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Restoring an old rifle…

Restoring an old rifle…

mrs. stain recording oh hi I'm Dennis and welcome to my youtube channel um I'm doing uh this video is about the Mosin Nagant okay my son Tim gave me purchased this Mosin Nagant and asked me if I would you know cut the barrel and put this you know a bunch of fancy stuff on it and stock it and kind of sport arise it you know maybe an old retired fart that I am well you know tore down looking at it and everything else and I noticed something Oh after I tore down I noticed that of this way it has its set of serial numbers in information here and then of course I see the u.s. import stuff here allowing it to come in to the United States and but then I solved this zero number system here and that kind of goes what the heck is that any time I remember doing that and I remember this long time ago is is when I was sniper I remember my weapon had two serial numbers one serial number for the receiver weapon and the other one was for my scope that went with my weapon and that way we knew that scope was matched to that weapon and always so and then I looked inside and low and behold inside as you can see right here and right there there are some looks like holes with screws in them but of course on this side it's nice and smooth and then I look at the metal and says wait a minute that's really highly polished little too much fact and that the regular wouldn't have you know looking at it and then all of a sudden it dawned on me this is a sniper rifle barrel receiver and then I looked at the this the fix sight the and I looked at it I says wait a minute and I flipped it up and looked no serial number I said this is that's exactly what this is this is a war to Soviet Union sniper rifle owned by a sniper used during World War two and seal numbers pretty low I contacted some people over in Russia and who are you know military historic and historical buffs like myself and we started jabbering back and forth and lo and behold we find out we had it and the way and the way I found out about who had it was just my mistake I just said well that's just say any sniper right no it wasn't just any sniper well maybe it is to us it's just a nice name weak you know has the person had no bearing on my family re probably too many people here in America I don't know if they're here in America they might be but the stock that came with it kinda was interesting at first I says well you know when when these things come out of military they refurbish them they get a bunch of them together and they take the parts from all bunch of them they kind of make one okay take three or four make one and sometimes they don't have to sometimes they just look at them and go yeah okay it meets everything and they just do this little kneeling and blocking of holes and I'm going mmm is that what they did here and lo and behold I found this and this is a this is the stock of the Mosin to God and that there is its rack number and it has all the cart issues of the making the you know of when this was being made okay for during World War II at the end of war one actually this is 1941 I believe something like that yeah anyway and but this one here was issued to a female Russian soldier a female sniper World War two Soviet female sniper and I'm Duane Wow that's interesting and so I started doing some research and found out a little bit about it and it was quite an interesting now there are some problems I have the bolt yeah you know some people says well unfortunately not everything is as what what I think what we think it is you know look at this bolt it has a serial number on it and if we kind of tilt it up a little bit you notice it's not quite this should be kind of flat out here and then it should be a milled down and kind of maybe because you can kind of see some of the work so this has been milled this boat not sure if this is the correct serial number for this receiver barrel than a have for the receiver barrel I don't think I don't think these two matched that's okay the organization over in in in the Soviet Union at that time took these and took them all together and they they made the best they could with with the Mo's ins so they only probably three things on this ain't original the barrel the receiver and the stock and I think this was another ones and they just kind of built and they just kind of build this out a little bit and put the barrel receiver serial number on this to make it look like it managed and on the end if you can get good picture of this Dennis let me see yeah you don't see any seola number this would had a cero this would have had a serial number also so it's kind of lends me that this may not be the original okay not completely 100% but it's interesting to me as a historic first you know context to me so port Timothy is not going to get a sport arise Mosin Nagant back from me this is going to be restored to the way it was when it was issued to this female soviet sniper and that's why it's going to be he can do what he wants to the nice thing about it is this other thing i wanted to show you see the serial number right there and see how the lines on it are the numbers have blinds going through okay that's telling you that that's the serial number of the the scope system that goes with this weapon because it comes off and on it has a boot and everything else and we know that you know mister a quick mounts and stuff like that every time you remove a weapon you have to reseal it well this design was made in such a way that the Mount was permanently affixed and it had a quick disconnect system for the scope so it only went on one way and you didn't have to worry about we zero noise so you could remove the scope but the mount would be there always well that's pretty clever I'm looking I'm looking for that scope friends over in in Russia right now also they got connections in the Ukraine and some other areas and they're looking for that scope paying good money I want I want that scope zero number if they can find it if they can find it if they can't no I just have to put something oh another one on but that's here there so I can restore it as much as possible who owned that I can't say her name I don't speak Russian somebody from Russia that speaks Russian is gonna have to come out give you the paper and shakhty by the rack number who was issued to just lady this young lady was 17 when she became a sniper for the Soviet Union anyway long story short Germans invaded Russia and and her father and her father was killed her mother and her were assaulted and raped and all that other stuff and her brother was main maimed and and made a cripple and you know they they were bad and all they were were farmers they had no weapons at all anyway she grew up after that she you know became hate she hated up Germans he wanted to kill him well yeah Soviet Union was in the business of killing Germans at that time cousin war so hey a good fit you hate Germans we want we want people who hate Germans to kill them for us and she became a sniper anyway that's it in a nutshell so sometimes when you're running around out here people you running around in you and you get some of these old weapons you're gonna chop them up make sporter eyes stop a second take a minute or two it's no hurry you know the world's not coming to an end there's nobody invading that you have to do this right away to this weapon to protect yourself I mean you just you know just take a minute to find out some information about the weapon it's in its history you might be surprised what you find there have been people who have found different things by you know dude stopping and looking a little bit and you know it's always nice to know the history of a weapon before you do something to it that permanently changes its looking and feeling everything else bit like I said Kim sorry for watching this your Mosin Nagant is stained and mows in the gun original and as soon as I'm through I'll get back to you it's gonna take a while because I'm I want to get the scope I want to get the scope on it it's kind of interesting anyway if you have any comments about that about this subject and what I say today down below I like that little finger there seen of course there's nothing there on my screen but write your comments ask me a question about it and or something else or whatever you want to talk about you know I'm open to anything and please my children say something about liking it hitting the like button still don't quite understand that stuff but I'm supposed to say it please hit the like button other than that you have a super fun day and remember keep the powder dry

