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  1. One person out of three with common sense. It's a disaster response vehicle. They have been using these well in the Louisiana floods.

  2. In Texas this thing saved love cause the roads were so flooded many vehicles couldn't save people cause they were to low this went right over the water and can carry a good amount of people which helped many people in flood areas.

  3. There's only 600 of them. Not much of a concern.
    If 319 million Americans wind up in a civil war over the 2nd amendment, these things won't matter at all.

    Frankly, I think they'd be rather useful for investigating Allahu Ackbar bullshit.

  4. It is NOT a TANK!!! It is a armored vehicle. When some Assclown shows up where you work or bank and starts shooting, You will be happy to see the police have this vehicle to save your ass!

  5. When you allow this into your town by your militarized pd. who do you think it's going to be used on and who do you think it will be used to protect. ?

  6. They are getting people used to see military in the street, just like a 3rd world country.
    The bottom line is, they are expecting a revolt.

  7. Wake up folks, who they going to use it on? Free my ass, who will maintain it, fuel it, train the troops, oops officers. They cant handle the weapons they got now!! Hello!!!!! Davis City council rightfully so , said oh no get it out of here!! When they got theirs.

  8. How about spare grenades? Should they give spare grenades and mortars to police? They could be useful in an "emergency situation".

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