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Rat Rod Jeep Death-Wish Trip! – Roadkill Episode 15

Rat Rod Jeep Death-Wish Trip! – Roadkill Episode 15

we bought a $3,000 rat-rod Jeep grow it from LA to the desert bar in Park Arizona and sold it to these guys for four hundred and seven dollars that's Finnegan economics on this episode of roadkill I burger wanted to go off-roading and he said buy a jeep and I did just not the kind of teeth he was expecting I bought this cheap in the dark in the dead of winter and I parked it under a tarp for the last three months dry burgers never seen it I forget what it even looks like he's in for a hell of surprise this is going to be the least organized roadkill ever and that say it Suffolk is going to make a mosh pit look like a precision military operation he bought something and I have not even seen it so this is gonna be bad do you see your new Jeep hey we're friends right this is the surprise see your Jeep okay you want to go off-roading I know of a bar that you can only get to buy dirt and what better way to get to the bar than in a Jeep this is your team it's a flat rod isn't it cheap rod is not quite ready to get test drive No oh it's cool it's cool for a minute so you really start staring at it oh it's an MB it's a genuine World War 2 grill anyway huh this tires touching this fender it's got airbags it lifts up great that always works out as long as they never leak that's not a problem and because it's sat here for three months and I haven't looked at it it's puked all the guts out of the tranny onto the pavement here so we're gonna have to remedy that oh good and that's not that much it'll be fine and there's no compressor for the airbags so we're gonna have to rig something up Allah rancheros style Chevy does it run good no it needs a tune-up we need to obviously top off the fluids it needs a cotter pin for every single castle nut I am a little concerned about the fact that the airbags are mounted single shear no gussets this is ugly but I think if we put fluids in it and cotter pins the can't wave get air in the bags we could at least go drive down the street and see if it'll make it where are we going we're going to the Nelly II saloon a bar in the buckskin Mountain Park Arizona that you can only get to on a dirt trail I don't know if you notice but those are not the FG mud terrain well I mean we're not rock crawling but it is you know we may hi Center her it looks cool it's got style it has no substance though so where do we begin does it run I don't know it's been three months since I seen it hang it over no usual the battery stood air compressor lifted off the ground fluids get a battery test read get the feeling that we buy the same stuff over and over again every time we do this how many jacks if we bought for roadkill I don't understand why they won't let us take break clean and you know Jack handles on airplanes that has oil pull me a little water in it well we're by the beach there's a lot of condensation tastes okay I'm the editor a hot rod magazine but a lot of people don't know that I was also the editor of four wheel and off-road for a long time I'm really hardcore off-road guy and especially a hardcore Jeep guy I've got like seven flat fender Jeep bodies and half rollers and all sorts of stuff sitting around my house and I've always wanted to do this to one well not exactly like this but make a hot rod out of it oh I can get the front wheels off the ground check it you can watch the shock mount Bend as you're doing it look at the front axle look at the rotation on it oh we're dead I've been 260 miles an hour in a Camaro I'm more scared of that the first time I welded on my mini truck right after high school it looked better than what I'm seeing under here well it's nothing about this is even the button to start that runs bad so that needs a little bit of attention we only had two days to get to Parker and this was going to be the last day of the year that the desert bar was open we found out there actually was a compressor onboard and we got some air into the rear bags but we had to make the engine run right and it did not help that the firing order was wrong I've seen sketchy or hot rods in my life I just haven't driven in two cylinders were switched I have a feeling that's not going to fix everything on this pile though the air bag is rubbing the frame and the shock is hitting the air bag mount so as we drive down the road that air bag rubbing their rubber against steel puts a hole in that bag and then that blows and we crash we've got to read rill this to move this air bag further outboard riding in this might be so miserable that you just crave the relief that only sweet death can break get the shock out of the ways that we can cut this part of the mount off that's wedging itself into the shock just mount that I can flex my hands I was thinking to myself why does this look weird to me and I walked over here and I went oh the shocks installed upside down the batwing doohickey here is hitting the shock body so when the axle twists like this which we know it does because it's a map it's gonna Bend and find that whole shock so that's why we're putting it back upside down right now you're supposed to put spacers in between them when you weld them together so that they don't do that he didn't do that put band-aids on the suspension tune the engine as best we could topped off the fluids and then it was time to hit the road ready for first test drive why does the steering wheel I have to be this large it's a stock cheap wheel good it's not good because the brake pedal is okay so that's what I'm not to do to