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RED BULL Pilot by Darren Frehill

RED BULL Pilot by Darren Frehill

this is Peter basni a renowned pilot and world champion air racer he specializes in freestyle aerobatic and today I will join him in the cockpit to see firsthand what makes him one of the biggest names in Hungarian sport at the live of six my parents moved out next to the near-field this time I saw very first time aeroplanes and this aeroplanes we were making loops and turns rose spins and it made me yeah it's a kind of freedom so it'll fall a dream for a long time well when Peter first invited me to take this flight wear them in this wonderful play and I have to admit I was really excited but now that I'm here now that I'm sitting in the front seat of this plane I'm beginning to have second thoughts let's go Peter it's a hard job of course but in the same time it's a passion and it's a really enjoyable moment he sure is responsible for dreaming up many of the maneuvers you see at air shows nowadays and I screamed my way through all of them over the next 30 minutes talks about precision experience yellows mad hippie not meet her but it's certainly out darren 30 40 news over the skies of Budapest

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