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Real Doctor Reacts to THE NIGHT SHIFT | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

Real Doctor Reacts to THE NIGHT SHIFT | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

– I’ve worked the night shift
many times in my career. So, I’m excited to watch this show. Are you ready to rock? Let’s roll. (upbeat R&B music) – We’re losin’ him.
– Do something! – I can’t stop the bleeding.
– Take out the branch! – [Doctor] I can’t take out the branch. He’ll bleed out. – That’s good advice. (laughs) You never wanna
take out any object that’s inserted into you
or gets impaled into you. Taking out the branch is a bad idea. If someone’s bleeding out,
the first thing you wanna do is apply as much pressure as possible. If that’s not working, you
have to create a tourniquet. And a tourniquet can
be made from anything. You can rip off a shirt sleeve
and wrap it around the area. Just remember, you have
to go closer to the body with the tourniquet
from where the wound is. So, for example, if the
wound is right here, you wanna put the tourniquet on here. – A streamliner is cut. I’m gonna clamp it. We’re gonna use his blood. Start a line. Go, go, go, go! – Maybe this is something you learn when you’re learning about war trauma. This is not something
I’ve ever been taught. This sounds ludicrous. It looks ludicrous. It’s giving me the heebie jeebies. (chuckles) I hope no one does this as an EMT. – Holy crap, it’s working! – Where’d you learn that?
– Afghanistan. – See? Afghanistan. He’s a war guy. – Hi. (loud gasp) I’m Dr. Alexander and
I’m going to deactivate your defibrillator with a magnet. – Jordan, this is my patient! – You should have been
the one helping her. – If anything happens, we’re legally– – The only thing that’s going to happen is that you are going to
stop feeling like a horse is kicking you in the chest, okay? It’s perfectly safe. (labored breathing) There we go. – I’m not 100% familiar with
pacemakers and defibrillators and how to turn them off. There are reps onsite within my hospital that we do call if there’s a malfunction. I’ve never had a defibrillator
that would shock a patient repeatedly over and over again. That’s never happened to me. I didn’t know about the magnet trick. It’s kinda cool. I need to look into that further
because I guess this could happen to one of my patients
and if I have a magnet lying around, I should help them. – You got real lucky
taking that branch out. – Luck had nothing to do with it, Hank. – I heard about it over dispatch. That’s a hell of a way
to start your shift. – Wouldn’t have been my first choice. – Geez, T.C. You look like crap. – Yeah, getting a tree
out of a guy’s stomach tends to be a little messy. – (laughs) Okay. We don’t just change in
the middle of the hospital and start showing off. Well, this guy is showing off his body. I love these dramatic
shows and they make it fun and interesting to watch,
but okay, not realistic. I have to call that out right away. – I’m done being nice about this. – (laughs) This is nice. – You know what? I am going to ride you
until I get that paperwork– – (groans) You have a boyfriend, Jordan, so sex with me is not gonna happen. (winces) – I don’t know if this
is a complete rip-off of “Grey’s Anatomy”, but he really reminds
me of Patrick Dempsey. I don’t know if you guys agree but. – We met last year at
the intern interviews. Talked about the MCATs. You scored a 34, right?
– 35. – Oh, I got, like, a 35.6. – Good for you. – The way the MCAT works when I took it, it was a three-part test. For example, if you
got 10s on one section, 10 on another section,
those actually you get a 30. I didn’t know you could
get decimal points. I guess that’s something new? – I wouldn’t be doing that, new guy. – No worries, man. I know what I’m doing, all right? I can juggle anything. Even junk from the lost and found. – Yeah. Yeah, that’s not lost and found. Those are things the doc’s been takin’ out of people’s rectums this month. (laughs) (groans) (ball squeaks) (laughing) – [Krista] I’d wash my
hands if I were you. – I wanna be seen now!
– Sir, I– – I said now, (bleep)! – Whoa! Hey, hey! – Sir, you’re gonna have to–! (shouting) – Hey, calm down! (landing punches) – Hey, hey, hey. Bubba, bubba, hey, calm down, all right? We don’t want any trouble here. (yelling in pain) – (laughs) All right, this would not fly. Patients go wild like this. It happens. Especially those under the
influence of drugs, alcohol, and that sort of thing. This is heavily under reported. Healthcare worker abuse,
whether that’s nurses, doctors, PAs, pharmacists, whoever
it may be, get abused often and often meaning more than it should. And it doesn’t raise any headlines. It doesn’t raise any
alarms, but it needs to. We shouldn’t have to have
patients yelling at us and punching us and threatening
us and throwing things down because we’re there to help people. But, what this doctor’s
doing is also uncool. Stop choking people. You’re gonna hurt someone for real. – You admitted her. I told ’em to transfer her back to Corpus. – I determined that she wasn’t
stable enough to travel. – She was fine! She could have gone. – Is that your opinion, Doctor? Wait, that’s right! You’re not a doctor. – Tension between doctors
and administrators definitely exists. I wouldn’t say it’s this bad. Generally, though, everyone has the patient’s best interest at heart. Not everyone is so money
hungry as they’re making this gentleman out to be. They definitely think about
profits more than they should, but I don’t think they would ever put in jeopardy a child’s life. Especially a baby’s life. The difficult part about
being a hospital administrator is that you are constantly
