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Resident Evil 7: The Story of Bio-Weapon E-001

Resident Evil 7: The Story of Bio-Weapon E-001

So maybe it’s clear to some if not all people by now that the E-001 Bioweapon Eveline is extremely flawed not so much as a human, but as a weapon. This does require a concise and clear explanation. What’s her purpose?, Or her endgame and why is she such a stinking brat? To make a long story short, Eveline was being taken on a ship Transported through The Gulf of Mexico enroute to Central America to be taken to a second Lab Mia Winters and Alan were to play the part of Mother and Father as to not raise any suspicions to the crew on board Their orders were to dispose of her if anything were to go wrong Unfortunately things did go wrong, Eveline escaped captivity while aboard the ship Got into the heads and killed everyone on board Only to leave Mia alive, Because of a special affinity she had for her The ship without a captain and due to a hurricane, Veered off course and ended up capsizing and exploding in the wetlands of Southern Louisiana Mia and Eveline were found and taken in by the Baker Family in the remote location of Dulvey Completely unaware of any danger either of them posed. So just what is Eveline’s malfuntion? We learned through the main game that, Eveline is a bioweapon. She is a product of genetic modification during the embryonic stage Her sole purpose is to infiltrate a population as normal little girl and disarm them from within By using her secretions of the mutamycete to turn them into willing subjects While the E-Series is still quite flawed despite what the R&D report says “Perfected” All this didn’t go without a little trial and error Before the first of the E-Series (being Eveline) There was the A through D Series of experiments. Essentially how these were created were by introducing the mutamycete genome to a human embryo and cultivating it for a period of time Most turned out impractical and faulty. Eveline is also able to create organisms called “Molded” from the filaments of the fungus called mycelia These creatures are tough and have great strengths Though it is not explicitly specified It is shown through picture cells of test experiments on an X-Ray illuminator 5 minutes after the dose of the E-Series mycelia, the host begins vomiting After 10 minutes the host will die, We see this through Alan But 12 minutes after the dose, The body calcifies From there, We can assume the reanimation process takes place under the control of Eveline Basically what the molded’s mycelia does is form an exoskeleton Recomposing various body parts or entire bodies of corpses, As we can gather through various points of the game. That is why you may see, some molded missing appendages here and there A good example is the transformed head of the Officer// Deputy// Oh.. uhm sorry What strikes me is a little Inconsistent Is that it appeared the host had to be alive in order for the mycelia to spread. But that did not turn out to be the case with the deputy as he was obviously transforming, Postmortem. Now if you’re wondering how a 10 year old little girl is supposed to infiltrate a population in secret and blend in Well it’s a little easier than you may think! While posing as an orphan, There are plenty of families that will see a poor, abandoned little girl and take her in. Through Eveline’s mind control she can quite easily manipulate them, Make them think she is their biological daughter and use them (or others) to disarm a population of terrorists Without anyone suspecting a thing. And it really makes you wonder does she take on the race of the family she targets, By making everyone hallucinate how she really looks? For all Intents and purposes, It wouldn’t be very effective for a white girl to blend in as a biological daughter of a family of a completely different race. The complex she exhibits with Mia being her mommy maybe why she looks kinda like Mia Maybe why she looks kinda like Mia, If that’s the case. Speculation aside it’s basically a discrete and silent warfare to render other bioweapons, Obsolete. She has this family concept in her head and uses her Mutamycete to infect their brains, And make them believe she is their daughter. But this concept of family was never intentional. For example Lucas, who began working with Tentsu, The company responsible for her Within a year after the incident, Emails them this message, (As Lucas): “I was wondering Is this whole family obsession, Something you guys programmed into her?” Lucas shows absolutely no knowledge of what Eveline was designed for, Despite there being an R&D report in the next room! That explains it was not really planned that way, That she seems to settle upon families the theme for her mental control Presumably to blend into social groups. Because of this flaw in the first of the E-Series, Eveline is unable to control herself when it comes to kidnapping several people in order to add them to her family. In fact she has kidnapped over 20 people Lucas says, “Eveline’s family obsession is getting out of hand, …she’s kidnapping more and more assholes off the street to add to her freak show of a family.” The R&D report says that, “Possibly, She wants to blend in with a family to make up for a perceived lack of parental love in her quarantined upbringing.” This could be true, But I lean more Towards her being more of a biological fuckup as she was never engineered to murder. Jack doesn’t seem to think so despite EVERYTHING, He stills sees the good in her, OooOOOOoohhHHh, what a guy! Eveline’s drawing on a wooden board is her idea of a perfect family It shows her obsession with the idea of having a Mother, Father, Brother, and Sister. But it goes beyond even that, Where the fundamental flaw in her thinking becomes most apparent …can be