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[Real men] 진짜 사나이 – Interviewing Before Joining The Military 20160515

[Real men] 진짜 사나이 – Interviewing Before Joining The Military 20160515

My little brother is a little more active than me, and– –And a little more delicate, and my older brother is more manly– Who wins the fights? I win them
No, I win them. In America, I’m the older brother. She didn’t ask anything like that. Just letting her know. (argues) Together, twice the laughter! Twin gagmen, Lee Sangho, Lee Sangmin! As for the army…we were discharged from the conscripted policeman service. We enlisted at the same time, but took a test and failed So I failed and enlisted at Seoul and the older brother went to Daejeon. Those two years were the first time–
So that was your first time. Yeah, it was the first time (we lived separately). After sleeping next to each other for–Actually, we still sleep together. Since I was sleeping alone at the army, even though there were others sleeping next to me, I felt lonely. Private Lee Sangmin. Private Second Class, Lee Sangmin!
I am Lee Sangho! –Lee Sangmin–Why are your faces so similar? It is because we are twins! Do you know what “dongbanipdae” (enlisting as a pair) is? Is there something like that? That’s what we call “dongbanipdae.” Oh. Friend, friend!
Friend? JackBam. With Bambam, this thing called JackBam. All of our fans know what it is. When we first came to Korea, I was 17 and he was 14. Ever since we were idol trainees, Like, we couldn’t speak Korean, so we tended to stick to each other. To be honest, I think of BamBam as a really close little brother, and I adore him a lot. I adore him, and I think of him as my person. I think I’ll be able to help him when we’re in trouble. Even when we’re in trouble with our training officer, I’m okay with being scolded, but he doesn’t hit people, right? Even if he hits us, he doesn’t have any kind of weapon, right? If he hits you, I’ll say “hit me too!”

Reader Comments

  1. ไม่ได้อยากดูคู่อื่นเลย อยากดู Jackbam มากค่ะ ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Jackson was like"JackBam all of our fans know this" and I was like "yeeeeeeees yes he knows he understands!!!!"

    and people tell me why do I love him,, I just do, i don't need a reason for that

  3. my own understanding of this:
    Interviewer: And now, for today's interview, we have GOT7's Jackson and Bambam! So, newly-weds, how is the married life so far?
    JackBam: talks about how they first met and how it blossomed into friendship and grow into something more, looks at each other lovingly, links arms and does lovey-dovey couple stuffs
    Interviewer: So, what will be the name for your kid?
    Bambam: JackBam!
    Interviewer: What does JackBam mean?
    Jackson: Jackson plus Bambam!

    Yep : ' )

  4. saw some of their clips I dont know them yet because of BTS… but after I saw jackson from korean show, housemates, I became Got7 fan 😊😍jackson then Bambam then Mark and others… JBs unending and viral laugh Yugyeum wittiness youngjae's silliness 😋

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