get to the brakes this is the Sailor Jerry car without a roof look at this it is I'm more comfortable than the rat rod significantly well that's because you're not over here you don't have a steering wheel in your crotch when I run into the back of a semi let's go we're leaving in the middle of traffic you know that right the slowest okay so much for talking to each other but yeah it's great I know this is not connected to anything you know that feels better you go down there any brake fluid in this thing there one because I'm having to use both feet stop oh yeah we've never tried to stop before Wow will it stop that's fine they call well I did good car alarm I'm not thirsty whoa I'm challenging you you want to know what death looks like this is what death looks like hurt hold on test the brakes now I had to push my knee down to make the brake pedal work good hair crew whoa gravel bump spirit doesn't break straight we headed back to the office to meet up with our official naysayer KJ Jones from five-o Mustang magazine like all that travel no you don't like the Batman's gonna bring charlie man look at this yo what are you saying come on Dave come on bro it's got a ladder bar man yeah but they're attached well then there's this problem open headers got really done it this time so while KJ headed inside to take out a life insurance policy on us we needed to go over to a local hardware store and fix the suspension before hitting the road but first we were going to live up to one of Finnegan's dreams and take one of our utter piles of garbage and valet it at a high-end restaurant eat good tonight shad working who can blame the valley guy for not wanting to park this thing he was a bit confused when he went to put the ticket on our windshield and discovered we didn't have one we lost our window this is Swank we have to celebrate when we've done roadkill with feeder vehicles for like the past year every single time we wanted to go through the high-end valet if we finally did it at that steakhouse back there and they were unfazed but now we're at the hardware store because we still have to fix the ladder bar mount and ratchet strap down our junk and what else fluids gas again my junk it's fine but yeah let's go get some stuff to hold things together most of the bolts have nylock nuts which are great for holding things together then vibrate except when the bolt doesn't protrude all the way out the end of the nut so the nighlok can grab it they tend to fall apart and when they fall apart on the suspension you die so we're going to remedy that situation with longer bolts it's 9:00 p.m. on day one we've gone one mile we're continuing to wrench on the Jeep remains to be seen if we're gonna hit the road tonight or we're gonna end up Fitness the morning it was late and we had to hit the sack no one took it dang it I don't think they could figure out how to work it did you call your wife and say it's been nice knowing you uh yeah I called her and I said I love you'll be happy to know that all the work we did yesterday wasn't for speed or efficiency it was just to make sure we didn't die today and she thanked me because she said she'd like to have another child and she wants that child to have the same father all those rabbit turds in the bottom of this car make me feel like I need more safety equipment than usual that's my news I can hear my baby son dude all right hey could you hear me no that's the good part about that I'm going full-on Darth Vader good to go oh yeah this is comfortable this is like going on the freeway in a skateboard with a Briggs & Stratton on the back my life why 3.18 gallons and 51 miles what do you think keep it or selling I'm gonna have a lot of fun getting to the bar after that I don't need to drive this ever again I'm fine with disposing it so here's what we do right we turn on glimpse so people can follow us but they don't know where we're going and we tell them follow us to this bar whoever is in the seat at last call which is six o'clock at this particular bar has to pay our tab and they can take it home right now it makes me kind of sad to think of it being gone but after another 400 miles I'm thinking I'm anxious for that so I'm gonna put it on Facebook we're just saying you got to follow us or figure it out yeah we're going to a bar we're going to a bar we really weren't sure how many people were gonna show up to buy this Jeep but within an hour we actually have 500 people following us online Finnegan seemed happy to drive and I think it's because there's a steering wheel to hold on to you don't sit in this thing you sit on it and there's one of a hundred things that could break on this thing and then just flow us right out onto the pavement oil on the floor coming up from the floor coming out of the crack right there knock down the firewall from the bottom yeah how's that possible pink yes transmission fluid all right transmission fluid catches on fire that'll be fun this drive faster it'll blow it out Oh at one time this was the world's largest military installation it went from here in California all the way to Arizona is where Patton trained like a million guys to go fight in Africa and a lot of the surplus jeeps in California came out of here this is a genuine World War 2 Jeep it's like a 41 to 45 which you know because that's a different grill blackout lights the hood doesn't say Willie's like the civilian ones do Bantam initially came up with a design for the World War 2 Jeep and they were too small to do it and so Willy's ended up getting the contract and they were too small to build them and so the government actually had Ford make a bunch of them – this could be a Ford so yeah the Willy's or a Ford it's a hot rod we were cruising down the highway at the end of the day of getting passed by every car and I'm even falling asleep so I pulled over to hand the keys to Finnegan what does he do gets us stuck immediately on flat ground how pathetic that a Jeep is stuck here it's Jeep sucks man see this is why the jeep broad concept is completely wrong because you remove the front axle you make it two wheel drive you take all the Jeep nests of the Jeep and then you get it stuck at the side of the road because we didn't fix the shifter earlier today we're going to fix it now with a cotter pin and a zip tie to connect the linkage back together and here comes someone offering to help I hope they got a tow strap you need uh yeah be extra you got a yang strap we're gonna strap his car to our car with an extension cord that's right an extension cord that's what's gonna get us out of this mess we just traded four gallons of gas or a three-foot tow with an extension cord how do you know we're making a u-turn right now it's 11:15 and we're in the middle of nowhere fixing this thing because it's puking so bad the desert bar opens at noon and closes at 6:00 p.m. hopefully this junk is gonna make it on a 12 mile dirt road all the way out to this bar in the middle of nowhere wow that's leaking bad once I cleaned everything off it was really hard to tell where it's coming from because it's not running in the fountains not moving David wants me to start it up on the jack right now genuinely afraid because I think this thing is just gonna go stright itself off into that field and then it'll stop when it hits the ditch at that point I'm leaving it I'm not I'm not even gonna pull it out if it ends up in that ditch flashlights right there have fun okay 8 it is the trans cooler line it wasn't leaking out of the fittings so the line must have a hole in it it must because it's squirting up and then running down okay we're not fixing that so it's fine right I'm okay with it just keep buying more ATF when you know the rules you're allowed to break them and we know that that's not supposed to leak so we're good like that oh my god and there's nobody in line sours we need this clean they're all like what in the hell is that notice how nobody's jumping you're not leaping to action like we're not washing your car see we're selling this today and we need it to be spiffy I want you to use the good soap not the stuff you use on everybody else's car that's right no that's my dad yeah don't forget the chrome right it's like the one nice part on the whole car there we go thank you thank you for the doughnut this thing is a smoke machine so of course we did burnouts before we left the payment the last time I'm making greater speed my help I thought this thing was bad on pavement but we hit the dirt and I felt like I was inside a paint shaker this is why I told you I wanted a jeep you know what the funny thing is these people think they're roughing it and have no top on their full-on rock growing jeep didn't know that life's pound you're a rugged outdoorsman dude have fun with your radio communication every member no front brakes no what was that it must've broken right the bag bita blown yep bag mount broke off hey don't make it worse you knew that was gonna happen make it worse we're closed let's just keep going okay so now we have no suspension at all because now that that bag broke this one's also flat yeah they're together they're T together so I have no air in the front suspension I don't care let's just get to the beer the desert bar is legendary and I had this picture in my mind of what kind of a Oh a sit was going to be and we rounded the corner and Wow we're gonna make it the only problem is this place has no phone no internet so we couldn't call him in advance to get permission to shoot roadkill there when we got there they said no cameras no way the problem with this deal is that we showed up 45 minutes before closing time we didn't feel we could really run up a tab that was what the jeeps worth but we tried you do not want to see what it looks like when Finnegan and I drink 400 bucks with the alcohol in 45 minutes there was a couple people who showed up who had driven all the way from Phoenix and Scottsdale just to look at the Jeep and see if they could buy it yeah those guys took one look and hit the road but there was a guy in the bar though who recognized me from Hot Rod Magazine I told him the story he walked out into the parking lot and made the flash decision he had to own this thing sucker the most incredible thing is not just that we lived but that we made it all the way to Arizona without getting arrested with no windshield no mufflers no seat belts no license plates no registration no common sense come to think of it that's pretty normal here on roadkill go for the best beer at work ever best work ever wait hold on exit a drunk that's fitting in economics phenomics Vinnie Comics most drunk roadkill ever all the ladies to me why would you want them out wait you're not in a photo you got to come around front if they're not all know both you although you're not you're good yeah yeah all the girls on my side you want to do that again you

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  1. Cool looking jeep but honestly I would have black wall tires all around and not those 2 mickey mouse donut tires on rear.

  2. This video was posted in 2013. @ 13:55 it has the same gas prices as june 2019. They keep it real. Im doing this post for the sake of history. We havent really come far.

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