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Reports Show NRA’s Lavish Spending On Luxuries For Wayne LaPierre | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Reports Show NRA’s Lavish Spending On Luxuries For Wayne LaPierre | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. "TRUMP IS A POS REPUBLIKKKANS , AND HIS FOLLOWERS …………FDT" lie and more lies..lock him up for treason / traitor Pos TRUMP ……

  2. I bought some new clothes at Target for the first time in months and spent $200.
    That pink sand is certainly protecting gun rights. 😒 Stupid members just like all those televangelist donors supporting nothing more than wealth distribution up the ladder.

  3. it's about time somebody investigated this organization as they have too many conflicts , and seem to think they are as powerful as the government. they should not be allowed to contribute any money or gifts to political partys , or party members. the government should make them revamp the entire organization and give them more restrictions on what they can and can't do. they also need a good audit on their books. this group of people is starting to smell like a criminal organization.

  4. ''PEOPLE NEVER CHANGE only die'' a black man might take a dollar or stab a man 4 protection?a brown man might rob a store or shoot a man 2 feed his FAMILY – BUT WHO WANT's & HAS TRYDE 2 BLOW THE WORLD – UP & is always trying to TAKE IT ALL because "their dog told them" I wonder why white people cant have babies with each other ? PEOPLE can be reborn !!!

  5. I seem to remember another member of the right wing that loved to spend money on clothing and bought himself an ostrich jacket. Sounds like a bunch of preening peacocks.

  6. Gee, the NRA could have bought so many AR-15's and a couple of tons of ammunition with all that money. Heck, they could probably have bought themselves a few howitzers too.

  7. Hi… "I am being investigated for robbery, murder and kidnapping and I want to have my lawyers present when the DA interviews one of the victims of my crime." I imagine that everyone would assume that this is a questionable request.

  8. Gee, I would hate to have to live in such a menial house as that house of Wayne LaPierre. After having been to Versailles I must have a much more lavish house than that. I too must have a palace. Guys like LaPierre make me want to retch. As for those poor schnooks who gave their money to the NRA so that Mr LaPierre can live like that, I don't feel sorry for them, I mean, no one held a gun to their head. But wait, we are talking about the NRA…..maybe someone did hold a gun to their head. I will have to reconsider this.

  9. I love drama .. Wayne's wife really enjoying her luxury life for having rich wealthy husband (she think.. who cares as long I can get all of it) so why NRA so worried.. they gave it to him?! or worry bcz they all + some gop corrupt!? they exposed themselves.. lol

  10. WAYne to go nra !!! This is the way to bankrupt this emotionally bankrupted organization. They are Not worth your support.

  11. These criminal dilettantes deserve free accommodations courtesy of The USA: namely SUPERMAX because of all of the murders that they are responsible for. So they went to The Bahamas to celebrate the Murders of all of those beautiful innocent babies.

  12. Just hope Letitia James can stop Barr from interfering in her investigations of the NRA, this right-wing is the same as trumps they need to lose their charitable status, they've been protected politically for decades and it's about time there was a proper investigation into it! High profile Russians giving them millions then they in turn pump it into the the republican party! It's dodgy by anyone's standards!

  13. NRA members need to realize that the NRA is corrupted beyond hope. The need to leave the NRA start up an better organization from scratch to replace it.

  14. This should be good. Apparently the NRA never learned that you don't poke the bear, particularly when you are locked in a cage with it.

  15. This report is hella Petty. I'm really becoming very disenchanted with Rachel Maddow… Although she has some great reports at times, I think this is just pretty ridiculous

  16. La Pierre should be in congress…..he already has the corruption well in hand, he may as well go for the graft as well. This guy is paid millions per year and can certainly buy his own suits and his own mansion instead of using monies donated by hard working members ….the greed of some people. Rescind their tax-exempt status!!

  17. It takes some ppl an entire year to earn what Wayne spent in one day in Beverly Hills. There's profit in fear and hatred.

  18. good riddance! they have had undue influence over our politics, international arms dealing, and the usually false naratives they push.

  19. This is surprising , thinking what in the world is it that this guy does for this organisation that they are willing to foot all his ridiculous bills , to cater to all his whims and fancies without a sound from any of its members . It would seem like this is a person who is so good in whatever he does that nothing can make its members change .

