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Raptor Island Part 5 Off The Grid

Raptor Island Part 5 Off The Grid

you all right I don't like boys Simon are you all right yeah I'm all right where's Rico yeah I don't know I must have hit the gas tank he's just blew it all to hell Rico he was standing right behind me but I didn't see a thing we're not going anywhere not for 20 hours anyway I gotta tell you I'm having a tough time believing what I just saw back there well you can believe it cuz blood doesn't lie but think of the food chain so far we're it odds are there's more of those things probably a colony take a lot of puppy chow to keep them fed yeah and if that's true we may have bigger worries such as such as creatures that consider them puppy chow so what's your plan guys like you always have a plan do you always talk as much no I usually work alone really never really dealt with Authority that well now why doesn't that surprise me then I usually call the shots I'm not leaving this rock without his ear Hackett Azir is no longer my primary concern what about extraction well we missed our first window our next and final chances tomorrow evening Oh 300 now the Navy destroyed that we deployed from is holding just outside of Chinese territorial waters it'll send a chopper to a specified point at sea to rendezvous and if we're not there the captain's orders are to leave immediately officially we don't exist people and our business never do the problem is without the zodiac we can't get to the extraction point can't the chopper make it here I don't know I don't even know where here is why not just use your radio to contact now what if I could believe me if it's so far I haven't had any luck something on this island is interfering with our radio signals outside of 200 feet all we get is static

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  1. I forgot how ridiculous this movie is. Emptying entire clips and not killing a raptor? What a joke, it should drop dead after a few shots.

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