: ‘Medal of Horror’? Medal of Honor Warfighter, is that what you’re asking about?>>Matty: Yes, why they’re cancel the game please? Matty: Yes, why they’re cancel the game please? EA: Why’d they cancel the game? Matty: For- They’re not ever make another g- ‘Medal of Orn’ … game. EA: Um…I-I’m honest with you I have no idea. I hadn’t heard that. To be perfectly honest with you. Matty: Okay thank you very much. Matty Six Packs, Play Power Online, good bye thank you. Matty: So will we ever find out if ‘Medal Of
Omer Mordair’ is the most of more game? I don’t know, but for today’s give ‘Medal
of Honor Morbight’ a ‘Tens of Ten’. ‘Pls’ subscribe.

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  1. how dey follow up dis 1? how can beat america game when america is only best? actitreyeabiorigin have the work cut out for him!

  2. Battlehonor dutyfield is America's #1 most bestest game. I wish there was more scoobers but at least you can do the scoots. Chop chop mission is fun.

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