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Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel | CGI Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Rainbow Six Siege: The Hammer and the Scalpel | CGI Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Attention, all operators. 30 seconds remaining
District 2 participants, please report to [INAUDIBLE]
floor for hot wash. [DOOR SLAMS] Don’t worry, maybe we’ll
get it right next time. Two more seconds and we would
have had eyes in the room. They were already on cameras. That’s two seconds too slow. [DOOR SLAMS] [FOREBODING MUSIC] FEMALE ANNOUNCER:
Blue Group, 10-4. Report to [INAUDIBLE]. Piece of advice. No lag then. [FOREBODING MUSIC] He has no respect
for anything. If it doesn’t fire a bullet
or explode, he dismisses it. Look at this! No lag. Oh, careful! My wife has a strict policy
about knives in the house, and I have a strict policy
about not pissing off my wife. I know Thatcher is
supposed to be the best, but he’s a hammer and I’m– I’m just a nail to him! Sit. Sit, it won’t bite. You’re angry, that’s good. Anger– anger can
be a powerful tool, but we’re terrified of losing
control, of embracing it. And that’s why I envy Mike. [WATER SPLASHING] Mike faced his demons. He knows how to
channel his anger. [HAMMERING] Mike? Your retirement
plans come to shite? Who beat ya? Come on, leave it alone. It was a misunderstanding. Who beat ya, Paulie? It was Nick and his boys. It’s just them bending
me elbow a bit. How much this time? Five large. [SIGHING] Oh, now, come on, Mike. Don’t do this. DEALER: This isn’t your
Dad’s online poker, boys. Big blind is 10 quid, but
if you wanna piss off, your money stays on the table. [FOREBODING MUSIC] Here’s the money
me brother owes ya. But what comes next, my good
sons, is from God’s mouth to your ears, and
I will make it hurt for the rest of your
miserable fucking lives. [MUSIC – TAME IMPALA,
“ELEPHANT”] (SINGING) Bet he feels
like an elephant, shaking his big grey
trunk for the hell of it. You know that you’re dreaming
about being loved by him. Come on. (SINGING) Too bad
your chances are slim. That’s how it is til the end. [GRUNTING] Hello, Nick. How’s your mom? [NICK SHRIEKING] [DOOR BELL RINGING, DOOR
SLAMMING] HARRY: This isn’t about how
Thatcher’s been treating you, is it? It’s– I’m just tired
of trying to prove myself. It’ll take time for some,
but you are nobody’s nail. You’re much too sharp for that. Rainbow needs people
who will challenge the future of the unit, and– and those who remind
it of its roots. It needs people who can be
the scalpel and the hammer. Thank you, Six. Six. [CHUCKLING] She left some very large
shoes to fill, didn’t she? I’ll tell you what. For now, please call me Harry. [FOREBODING MUSIC] [EERIE TONES, WIND BLOWING]

Reader Comments

  1. Dokkeabie: thatchers a hammer and I’m just a nail to him
    Me: what does a hammer do my friend
    My friend: bang nails oh ohhhhh

  2. Like how ubi puts easter eggs in anything of their own games. Here the beanie in dokkeabi here locker has swelter skelter on it (from watch dogs 2) and in harry his office in the back the helmets of the 3 clans in for honor

  3. They should give each operator there own campaign to play through and maybe have a main campaign that they might update every once and a while.

  4. They should make a cgi show of all the operators. When I go to the operator’s bio, it states what operations they’ve been on and with who. Like at some point Echo and Ying. Hibana and Thermite. Ela&Zofia etc.

  5. If movies had animation like this it will be one of the best movie for animation

    Next time I like it to be def and caviera and doc will be the ones.

  6. I feel like Six is gonna be an operator or a main story plot point. He looks like he knows all the operators and information gathering.

  7. moooooooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr or ubi could you make custom videos for the siege raps. i woukld give both my nuts for that

  8. New Operator – Harry
    Ability – Summon any operator (Offense/ Defence) and have them fight for you

    Weapon -gun that can give you hallucinations of your most pleasant/unpleasant memories and make you unable to move and shoot for 5 seconds when shot

  9. Wait is no one going to talk about what happened to the original Six? Why did this guy replaced her? What happened to her?

  10. Jesus I haven't seen Thatcher without his mask in awhile, he looks like he went through the entirety of the Vietnam war and was in 20 squads.

  11. All these cutscenes, all this story build-up, all this detail………..just for a dying multiplayer game. Rainbow Six should've been much more than this e-sports garbage.

  12. People thinking in Doc for the scalpel fucking lmao
    Hammer: Direct, massive and destructive attack, rushing with all
    Scalpel: Sneaky, fast and precise attack over one or more designated objectives

    Nothing about medics lol

  13. i just like how rainbow six has a better story line than most of their single player games even though its entirely multiplayer with no campain

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