  20. I would rather that the gun nuts shovel all their money to the corrupt NRA, where it would be wasted on personal expenses, than if they gave it to a more sincere, competent gun organization.

  21. It's pronounced Ermeni-hildo Zeynya. But I'm assuming you intentionally butchered it to appear more down with the people.

  22. Our tax money is being wasted paying all these loser politicians, for the people, do we the people ever win, or do you people want a raise so you will do your jops like your life depends on the work you. do. When we the people lose you all should lose right with use. We the people are not pleased with the work your doing. Your fired.

  23. This story was better in Rolling Stone back during the Clinton Administration.
    It was also more accurate back then.

  24. Not only the CHURCHES and the NRA, but 99% of Republicans are JUST LIKE them! Why do you think they have ALL the ADVANTAGES, because the reTHUGlican Party makes sure they have/get them, so they can get their KICKBACKS! Isn't mind boggling that the people who support the Republican, and NOW the Democratic Leadership that ALL the TAX BREAKS & CREDITS given the 20% are OUR TAX DOLLARS being USED AGAINST US and given back to these Traitor Reps in KICKBACKS! I don't know what else we can do to expose how evil, ugly, GREEDY & CORRUPT these Reps in the House, Senate and YES, even our Presidents, Obama included!

  25. Seems As though the Orange Humpty Dumpties wall is only bringing him down, as an N.R.A supporter and the N.R.A being an Orange Humpty Dumpty donar they all are crashing down and nothing can stick them back together again, Ah Sweet Sweet freedom of information Acts and journalistic beauty, get their charity status off the books coz their tax cuts are being cooked

  26. I guess when the Russian mafia turn up with a $100million donation you can't refuse, you've got to do something with the money…

  27. These are the same people who want welfare recipients drug tested and more stringent means testing so that they can't qualify for free lunches or an extra $50/mo in food stamps. They feel entitled to these things without actually doing any of the work that they so require of others.

  28. This is just priceless. Trumpians complaining about not getting enough money from work, meanwhile they donate in the millions to fake "preachers" which spent it on luxeries, NRA which spent it on luxuries, donate to orange von tiny hands "charity" which is spent on a painting and lawyers fees ….. yeah yeah .. maybe spent less on donate to lost causes and con artists and spent it on your selves.

  29. NRA just like trump scare their own gullible base into deceit about their actions and the true outcome… the liberals have done it but this maga administration is leagues beyond even bush and all his bushit

  30. We've seen this story before … remember Jim & Tammy Faye ? The LaPierre's are the new Jim & Tammy Faye of the NRA.

  31. I like you Rachel but don't you make 7 million dollars a year reading the news? I don't think such shopping experience is very foreign to you!!!!!!!!

  32. Reminds me of some evangelical pastors – give me your money so I can buy a personal jet plane, and my huge mansion and life style so I can continue to pray for you. Shameful all!!

  33. Anyone notice how Rachel whitewashed Leticia’s name? It’s actually really annoying to hear her keep calling her Tish.

  34. Thank you MSNBC for this reporting. It's essential for the public to know about these dirty dealings and injustices. Why is it that so many wealthy people in power are so corrupt?

  35. Not surprise by all bad things NRA does. We all need to SUE them for all the blood shed that happens everyday with Guns in our Nation. Cowards GOP's, Coward and traitor NRA and even Traitor evil dictator trump will pay the price of blood on their hands.

  36. Rachel is, without doubt, the best news reporter in the US. She gets to the bottom of every misdeed and presents them without bias. I would love to see her in the White House, as President.

  37. This is another reason I'm glad I quit the NRA! The straw that broke the camel's back, was Russia funneling money through them to the Republican's and Trump during the 2016 election! Traitors to the United States!

  38. Oliver sold missile tech to Iran..Now we are going to a trump war over Oliver deeds..Oliver made millions selling out America..

  39. 😂 Why would NRA want to Sit-in on Another Entity's Deposition! 🤔 Because they Will get a Video & Transcript Copy anyway! And are Also Free to Depose Oliver North themselves if they Want? 😂 Dorks! Motion Denied!

  40. 2019: A liberal lesbian on a completely left wing t.v. show with a failing viewership has the egotistical audacity to think that her leftist drivel will have any relevance on an organization that has been around since the 1870s. Relying on reporting from The New Yorker magazine for info on the NRA? Way to stack the deck in your favor…

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