seen through one of her drawings, It blatantly says, “MY FAMILY” With several little stick people and not just the four. There’s a whole drawer of shoes, I don’t know what that means but it’s possibly from victims It’s also pretty clear she tends to want to replace people as in the case with Jack and Ethan. You can also see a very symbolic drawing as a hallucination in her bedroom and at the very beginning of the game. It’s a spiral loop that keeps repeating the words, (Childish Voice) “I’m sorry Daddy, I’m so sorry. I would not be bad. [Cracks up] God i don’t know, i can’t do that! (Normal Voice) “I’m sorry Daddy, I’m so sorry. I would not be bad.” In my mind, This symbolizes the cycle of trying to replace her dad over and over and over again. So what we wound up with is a bioweapon that has a compulsive nature to make a family and continue to replace them Who is obsessed with killing whoever she feels like if they resist or just aren’t up to par Eveline has a mindset of a little girl even Lucas makes mention of this. And without any parenting, being held in captivity her whole life, She has no set morals of right or wrong, Is unable to control her powers when emotion overrides logic, And she is just bratty. As a result she was a walking disaster just waiting to happen. On top of all those flaws to her design She rapidly ages as you have seen through the main game You know- you should know by now, that that Old Lady you see time and time again is Eveline And when you see the young girl it is how she chooses to project herself as a hallucination. I’d say she ages approximately 25 to 30 years in a single year It was likely only a matter of time before she died of old age. As we know, There is a serum and an E-Necrotoxin, The serum is created by performing [blank] (I-I don’t know? tests maybe?) on samples of Eveline’s body tissue Okay? But we see through the game that Zoe creates the serum through the combined use of a D-Series arm and a D-Series head. Where did she get that idea? Whatever the case, Unless she uses them in tandem with Eveline’s body tissue, Then there wouldn’t be a contradiction, That would make sense It’s never really mentioned how it works But, It really doesn’t matter how it’s processed as long as it doesn’t lead to any confusing plot holes. WOoOoOoOwWW, Where do we start?, I’m ready! Are you ready? Okay, Here we go! First, The memo on creating the serum, Never mentioned using Eveline’s body tissue, Whereas the R&D report too says the process “Requires it” While neglecting to mention anything about the D-Series body parts And why those specific body parts. Why are you only able to create enough serum for the two people? What is she even doing? And how does she even know what she’s doing? At the same time, What series this serum is for is blanked out in the memo. So for all we know, We could be creating the wrong serum altogether. Second, That report also states, “Administering the serum to an infected subject will cause the mycelia to calcify, But if the subject cells are already largely invaded The serum will be fatal, Since the treatment window is so small The serum’s primary use is therefore disposal of infected subjects, rather than a cure.” We use the serum on Jack to kill him and it works! Then, We come to another decision to cure either Mia Or Zoe ( Mind you Mia has been infected for a slightly longer time than Zoe) Mia also exhibits behavior being pretty far gone. Bouncing between mid and late stages of the infection. If you use the serum on her it works! She leaves with Ethan at the end presumably cured. HOORAAAY!!! But hey you know what that’s pretty contradictory of the memo that states it should kill her! Regardless of the memo I think the serum was supposed to cure Zoe too She seems to have handled herself a lot better than Mia, And is visually the most unaffected person in the game. And after using the serum on her, She calcifies much like Jack did and dies. But as you can see Eveline’s tentacle mass appears and that leads to her death. This leads me to believe that Eveline sped up Zoe’s infection so the serum would kill her instead. Good timing, Evie! Well played! You managed to frustrate every player that chose her! Then there is an E-Necrotoxin, The R&D report explains, “In exploring the serum’s potential, We found that subjecting it to [blank] would enhance its effects to extreme potency, Becoming a compound we now call E-Necrotoxin, Which [blankety-blank, blank, blanks] in even tiny amounts.” The E-Necrotoxin is supposed to kill Eveline. And the process in which you create this compound makes complete sense! You put the blood sample into A machine that does blankety-blank Then, You get the needle with a compound and inject it into Eveline She cries like a ten year old girl And melts into a pool on the ground and dies. Oh wait, Never mind! She’s back!!! Tentsu, Didn’t you guys test this shit?! YES, Yes they did! Why she survives after this injection is a complete contradiction to what you’ve come to expect. Instead, It takes what seems to be specialized bullets to finally take her down for good. For more on the contradictions and plot holes I’ve uncovered while analyzing this game, Be sure to check out my next video on Resident Evil 7. Honestly I only just scratched the surface And thank you all for watching this video Please subscribe or consider becoming a patron Like these selfless wonderful people who pledged to me monthly on Patreon A shout out to my new patrons, being: JAY, JACK BRISTOW, ESETREMENDO & BRANDON WEAVER. And a very special shout out to the following patrons, THE LEGENDARY: CHRIS, G S X P, & JAY THE HEROIC: TYLER HUNTER AND JACK BRISTOW THE ELITE: ANDREAS BIRNBAUMER, ALEX LOUPE, JONATHAN RYAN, SCHWIFTY, & Σ. UNDINE GOODNIGHT. Please subscribe or become a patron. Thanks again and see you around

