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Recon fleece…up close and warm…

Recon fleece…up close and warm…

well I wanted to do a follow-up on the recon fleece which I did a very brief review on and I was wearing it outdoors and you couldn't really see the features and I've been wearing it now for probably over a week as much as I can really which is what I tend to do when I get something new more to kind of see how it sort of stacks up a you know over a course of a day and a week and all the rest of it and just sort of kind of finding features or you know the plusses or the minuses as you go along when I sort of first commented on it I mentioned the zip pulls which are just these very basic pieces of cord I wasn't too impressed with them mainly because they're they're just cheap but they actually work really well and I can't really fault the the the jacket for for having that but I just wanted to show you a close-up of the jacket so this is the the Recon fleece by combat UK on the right sleeve here you've got a single pocket on the shoulder and inside that you've got kind of mesh lining which is I think it'll actually help with the ventilation but obviously you couldn't really have the zip open for that but certainly with the the big pockets here they've got a mesh lining inside and you can see that and here there's also a pen holder which I hadn't really noticed the first time around on the right hand side pocket these are quite high up as you know on the body so they're not quite at the the waist height they're a bit above that you've got velcro sort of patches here which you can put your mark morale badges on and you've got a thumb loop on both the sleeves which not crazy you know crazy keen on that sort of feature but it's there and it could be handy on the front you've got a long zip which goes all the way up to the the neck and you've got this hooded section here so that the the zip does not shave under your chin and if you like me with a bit of a beard and things like that there's nothing worse than the the zip when you've got it all the way up actually kind of rubbing under your chin and can be really really annoying so full and zip on the inside you can see the the back of the pocket there's the mesh section so if you've got the pocket fully open I think that will help with a bit of a sort of circulation of air on the Left sleeve here I guess it's designed primarily for right-handed people you've got an upper pocket which you're going has got the the mesh lining in this has got the sort of mp3 player headphone slot there so that you can have your headphones coming out of there and then you've got a smaller pocket lower down the sleeve here which is what I would call a coin pocket or a key pocket because it's not very big but you know it's quite useful I have actually used that for coins over the last week or so so it's worked quite well another velcro patch on the upper shoulder there and again you've got the the mesh on the inside of the pocket here so if you've got them the zips open you will get a bit of ventilation on that I've actually found that inside there is another sort of pocket which is just here I don't if you can see that so you've actually got like a subdivision within the the pockets themselves so you've actually got a pocket here which is I find really useful for putting sunglasses or just regular glasses in another pen pocket there so these were things that I didn't really do cover straightaway until I was wearing it you've got wasted justice so you've got two of those down here it's a pretty standard kind of design with a bead on the the cord there and then you just put it through with a little metal reinforcements there to allow for that shock cord this particular one is a medium it's actually quite a generous size and it's why again what I would describe as a blouse on style jacket you've got a very good sort of long zip that goes all the way up to the the neck and you've got a hood on here which is very comfortable there's no adjustment on the hood now on some of these fleeces you will get a kind of elasticated section which would go all the way around the hood and then there's a couple of the toggles just like on the waist on on the sides here I might actually add that myself just as a little project in the future but I'll see how that goes but again this is a medium jacket very very well cut was slightly sort of shorter in length I don't know why but I kind of expected it to be a bit longer but it actually worked out really well so definitely for the money I would say you know worth it this particular one from combat UK and they retail around this sort of 30 pound mark I believe approximately so yeah not a bad jacket at all quite a good fleece a very warm with the weather we've had recently it's been incredibly warm like I've worn this with just a base layer underneath and I've been absolutely fine I'd been out walking on the beach and things like that but it's just a follow up anyway so that's the recon fleece from combat UK there are lots of variations and people make versions of these really good good sort of quality jacket this particular color is what they call coyote coyote brown some people call it sand or Karki and it comes also in black and I believe military green but hopefully that helps if anybody's thinking of one of these and I'll leave you in peace and talk to

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  1. had one of these for about a year and wear it loads. Thinking of getting a second one in black. I'm 6ft2 and 44 chest, a large is fine for size, snug when worn with a sweater underneath on the coldest days

  2. Thanks you for the review. Just ordered 4 of these, do you think i can just wear one over a tshirt in zero degree temperatures ? not to be siting outside in the cold, but for walking ? Let me know from your experience please, thank you.

  3. Ross, thanks for the detailed follow-up. It seems to be a really, useful jacket with handy pockets. Now to find one available in the US. 😉 Peace

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