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Repurposed for a Purpose

Repurposed for a Purpose

My name is Emily Nunez Cavness and I
served in the US Army as a Military Intelligence Officer. Just before I
began my active duty service in 2012, I thought of an idea with my sister to
repurpose military surplus material into fashionable bags and accessories that
would be made by veteran-owned American manufacturers. And, so we began working on
that when I was still an ROTC cadet. We knew we had to pursue the idea
because we cared so much about it. We cared so much about bridging the civil
military divide and empowering veteran employment, and you know,
supporting veterans and every stage of, this, this idea that we had. I reported to
Fort Carson and then about a week into that I received a phone call from the
Division Headquarters and I’d be deploying to Afghanistan in three months.
At that moment, we discussed, “Well should we move it up, should we wait until
you’re back?” Everyone had been working so hard that we knew the best time was now
and so we moved the kick starter date up, and, and put our best foot forward and
never thought that it would be as successful as it was. I got out of the
Army in 2017, as a captain, and since then I’ve been working full-time on the
company. Now, to be able to to work full-time with my sister and to be able
to share ideas face-to-face and brainstorm that way with our team, it’s
just been such an incredible journey and I’m just so thankful that I have this
opportunity to lead this business with my sister and I’m incredibly grateful
for my military service because the leadership lessons I learned while
serving have applied 100%.

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