Reader Comments

  1. The infection is not a death, they are still concious and alive until the infection takes over the host body completely, and simultaneously the host mind, and can be cured. And those mold monsters are purely mycelium coagulated to try and attack you, they are without a host.

  2. Even with some graphical flaws and glitches, this game was a masterpiece in 3D PSVR. The idea of a funghus growing on dead bodies and use the decaying fluids and bio-mass to create disgusting new monsters formed of the corpse`s bones and muscle myofibrills now working again thanks to various funghi activities inside the dead body`s cells, is truly frightening and well done. But some questions remain unanswered. It`s still unclear what Eveline has to do with the fungus – does she spread it by breathing out or spitting on a victim? (There is a scene and a document saying Eveline is vomiting the funghi.) Is the Baker family eating their victims, or is Eveline using the victims to create the "molded" monsters in the basement with their bodies and body-parts?

  3. Unpopular opinion: I REALLY pity Evie, she IS evil but no one taught her better. Maybe thats why the father feels that way. Bc if you think about it, it couldnt been her fault that these ppl decided to take her away and make her into some some sort of monster with these test thingies. In all honesty; I feel bad for her, but its best to kill her to end her suffering. (Lol late to the party)

  4. Well, it didn’t kill Jack either. He became that monster that we boxed to death. In a Resident Evil game.

  5. Let's be clear, not one of these viruses or bio-engineered things are viable weapons; except to idiotic hack writers. The only use of these are as lab samples to help design usable vaccines and/or cures. Cause only psychotic mass murderers would use these things, ever.

  6. Actually whats the obsession about little dark haired girls by Japanese? I mean, The Ring, this… it's some cultural pedopholia or what?

  7. E-001 is designed to rapidly age without stabilizing agents. It's a design to keep her in control if she got out of hand.

    Also it's implied that the serum didn't work as a total cure like everyone thought, it did break Mia's link to E-001.

  8. Anyone else feel slightly sad for zoe given her 'birth? 'or is it just me I'm not saying she had a right to do what she did but still

  9. Um does anyone else find the fungus scenes and just generally things appearing in classic RE fashion in this game to be SUPER bad looking and unbelievable ? If they worked on that shit more it would go a long way .. it'd be ten times creepier if a molded spawned in a realistic (none ps2 graphics looking )way like shit you'd be telling yourself it can actually happen

  10. what's with this scientists making humanoids weapons in the first place? they already failed multiple times and that cost an apocalypse that destroyed cities and village's. what's their purpose to begin with? world domination?

  11. Zoe May be getting some background info from Lucas, then again that still wouldn’t explain how she knows that specific recipe.

  12. Eveline's abilities had to be some kind of accident. There's no way anyone would intend to give a child so much power, nobody would be able to control her or even teach her right from wrong. It's why she's a brat, she isn't inherently evil. You tell a kid no and the worst they'll do is have a tantrum, whereas Eveline would just mutate the shit out of you. It's such a shame how her life was sad and short, the backstory really makes you feel sorry for her.

  13. Then, shouldn't the Bakers die in the Daughters DLC? It's clearly longer than 10 minutes until the day comes in that DLC.

  14. Ok… But how does it fit with the rest of the Resident Evil series? From what I've seen of these games, it seems to deviate quite a bit from what we know about the world.

  15. simple: the scientists didn't know that their serum could work or fail 100% but that what they know so far

  16. I start to think,if Eveline is an orphan.Thinking back to RE 2(Original And Remade) and other RE series,the subjects mostly came from The Orphanage.Maybe Eveline was taken from there since she was little,and probably overheard the workers there talking about a good family figure and learn the word,Mom or mother.(It is a theory,I acknowledged that most people at these company that made this virus and all were scientists,but at least they must missed or talked about something about their family,like Annette and Wiliam from RE 2,who must talk about Sherry sometime.)
    Having Mia as her babysitter,she probably wanted a family of her own and asked Mia to become one(like "Can I call you Mom?").

    Its a theory about a once,happy and lonely little girl,Eveline.

  17. Was it just me, or did I realize that resident evil 2 takes place, god who knows later, becuz the A though A, then E series, and resident evil 2 has the G series -_- I was blind this whole time

    But plz tell me I'm wrong

  18. I choose Mia to apply the cure, as Zoe remember's the promise Ethen made during the main story while you play "The End OF Zoe" DLC right at the end.

  19. No zoe does not die her uncle will save her but fight jack who did not die and turns into a swamp monster

  20. yeah this whole game was alll over lol. I was just like wtf is even going on. I honestly expected something different.

  21. I'm going back to play RE4 and RE5 got to the chainsaw fight stopped seen YouTube video's on this game I like more power to move around at all time's in game play this game moves for you to much for me but it does start off very strong.

  22. Many of the infected display symptoms of multiple personality disorder many of them suffer memory loss and blackouts
    These may be when the Eveline personality takes over

  23. Wow I didn't know have severe Bio Weapon E-001 was I glad it's not real because if it was I would be scared to death and I had a nightmare when I was sleeping the nightmare was about Bio Weapon E-001 was released on my home town (Oklahoma City OK) my parents were infected by Eveline and were forced to do her bidding saying things about Eveline being my sister and me being in a new family and I rejected it and they killed me would you be scared too if Bio Weapon E-001 was real?

  24. REs never had a good story, so dont bother. RE1 had a decent story and twist. Re2 meh… the rest, are all shit

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