forced to make a decision. Let’s say keeping the baby
will cost you so much money, these type of losses will
become larger and larger, and then the hospital will
be forced to close down, you’re hurting thousands of people. If not, millions of people. I don’t know how many people have come to this hospital, but. It’s a tough decision. It’s not an easy position to be in. So, I don’t envy that job. But, like I always say, be a human first. Hospital administrator or
doctor or whoever you are. Human first. – [T.C.] Welcome to our break room! (uptempo Country music) – [Paul] Look at this place! It’s insane! – (laughs) This is awesome! – I want a break room like that! What?! In one hospital, we had a ping pong table and nobody wanted to leave that room. They have a full functioning
bar and a basketball hoop?! That’s amazing! – Guys, we got a GSW! Drew, you’re up! – Gunshot wound. – BP and blood rate dropping. – [Jordan] All right,
what’s happening in here? – Simple GSW. I got the bullet, but he’s still bleeding. You check for fragments? – I got the whole bullet. – Bone fragments. – When you have a gunshot
wound, taking out the bullet is not the most important
aspect of treating someone. Because just taking out
the bullet doesn’t stop the problem that’s going
on with the patient and that’s bleeding. So, you need to control the bleeding and in order to control the bleeding, you need to find the
source of the bleeding. So, pulling out the bullet is one step. But, there’s a lot of people that still have bullets even in them. Because we stop the bleeding
and there is no medical need to take out the bullet. – If we keep her, what do
I tell the next 50 people who come in here that we
cannot afford to treat? – I’ll treat them. – God, T.C.! Did you not learn anything from being kicked out of the army? (groans) You are an amazing doctor,
but for some reason, they thought that they
were better off without you during a war! What does that tell you? – They care more about
politics than lives. – The problem with being too altruistic, and there is such thing
as being too altruistic, is you become an idealist
and at times as a doctor, you can become an idealist. You have to be rational,
you have to be practical, you have to be quick thinking. If you constantly put
your hospital in the red because you either over-order a test or you perform procedures that won’t be covered by insurances, you could bankrupt the hospital system and force the hospital system to close and then hurt so many more people. (female patient winces) – Sorry. – Has it always been this
size or has it gotten bigger? – [Female Patient] Uh, it’s gotten bigger in the last few years. – [Topher] Whoa! – Look, I’m sorry to bother you with this. It’s just been hurting so much lately. It’s been hard to work. – What have other doctors say? – That I don’t have insurance. – I work in Atlantic Health
System Overlook Medical Center where we have a fantastic
charity care system. That if someone makes a
small amount of money, is uninsured, they can
almost be seen for free. I mean, some of the charges, like, to see a doctor, is like, $10 or $5. They’re very low. If you’re faced with this
dilemma, you don’t have insurance, you think you should get checked out or you wanna get check
out, it doesn’t mean because you don’t insurance, nobody’s gonna take care of you. Figure out a way to get
seen, talk to social workers, talk to government employees. There’s usually a program that we can tap to get you the help that you need. – T.C. drives me nuts, but
there’s no shock there. – Oh. You two don’t get along? – (sighs) It’s complicated. – Sounds like an interesting story. (laughs) – Oh, it’s a long one. ♪ Romance drama incoming ♪ – Well, if the patient can’t pay, then they get the minimum treatment. They just cost us too much money. – Well, if all you care about is money, I can save you a ton. Just shut down the hospital. Then, you won’t have to treat anybody. – Well, if we keep hemorrhaging losses, they will shut this place down. – Oh, come on. – I don’t usually agree
with administrators, but I agree here. In Afghanistan or in a war
zone, you have no choice! If you don’t act, this person dies. So, even if you’re not giving
them the best quality care, you’re doing the best that
you can in that moment to save their life. But, in a time where you pull
up on the side of an accident non-sterile, the best thing
you can do for the patient is get them to a hospital
as soon as possible. Not to perform surgery in the woods. – T.C., you’re not as tough
as people say you are. (loud punch) – That’s a fireable
offense in any hospital. So, I’m curious what’s gonna happen next. ‘Cause he went. (loud smack) Bam! – Okay, we’re gonna take care of you. Someone’s gonna get you out of here. Pull me up!
– How bad? – His skull is separated
from the spinal column. I can see ’em moving
separately with each breath. – [Topher] Oh my god. How is he still alive? – By some miracle. – Drama really does live here. Um, saying that his skull is
separated from his spinal cord and that he sees it
moving with each breath, I’ve never heard this! It sounds dramatic. It is dramatic. Could it happen? Yes. The fact that he diagnosed it so quickly in this type of situation is impressive. – We gotta get out of here
in the next 10 minutes. A storm is movin’ in! – Okay, let’s do this. – There wasn’t enough drama. They add a storm coming. – When we cut this thing open. – I gotta keep still. – And maybe the car will light on fire. (laughs) And maybe an
active shooter situation will start taking place. I feel like whatever can go wrong is gonna go wrong in this situation. – You can’t fire him
because medically speaking, he is irreplaceable. – Everybody can be replaced! – If you hit anybody, let alone a hospital
