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[Real men] 진짜 사나이 – excessive mime Ryu Seung Soo 20160522

[Real men] 진짜 사나이 – excessive mime Ryu Seung Soo 20160522

This Shin Ha-kyun…the movie actor? Yes, I’m friends with Hakyun. Yo, friend?
Hi, man! Hey Hakyun! Where are you? I’m outside! I’m going in to film Real Men tomorrow. Oh, really? Wish me luck Oh, man… You’re going to have a hard time. Take care of your body, you’re going to break something! Break a bone? Yes, Hakyun is my friend. Oh…friend? You’re not older? Yes, I look a little old…ahem. We’re friends. That, uh…Jo Jae Yoon? He’s a year younger than us?! 1974, the year of the tiger. 74?
Yes. “The medicine I take currently are…” Hair restoration pills…” is what you wrote Are you balding badly? Yes. Uh, sorry. I bald a lot. I have to eat it, no matter what. Do you have any extra? My little brother takes them, too, but he didn’t bring any. Sorry. I brought them exactly according to date. Don’t forget to take them. Thank you. Next, Trainee Ryu Seung Soo Trainee Ryu Seung Soo It says you’re good at mimes Can you show us a short mime? Yes, I will show you. It’s a needle. I’m sorry. Is he acting?
Yes. I’m sorry. I thought it was really there. In college, I was the president of our mime club. You did the mime really well.
Really? It was a little less impressive than we expected. The needlework…I was so surprised. I couldn’t have guessed it was going in the cheek. You have a lot of talents.

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