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Raped in the Military: A Woman’s Story of Survival

Raped in the Military: A Woman’s Story of Survival

join the Coast Guard? KORI CIOCA: Well,
I always knew I was going to join the military
ever since I was a little kid. And I loved every minute of it. And it was like nobody was
male, nobody was female. We were a family. I’m very small, petite. But there, I felt like I was
this Great Dane in a Chihuahua body. I could do anything as long as
my teammates were next to me. LAURA LING: So things
seemed like they were going very well for you. And you had a great team. But you also had some very
traumatic situations happen to you with your supervisor. What was going on? KORI CIOCA: Well, he would
follow me around and call me all sorts of names
that are inappropriate. And he gave me extra
duty all the time. But when other people would
try to stick up for me, it seemed like he would
retaliate against me, but more if I went for help. He would drink on
duty, get drunk. And he’d unlock
my door at night. And it made me very
scared and frightened. And I would speak to
my command members. And they would say,
we’re not going to move you just because you
don’t like somebody, Cioca. So just go back out there. I couldn’t understand why
it was happening to me. Why wasn’t anyone doing
anything to help me? I didn’t have a voice anymore. Everything just kept escalating. I mean, he would
spit in my face. And it was like he
was breaking me down. He pinned me down. And anytime I would try
to say something– help, or please stop, please,
please– he would hit me. But he’d hit me right in
my ear on the left side. And I shut up. But this man did say he
was going to kill me. He did everything he said
he was going to do to me. Even did something– he never
said he was going to rape me, and he did. And that was the one I
wasn’t expecting at all. That was the moment that
he knocked that Great Dane right out of me. LAURA LING: Was it
from that point on that you left the Coast Guard? What happened to
you at that point? KORI CIOCA: I was getting
treatment for my injuries. And that’s when
they gave me orders. And they discharged me. And he got 30 days restriction. He got bumped down in rank. And that’s really
sad that, I mean, this crime is just happening. And nobody’s blinking
an eye at it. That’s not the Coast
Guard that I joined. And at that point, I just
didn’t want to be here anymore. I didn’t want to be alive. LAURA LING: What were
some of the things that have helped you cope? KORI CIOCA: It actually started
when I was getting treatment. So in my off time, I would
buy a disposable camera. And I would go and I would
take pictures of the lake. I met Rob. And I would take pictures
of Rob in the Coast Guard, him doing his job. I love taking pictures. It took away from what
was happening in my head. Now if I’m triggered
by something, or if I have nightmares all
night, I grab my camera. And I focus on what’s
important through that lens. So I’m thinking of all these
other things rather than my trauma and my
trigger at the moment. It helps my brain switch gears. I’ll go out and I will
just walk somewhere. Abandoned places are
probably my most favorite. There’s something so
beautiful about it. It really relates to
someone with PTSD. And a lot of people will look at
you and say, well, you look OK. You look put together. You look well. And they have no idea, because
PTSD is an invisible disorder. And if you were to take
a veteran with PTSD and turn them inside
out, they would be just like that abandoned
building– broken windows. It’s just beautiful
about the way that it’s still
standing after it’s been forgotten and destroyed. LAURA LING: Do you feel like
you finally found your voice through photography? KORI CIOCA: I have. It helps me understand myself. I can see at that time when
I took that picture, oh, it’s dark. I must’ve been
really sad that day. Or was that a hard day. And there’s one that’s
really bright, and happy, and beautiful. That was a good day. When I look through my
lens, I see my kids smiling. I see them happy. And it’s like, I win. [MUSIC PLAYING] LAURA LING: Coming
up next, see how swimming became the unlikely
ritual of a woman who nearly lost her ability to walk. KIMBERLEY CHAMBERS:
My next memory is waking up post-surgery,
30 minutes from amputation from the knee down. I remember the surgeon
telling me, we saved your leg. But we don’t know what, if any,
functionality you’ll ever have. I told myself I was going
to prove them wrong. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Reader Comments

  1. Sadly no matter how much we wish the military isnt like this
    This is the reality
    I guess what sucks the most is that america always potray to seem like always for the right and just
    But reality they will never admit these issues in the military and just hide it like its nothing
    I got recruited to airforce and i was wishing hoping this wont happen but no matter what no one ever really knows i hope i wont meet this experience

  2. I think more attention should be paid to the people in these sorts of institutions who "look after their own", like maybe they could stage fake abuse cases, and anyone who fails to report them, or hands out slaps on the wrist to the perpetrators, or fails to loudly object to said wrist slappings, could be permanently expelled from that industry.
    Also, just forcing all new recruits to explicitly acknowledge that just being a soldier/cop/care home worker/priest/whatever doesn't automatically make you a saint might help.

  3. To everyone who thinks rape doesn't matter since you're not dead go into a prison and drop your soap everyday

  4. If this is an accurate account, and I have no reason to believe it's not, this was horrid leadership.  The perp should have been court martialed and she should have remained in the Coast Guard.  She was betrayed by the perp and the Coast Guard.