administrator, you’re fired. You should be fired. That means you can’t control yourself. And no self-control makes a bad doctor. I don’t care how talented you are. – Come on. Let’s do this before someone
walks in on us, please. – What are they doing? (high pitched ringing) – Clear. – Clear.
– Clear. (loud bang) (loud gasp) – All right. There we go. Trust me, you don’t want your first time beating on someone who really needs it. Paul, you’re up. – (laughs) We don’t shock
dead patients for practice. (sighs) – You did a spinal
decapitation surgery in a tent. (laughs) I’m impressed. – Yeah?
– Yes, I am. Very. (sighs and laughs) – I really thought he was gonna make it. – Oh my gosh. I don’t know why I’m so
frustrated with this show. He was a doctor in Afghanistan, had performed neurosurgical
procedures/surgeries, and was bad at them because
he wasn’t trained to do them? It doesn’t sound surprising to me. I don’t follow the logic. This show is not for medical folks. – I know we’re not together anymore, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve
stopped caring about you. – She woves him. – Unbelievable! This guy’s got a .3 alcohol
level, creams another car, and he only ends up with a
black eye and a boo-boo neck. Get him in recovery. – .3 alcohol level is
very, very, very high. Just so you’re aware. Very, very high. I’m talking about, like, a
bottle and a half of vodka high. – This button. And your hand controls the
morphine from this machine that’s next to your bed. It’s to help ease your pain. – Oh. – Button. Morphine. Pain. – That’s not right. People make mistakes. You have to treat everyone whether or not they’re a criminal, not a criminal. It’s not your job to figure
out who’s right and who’s wrong in any situation. As a doctor, you take the Hippocratic Oath for that exact reason. You will treat anybody regardless
of their race, religion, criminal status, not criminal status, war criminal, not war criminal. Everybody. You can’t be deciding and playing God who you are and you aren’t saving. – Just take a nap. Okay, you need to be very still. We only have one shot at this. – When you take a nap, I don’t know if it’s ever happened to you. It happens to me all the time. You get, like, a little chivalrous when you’re falling asleep. And that’s really bad for an MRI ’cause you have to stay very still. So, taking a nap is
not always good advice. – I loved the army team and I will not risk
losing that for anything. Coming out is not an option. (heavy sigh) – That is so gay. (chuckles) – Your sexual preference
doesn’t define you. It doesn’t define the
type of person you are. You’re a doctor. Your job is to be a doctor. All of those things don’t matter. If you like women, if you like men, if you like heavier people,
if you like skinnier people. It doesn’t matter if
you’re good at your job and you follow rules and
you don’t slap people! – I loved hearing from my new
boss that I’m banging her ex. – Mm. – Thanks for the heads up on that one. – Yeah. – And here, I thought you were a virgin. (laughing) – And the sex returns! – Fetus in fetu. It’s gonna sound freaky,
but you had a twin. – A twin?
– Yes. At your conception or early on, your twin didn’t develop,
but it stayed alive in a very small tumor-sized
form inside your body. – I can just imagine the pitch
meeting for this TV show. It’s like, we need a very rare
condition for this young girl to have where she has some
sort of other human being living inside of her. I’ve heard of stories like this before, but they were just a case study
which just means one person out of millions that have this condition. It’s a pretty rare condition
where basically the tumor is. Your twin that died but didn’t
survive still lives inside in this little tumor. Well, lives is a bad term. There’s also tumors that
exist known as teratomas which basically arise from
the cells in your body which are responsible for growing specific other types of cells. So, within a teratoma, it’s not
unusual to find fingernails, hair, really abnormal stuff and these teratomas can form anywhere. Imagine finding teeth in your arm. That’s what a teratoma is like. It’s pretty crazy. – We should have a conversation
about what happened earlier. – Yeah. (loud punch) (grunts) (loud inhale) (chuckles) – Now, we’re even. – This is a cool hospital where people just slap and punch
each other in the face. (chuckles) You’re not really even
’cause you got knocked out from a slap and you
punched him and he laughed. – I had a meeting with Ragosa. We worked it out. I ain’t goin’ anywhere. (everyone claps and cheers) – Well, that was not a
medically accurate show, but it was quite entertaining,
lighthearted fun. And I could see why a lot
of people would enjoy it. So, I appreciate you guys
sending me the recommendation. I will have to say that there’s
not a lot for me to comment medically on this episode
because the conditions that occurred here were
very dramatic and rare. The way that they perform
some of these things is just not realistic and
not how most hospitals would handle things and
administrators would handle things. But, you know, it’s a fun upbeat show and it’s like a hoorah
army show and I dig that. I’m all about supporting the troops. If there’s an episode that
has more medical stuff that you think is
questionable in its accuracy that you want me to look into, please leave it down below in the comments ’cause you know I’m all about
taking your suggestions. Click that subscribe button down below and make sure the bell
notifications are on. That way when I upload a
video every Sunday 11 a.m., you’ll get a notification
of the videos going live. As always, stay happy and healthy. (upbeat R&B music) ♪ Everything about you ♪