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  1. Thank you for the excellent video and for your service to our country. I also have a "Ex-Sniper" mosin nagant. I'd like to find more information on the history of my rifle, but I'm not having much luck finding any information based on the serial numbers. How were you able to find out so much about your rifle? Did you find information on a particular website or book?

  2. Hey,guys,I hope that you would decide to make it in a right way because I know,what does that mean-an original Mosin sniper version!Once I excavated a Mosin which was assembled of many different Mosins-any of it's serial numbers didn't match but I noticed that the barrel had a serial number with letters "CH",equal to English like "SN" which means "sniper",and by two other differences like the flowing for the extractor and the fact that it's outside diameter was decreasing from rear to the front I knew exactly that it was 100% a sniper barrel.I was very lucky because in fact that was an abandoned partisans' stash and the bore preserved thanks to the oiled rag inside the whole it's length and the locked bolt with the round chambered.And what I can tell you without unnecessary data is that for making it legal to own (outside restoration and stamping which was only made because it was impossible to register any excavated guns by the laws of that day,and after that dealing with the registration bureau to register it without a legal possibility to,which costs a lot and also finding all the necessary parts )costed me like 8 similar guns in the store,which are always just fake-snipers in Russian gun stores or if not,then they are worn like shit.But it worth it.
    And now I live in Canada and I would agree to exchange those barrel and receiver only to three complete Mosins or whatever you want for the same price,of course in case if you would decide not to do like it was told in the video.

  3. where are you located at. I am 18 year old and I inherited and old rifle it looks like WWll and I would like to get it restored and see if it shoots. I dont know the model because the engraving is really worn out. Thanks for reading this.

  4. Thank You Old Mate, Loved Your cap and the Mossen story. I am currently seeking a previously molested, sportrised 303 SMLE, 'the rifle of british empire' the commonwealth, to renovate as my 'ranch / farm truck rifle', extending the stock butt to fit my 16" trigger pull, (hay stop that, my knuckles don't quite drag along the ground ), also some timber insert for my cheek rest, and an 'alpine full under barrel stock / manlicher type'. My property is mountainous, and while not quite the swiss alps, 'manlicher type stock' , my kind of knod to rifle styles in history. All ex military fire arms have a history, story to tell. I do share your historical considerations around the 'rifle in hand'. Phil h thanks again for this content

  5. A verry exiting story behind the discovery. I am verry curious if there are updates arround the rifle, like info about the person like pictures? or the scope . What would be the value today by full restoration.
    Greetings from me and my country Nederland

  6. Great Video Sir, I am very glad You are restoring this Rifle back to its original condition. very interesting history. I have an old Finnish M39 that has alot of Charecter, I would love to know the History on it. I hit the like Button.

  7. This sounds way too close to the storyline on Call of Duty finest Hour the female snipers name was Natalia its just too familiar of a story kind of cool if it is but amazing that you have such an awesome piece of History hopefully one day I can afford to buy an original sniper

  8. I really like how you tracked the history of your rifle. Snipers should be kept as snipers, especially one with a story like this.

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