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[Real men] 진짜 사나이 – Chan Ho Park be left in the basket 20160522

[Real men] 진짜 사나이 – Chan Ho Park be left in the basket 20160522

Hello, sir. Are you both enlisting in pairs?
Yes, sir. Are both partners present?
Yes, sir. Now, hold hands with your partner. (This is a system that allows you to enlist as a pair with a friend or sibling) Proceed while holding the hand of your friend. Hold hands? Honestly, at first, it was so awkward to go in holding hands.
It was more awkward. You’ll be admitted in just a moment. Don’t let go of your partner’s hand Until you arrive at your destination, understood?
Yes, sir. We’ll be entering now. Proceed. We’ll go in first. Are both partners here?
Yes, sir. Hold each other’s hands. Let’s hold hands. Don’t let go of that hand. You’re going to enter now.
Proceed. Proceed.
Proceed! My partner wasn’t coming… I made eye contact with the instructor very often. Imagine how scary that was. Where in the world is Park Chan Ho’s partner? Where are you?
I’m at school. SeoYoon, daddy is at the army now. Oh. Don’t you have anything to say? You should give me some energy, I’m feeling very restless right now. Don’t squeeze my hand so hard. It hurts. Stand straight. March in like a man. It looks better than I thought. Be careful. They could be watching. The base is so nice. It looks like a botanical garden. You think you’re at a picnic, right? Isn’t it nice? Holding hands like this. Your palm isn’t even sweaty.
They said we can’t let go! They’re all wearing red caps. No, there’s a man wearing a black one over there. You can’t let go of my hand. I’m not supposed to let go, right?
Yeah. Pay attention!

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