  5. Your efforts to make me feel pity were in vain. Speak properly, not in a tone that's trying to make us feel pity! I came here for a documentary, not a to hear some idiot whining.

  6. I don't believe her, she looks like a hypocrit, just look at her make up .. he probably just busted her nuts for being lazy and she couldn't handle it so she made up the whole rape story.

  7. I watched a feminist video and i was like women have to defend themselves but this made me sick. I would have chopped that guys head if somebody did that to a woman in my family. How can somebody have pleasure by hurting an innocent and defenseless woman?

  8. This is really sad. This woman risked her life to protect her country and that was what's she got in return? And that man got off practically scott-free for that drastic trauma he caused. Like honestly, America is thought to be a great, free place with many opportunities and all, but situations like this make me ashamed of this place that I call home.

  9. This is how our military women are treated… They put their lives on the line to fight and protect for this country, and their own commanding officer is violating them and treating them like objects.

  10. she is a great photographer and very brave to talk about this. I suffer from a lot of anxiety from sexual and verbal assault in my past too and I love taking pictures to separate myself from the moment when I feel too anxious or upset too. maybe one day I can be as good as she is.

  11. Such a brave soul.

    Why was she court marshalled in the first place, when it should have been the other way around. There should have been an appropriate investigation for the rape charges against the senior officer. Is this how a women should be treated?

  12. Such a brave soul.

    Why was she court marshalled in the first place, when it should have been the other way around. There should have been an appropriate investigation for the rape charges against the senior officer. Is this how a women should be treated?

  13. This is NOT totally reflective of the Services but of individual units within the US Military Services. This is a horrifying story, I have tears in my eyes. The name of this individual SHOULD be put out there. Not covered up and blacked out… He does not deserve anonymity. PERIOD….

  14. United States no wonder why other countries laughing on us. SO who ever in United States military they serve this country. I do respect in the uniform I never disrespect my country who ever is fighting. However  I do  respect my country. SO if a woman/girl goes to serve our country. And some jack ass  rapped a  girl or a woman than that guy should be punish but what our military does is punish a girl who being rapped and blame on them to get rapped by man cause they in our military. I will tell the major in chief.  You are disgrace to my country and you are allowing guys rapped girls or woman. I don't care anymore I'm done   girls and woman should tell them they being rapped and they though it out of the window. WTF is that.  I feel bad if ever kids someday this how my kids going read about this country we allowing military getting away with rapping girls and woman.   Plus we can't say GOD and Jesus in the military. What's sup with that. If girls being rapped in the military they do have some one can they talk to.  Ask God for help. He will sent your request after all we can trust in GOD and Jesus   they know what you going through. After all they see everything. GOD is our ally and Jesus is our Savoir- King of Kings. They can help girls or woman  they believe in them they can heal them.  Yes the other countries is laughing at us. But not GOD and Jesus they our healer.  So girl or woman being punished in the military cause they girls and guys doesn't like that so they rapped them and get way with that. I thought this is United States to  honor those who sever our country. I don't respect a man wearing U.S. uniform and rapped girls and get away with it. Shame on our military who punished girls and woman for sever our country and getting rapped. instead of punished them  they  punished who ever did a crime. Plus they need change the policies for everyone including girls and woman. I am shocked that our military doing this. The President  should change the policies and the first thing it's respect the gays and lesbians in the military after all they all wearing the same uniform if they don't like it then don't sever our country than your not American.   I'm pissed after yesterday  I watched something on Investigation Discovery about same story but with different girls they had shocked me what they say about the military and I greed with them.  If was in the military I will never rapped any girls cause I'm a Christian.  I have a cross of Jesus no can ask me take it off not even  the military cause GOD   made U.S. not other way around. That's why we say GOD Bless America!!!!!!!.  What the military going to kick me out of the military cause I wearing the cross of Jesus. After all I trust  Jesus than the military right now.  it's sad our own military rapping girls and they punished them not the rapist. Idk what else to say but Military the other countries is laughing at us great job they made other countries afraid of us not.  This why we need Jesus return to earth so can actually can talk to him and help us.  Who said  we don't need Jesus return. Wow again I shocked the our military doing this to girls allowing to happened. I do fear of my kids cause they going see it and hear about it.

  15. This is just messed up, how does she get discharge and he only gets bumped down! Why the hell did he not get prison time? This is just bulls**t. She is such a strong and beautiful girl.

  16. Just goes to show that it's still a man's world. By virtue of having a penis, a man is entitled to act as he pleases. In this instance, the man gets bumped down in rank (a slap on the hand); she gets discharged (loses her career.) The inequality is staggering! In essence, the Coast Guard is giving the green light to this horrific crime. As you hear from her story, the trauma of rape continues long after the crime has been committed.

