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Recruit Receiving and Uniform Issue

Recruit Receiving and Uniform Issue

yeah [Applause] this one shove it on you in Rio wanna make sure you have everything before you go on other side dances call and show you every I left in this bin you're saying yeah I'm not sure you will put it in the bag as fast you can't and it will move to the next man Marine Corps guys look yes every item I show you you drop it in the back everybody got it yes Lars black gloves yes

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  1. Something about that drill sergeant closing the door to their futures at 2:38 is so satisfying, like he knows the new generation of marines are in good hands.

  2. BUT he had nee surgery on his leg in the Marine corps and then he didn't go in the war because of his nee

  3. Yo I fucking hated the first three days
    It feels like just yesterday I was there
    Makes me feel gross seeing those old days again

  4. These guys are just 👶🏼 It's sad that they're so young and will face things undesirable. Thank you for becoming one of the top humans in the USA!

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