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[Quel matériel pour débuter l’airsoft] Conseils | Advice | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Quel matériel pour débuter l’airsoft] Conseils | Advice | Airsoft FR – EN subs

BASIC GEAR – Hi all and welcome to this advice video about useful gear to start playing airsoft games First of all, those advice come from my personnal experience since i started playing airsoft in 2008 The purpose of this video is to prevent you from doing some mistakes i could have done Here we go, finally, your first airsoft game is here Of course, you will play in a legal way With an association or a team from your area And so to start, what do you need? No no, you need appropriate oufit Indeed, airsoft is not gentle with clothing because you will crawl in mud or snag in brambles for sure The best to start is to wear worn clothing This outfil could also be used for a long time if you choose for example, to play as a contractor type player Voila, it is much better And now, you are only missing the essential accessory to play airsoft Of course not… You must protect your most precious good on you… your eyes This is much better this way Of course, you will pay attention to use approved eyes protections By checking, for example, they have the EN166 European standard Or the Stanag 2920 military standard And after that, what is the next essential accessory you need to play airsoft? No… still not that thing We will first take care of your feets Be sure to choose high and consodalited shoes like hiking boots Personnaly, i first bought cheap hiking boots from a well known sports brand When those one died after 3 years, i replaced them with military boots I found it too stiff and i came back to cheap hinking boots i still use now Next you will need? Yes, you need a bb gun This subject requiring its own video, i hardly advice you to borrow or rent it to an association your first bb gun Choosing well this one is very important and must be very well prepared Otherwise, you will face a lot of problems… Ok, you have now the essential gear for you first airsoft game In the rest of the video, i will give you advice to go further if you plan to play airsoft seriously USEFUL GEAR First useful element,… the cap This one will be very appreciated with sunny and rainy weather Next element you should get… kneepads Indeed, you will discover that those rocks on the ground are not very comfortable Next useful protection accessory is… Gloves As for you knees, you will discover on the battlefield that a lot of things could hurt your hands You whould then protect it correctly Be sure to choose sturdy and not too thick gloves in order to be comfortable with the firing trigger The next useful accessory is also for protection… Facial mask I hardly advice you to use such gear because… Since i started playing airsoft, i saw a lot of broken teeth And shooting distance was not always point blank I advide to use a Stalker type mesh half mask It will prevent mist in your googles Yes…I know, this outfit is not your taste You could jump now to an appropriate airsoft outfit Military outfit for example? For you first purchase, you should check at a military surplus for a second hand outfit Those uniforms are very stealthy on battlefield thanks to the camo and also very sturdy because they are designed for real battlefields GEAR TO GO EVEN FURTHER – He we are, you want to play airsoft for sure and for many years GEAR TO GO EVEN FURTHER – You have some money left and you could buy such next gear To carry all your gear, you will need… A tactical vest Several models exist… Ciras… chest rig… Personnaly, i like mobility and i choosed a light assault vest Next useful accessory, especially if you play big games… Walkie-Talkie I have bought a second hand classic Motorola type Walkie-Talkie I still use this one today This one will be useful to indicate the beginning of a game Or to communicate with your teamates Essential accessory for your walkie-talkie… PTT and headset Indeed, in action, you need to quickly communicate with teamates Thanks to your headset and PTT (push to talk) You only need to push a button to talk with them GEAR TO BE “COOL” – To conclude, you may want to be more “cool” with you outfit To start, you could choose a new tasty camo Personnaly, i like a lot combat pants and combat shirts You also need to know that there is no “best camo” It is essentially a personnal choice Then, you are free to add more accessories to you outfit you think that could be useful Like belt… Tactical single… Or GGB, in order to have a secondary bb gun At this point, it is only to increase gaming experience to be more efficient and look more “beautiful” Here, you can see my actual outfit With this one, i try to have a confortable gaming experience as having a nice visual Main point is to make you happy And remember to respect beginners like gears addicts This video is now finished Thank you for watching Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel… see you in next video

Reader Comments

  1. J au peur d aller sur le terrain en jogging ou jeans juste avec protection oculaires et ma réplique peur d être jugé ou de pas me faire accepter dans des petite car je suis en jogging et sweate

  2. Salut je pense débuté le airesoft avec un budget de 600€ est-ce que je peux me prendre une bonne réplique d'assaut et arme de poing et protection etc ?Mais je connais pas grand tu pourrais me conseiller quoi ?

  3. La veste dans le futal ça le fait pas des masses avec du FR , autant avec une tenue US je dit pas mais là …… 🙂

  4. bonjour je veux me mettre au airsoft car je vais avoir 18 ans et que la team gats veux bien me prendre or ils me disent que je ne peux pas jouer avec eux si je n'ai pas leur tenu car ils sont tousses en flektarn du coup je dois prendre une réplique moins cher .. pour débuter le airsoft les equipements suivant sont il biens

    Début: au mois d'octobre (anniversaire)


    30€ veste:

    15€ Tshirt:

    32,50€ Panthalon:

    3,64€ stalker protege bouche:

    81,14€ TOTAL habits


    164,11€ réplique:

    15,86€ batterie 1200Mah:

    5,77€ poignée bipod:

    21,90€ chargeur de batterie lipo:

    10€ chargeur 360 billes http:

    219,64€ TOTAL réplique

    12,89€ 4000 billes:

    Total Début: 300,78€



    59,33€ gilet tac:

    12€ casquette:

    12,20€ gants:

    réplique longue

    10,96€ sangle 1point:

    TOTAL réplique longue :10,96€


    109€ Berretta92:

    7,17€ holster:

    19,90€ chargeur:

    6,15€ Green gaz 1000ML:

    7,97€ 5000 billes précision:

    Total GBB: 150,19

    Total Noel: 247€

  5. Vidéo supper☺👍💙 tu ses bien expliquer 💪👤 et j ai bien aimer tes conseil 👌 je te remerci 😆 et je te dit bon😉. courage

  6. de mon coté je suis à 350 euros pour la tenue camouflage (pantalon, veste, ceinture basique pour le style, le tous ensemble), le hood ninja (je sais pas vraiment comment on l'appeler autrement) , mes chaussures, un Casque US M1 de la seconde guerre mondiale (une repro en polymère bien solide, il s'est déjà de gros coup et la peinture ne part même pas ^^), Ma M14, 2 chargeurs supplémentaire et ses billes, et BIEN SUR les lunette 😉 une très bonne réplique que j'apprécie beaucoup accompagné d'un style soldat américain seconde guerre mondiale/vietnam ^^ merci pour les précieux conseils dans ta vidéo ! je devrait prendre un masque grillagé et un chest rig plus tard… ainsi que les protection au genoux.

  7. "Rangers trop rigides" je connais pas les tiennes mais les ABL (les bottes de l'armée belge, qui sont d'ailleurs maintenant remplacées par des Haix Airpower P6 High, chaussures françaises) elles ne sont rigides que neuves, après quelques semaines d'utilisation quotidienne ça devient de vrais chaussons

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