  17. Good keep women out of the military and they are supposed fight full grown enemy men that are stronger and bigger

  18. Just stay home and iron shirts then. You want to be in  man's world, then cry and whimper about being a woman. Soldiers in the US military, should not have a "safe place" because you want to be part of a social experiment. And I use the word "soldier", loosely, the Coast Guard barely qualifies

  19. I'm all chocked up from watching her story.

    So compelling and beautiful how she was able to find meaning and purpose to live again through photography. I can definitely relate to that.

  20. We need more greats to lead our country, no Obama, Bernie, or trump bs. We need a good LEADER. Like an Eisenhower, Truman, or Roosevelt.

  21. I wish there were sharia law … that bastard would be beheaded and she wouldn't be so sad now … freedom of expression is nothing more than a virus …

  22. start caring hidden cameras with you, first after an incedent report it, and when that doesn't work go to a higher C/O and when that doesn't work get a lawyer, go public with the media, BOOM major major lawsuit!!!

  23. No the American military every single part of it anything can happen and those type people who join the military are rapist there not really there to serve there right there trying to terrorized the people from joining military.

  24. That's why women don't join the military and you won't have to deal with this shit what do you expect being with a bunch of 20 year old males for months at a time

  25. women are trouble in the work place let alone the military,we don't need you in the military and most of you females play games and sleep around. you are fucking not needed never were.

  26. She's so pretty.Man,what a great story.She was able to pick herself up.That's what life is about.I agree, she wins!

  27. Glad more people are coming forward about the Coast Guard. People need to know how it really is. Video is mistitled though because CG isn't military :p

  28. wow thats a sick fuck! dont give up fight because someday if he do it again he will make a mistakes with someone. thanks for your encourage story

  29. Most civilians don't know how often women are raped and don't come forward to talk or report it because of the backlash. My story is going to come out if I have to go to CNN to do it I will. We women need to build each other up and stop tearing each other down. We need to raise our collective voices and stop this. ONLY then can we stop them from taking our lives away.

  30. The location she was taking picture is right by my house and I had no idea this woman's story was so close to home

  31. you deserve to be raped. military is not the place for women's by any means. we call our soldiers brainless psychopaths. what are you going to expect from them.

  32. women shouldn't be in the military… you cant keep up with a man you cant fight a man one on one this is biology.

  33. If the soldiers can rape innocent Middle East women.. everything starts looking like sex dolls to them especially when drunk.. so why not their own female counterparts when even so many men themselves in the squad already have gotten gay raped. Sick Western army.

  34. What about all the men falsely accused by women in the Army, and wrongly convicted. Would be nice to make a video on this subject. Thx.

  35. Back in 2011 I was a civilian and I was raped by a man who was a Sergeant in the Marines. He even stalked me after the rape. I suffered from depression and PTSD. I was treated with therapy and antidepressants. I'm doing better than I was back then.

  36. That's a shame for this woman. I have a friend that was raped in the army. Her nco drugged her and raped her. All they did was just bust him down one rank and extra duty. And I'm sure that he's still in the army till this day

  37. all these sick pepole doing this shit if a woamen dnt like u keep it movin these dudez r pathetic doin this shit i dnt knoe bout u i need i woamen to like me back weak ass weak ass shit

  38. Why isn’t rape in the military more talked about? 1 in 4 women get raped. Women please don’t enlist. Your basically being boxed in the barracks with lots of men and pent up testosterone. These same monsters then get sent overseas and do worse to women and children. This is not about equality and trying to prove that women can do what men can, militarily is not a place for women. don’t @ me. The military is a suicide factory. Smh if your not discharged with PTSD your being discharged for “mental illness” such a scam.

  39. The man wasn't found guilty of Rape. There wasn't enough evidence to support a court-martial. 30 days restriction and demoted 1 pay grade. I'm sorry guys but the military didn't believe her story and I'm sure she's not telling the intire story. UCMJ regs under 27-20 articles for sexual assault is a at least 2 years in jail if found guilty at the court martial. I've seen Jag lawyers charge people with rape but only if the evidence is not in dispute. She said this man called her names and put her on special duty. Every military person gets called names and gets special details. If you don't report to equal opportunity personal then no one will believe you. He got a slap on the wrist because it's he said she said. Her story just had to much detail, I just don't believe it happened the way she said and it seems neither did Jag. Also fake news CNN lies about everything and their news network is anti American. Fake news CNN used this woman to degrade the United States of America.

  40. Stupid ass men! If they raised daughters they'd think differently. I was raised by a single mother, I'd never ever think about hurting a woman. I'm raising two girls on my own! I'd cut your fuckin throat and feed you to your mother if you touched my girls!

  41. Kori you are brave for serving our country and even braver for telling us your story. You never should have had to deal with that piece of genetic garbage the military recruits by the masses these days.

  42. Humanity is going to shit. Everything is so corrupt that even the obvious common sense toward treating another human is gone. Sad af tbh

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