Reader Comments

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    I love your channel though huge fan.

  12. Bro if a defibrilator is constantly shocking you, you go into cardiac arrest. It doesn't always start a normal rythm, if you defibrilate someone with normal rythm it can do the opposite of what its intended to do.

  13. Doing a choke hold on someone is the most safe way for someone to become unconsious. I dont know the rules in America. But here in Sweden, when doctors, nurses and even caretakers, are in danger, or someone else is in danger close to you. Then you have every right to do basically anything to make that person stop.

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  18. On the "insurance" thing….I am one of those people that has a LOW PAYING job, and cannot afford health insurance. Almost 3 months ago I fell backwards in my yard "mowing", and ended up with a double fracture impact of my distal radial bone on my RIGHT WRIST, which happens to be my dominant hand. Because of not having insurance, they couldn't do surgery on wrist and now I can barely use my right hand at all. And because I've used all of FMLA at work, I have to return to work and TRY to do my job which requires full use of both hands. But that's the REAL TRUTH of not having insurance.

  19. Well now I'm older I realise when I was younger I did a stupid thing but it felt like the only thing I could do at the time I once got a pieces of glass in my foot from a beer bottle with no cellphone so I took it out and walked home but atleast I cleaned it when I got home and made sure to but a dressing in and luck for me I was OK watch all these don't take anything you've been punctured with alway makes me remember it

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  22. If you don't have insurance or you have inadequate insurance, try one of the Catholic hospitals and their clinics. There are other denominations that have hospitals and clinics like the Baptists and Methodists.
    Also, teaching hospitals usually have charitable funds to tap into. Vanderbilt has an indigent fund. They've covered a lot of my husband's medical bills. He's had metastatic melanoma for the past nine years. Even when our insurance would pay for procedures, often times it didn't cover the complete cost and/or the copays were incredibly too high for us to pay. He's having his second craniotomy next month and Vanderbilt has already approved his surgery even though his insurance will not pay for a huge amount of it. The point I'm trying to make is that there are resources available. You just need to do some research.

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  24. It's a special, high strength magnet. Malfunctioning implanted defibrillators are more and more common in the field, and depending on how they're set or malfunctioning, can be pretty uncomfortable for a patient. Medics do deactivate them in the field….but I'm pretty sure Medical Control is involved, at least in our area.

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  29. I took the MCAT in 2013, pretty much the same exam dr Mike took. The exam was graded in 1-15 integers for each section Physical Sci/ Verbal reasoning / Biological sci and then we had a written section that was graded on a letter basis so your final score would look something like 31-S. There was never a point where the MCAT had you receive a score that was a non-integer.

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    Eg there was a case were someone called 911 and said there was an unconscious person lying in an alley and when the paramedics arrived on the scene, the man lying on the floor jumped up, reached for an iron bar and tried beating the paramedics up; when they fled into their car he continued demolishing the car; was kinda crazy

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